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I saw @Helen slip by, trying to be unnoticed. aham, it is the UNtopic thread, not the unnoticed thread.

I saw you! LOL


:innocent::dark_sunglasses: Drat, you spotted me! :eyes::wink:
Just briefly taking time out to graze the forum in between rushing around at work :office: and at home :house_with_garden:, trying to get all the little (and big) jobs sorted before my next op next month… Eeek, :hospital: again! :scream:


Yep, I sees you! Sorry about your “op”. Hope all goes well.


Thanks Cagey! :smile: You’ll see a lot more of me here on the forum next month while I heal, especially in the first couple of weeks when I’m not allowed to drive! :scream:


You’re still driving? :astonished::grin::wink: Okay, I still drive… and since I plan on living until 102, I figure I “should” be allowed to drive for at least another 25-30 years. :roll_eyes:


Take advantage of all the “good stuff” they’ll give ya. :pill: :pill: But don’t forget, we have a closet of the bestest :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: !


Hey, my mother-in-law is still driving :hushed: even after all she’s been through

Then she had to go and have bump :roll_eyes: and all because of some pesky ducks crossing the road :smirk:
She’s fine though twas only minor, just a bit shaken up.

Had to laugh though, the ducks kept rubbernecking as they crossed back and forth, back and forth over the road. And the flock kept getting bigger and bigger with each crossing :astonished:

…Crispy Duck Pancakes anybody :wink: :rofl:


My wife was driving as we were going to visit her sister in her log cabin in the woods. We were driving down a winding road through the woods when suddenly, she slammed on the brakes and nearly put me through the windshield (days before we wore seatbelts :roll_eyes:)! When I asked her what was wrong, she told me a chipmunk had run across the road in front of her! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: At least I didn’t spill or wear my coffee! :smirk:


It’s been a hectic weekend and my son is off to Edinburgh in the morning for a week of outdoor “team building” activities. Naturally, because of the kind of weekend I’ve had, his packing has been last minute and I’ve just discovered one of the benefits of raising our no fuss- no nonsense, practical and economic son.

Instead of me doing all his packing myself, as I would normally do, I just called him up to do it with me :smiley:
Left to my own devices, I tend to hum’n’haw over what and what not to pack and end up packing way too many extras “just-in-case” and have to remove the half of them)

Now working alongside my son, I left him to pick out his clothes and such (there’s even a list provided of what to pack, right down to the number of pairs of socks to pack :astonished: ) and I just folded and put into the case. Half packed I went to get some plasters (band-aids to you yanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) because he agreed they might come in useful, I get back to find the case packed and shut and he’s hauling it downstairs. Me being mum, not quite trusting everything is in and just so, I insisted on double checking (triple according to him :smiley: )…we were done in 20 minutes :sunglasses: And I’m not sure if I’m feeling “surplus to requirements” :sob:

Even my hubby was surprised we were done so quick, thought it would take me longer than that :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But that’s because I’m normally packing for 4 not 1 I reminded him :roll_eyes:


My 3-year old granddaughter calls them “bandages.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Besides, there’s “plaster” on these, just plain ole adhesive. :wink: Now if it had plaster, we yanks would call that a “cast.” :slightly_smiling_face:


And if the USA band-aid or cast had cats anywhere on it, that’d be me —cageycat— given all my strange accidents, bumps, broken toes, hurt ankles, sore knees, painful hips, etc.




Yep, still allowed to drive! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And working the theory of being able to drive until I’m at least 100 (if I make it anywhere near that far), that gives the UK around another 50-ish years of (un)safe roads! :wink: :scream::oncoming_automobile: (less a couple of weeks next month ;))


There’ll probably be a few of those :pill::pill: but I’ll definitely be looking out for the stash of :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:! Yum… Definitely no :weight_lifting_woman: or :woman_cartwheeling: for a while though! :wink:


Sometimes I wish my wife would stop driving. She USED to be a good driver, keeping to the right side of the road (USA) and actually paying attention. Now, she hugs the center of the road, her heads seems to follow her eyes as she stares at something in a field we pass by, and every once in a while we feel and hear the tires as they cross the double center lines where the State DOT had cut grooves across them. (They’re a “wake-up” for dozing drivers. :sleeping:) And when we’re on a road that doesn’t have the grooves cut across the center lines, I’m always a nervous wreck as I watch the center of our lane passing beneath and to my right. If the center of the lane is to my right, then the center of the road is under the left tires! :anguished: So far she’s been lucky… no oncoming traffic during her occasional “drifts.” :relieved:


Coming home tonight from my m-i-l’s home, we stopped at a junction to take a right. a car which came up the road we wanted to turn onto, stopped right in front of us, leaned over to manual wind down her passenger window (haven’t seen those in a while, all seem electric these days) and asked us directions to the local supermarket :astonished:

Held up oncoming traffic on the road she was on, she promptly did a u-turn then took the right turn up the road we were exiting. A van driver she was holding up from making the same turn almost t-boned her…and all any of us could do was laugh :crazy_face: Couldn’t believe she was in such an almighty hurry to get to the supermarket she was prepared to risk life and limb and didn’t seem to care who she took out along the way :rage:


Now that’s what I call a passionate shopper. I wonder if she argues with other shoppers over who gets the last T-bone steak! :rofl:

One afternoon while heading back to my son’s house, as I approached an intersection in which I had to make a right turn, there was a vehicle stopped dead center in the middle of the intersection. The driver was talking to the driver of another vehicle (who parked her vehicle at the intersection on the road on the right). The second driver was leaning into the passenger window of the first vehicle. A car was turning left of the road I had to turn onto, so I had to stop and wait for it to make a wide turn to get around the “blocker.” Then it was my turn to drive around this “idiot” who thinks he can stop wherever he wants. As I was proceeding around the vehicle I looked at the driver. It was our police chief! And the person he was talking to (leaning in the passenger window) was my wife! She was waiting for the school bus that was dropping off our granddaughter and the chief stopped to chat. One heck of a spot to stop at though. :roll_eyes:


Good thing you hadn’t yelled at them; you would have been in big trouble!


My email program opens new mail and stops at the ‘last’ message in the thread. It makes a lot of fun figuring out who should not have yelled at whom, then working my way backward to the last message I’d seen. Backward makes interesting reading and a very ~weird~ story!

Was it the Police Chief hanging in the grocery store lady’s window like a flapping lettuce…? Or the wife in cahoots with grocery store lady in a desperate attempt to free the radishes, while the Chief wisely set up a road block…?

Oh where is my breakfast and fluids?


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