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READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: DigitalGlobe's FirstLook disaster monitoring team spends our days (and nights) tracking major events around the world. Keeping our eyes and ears tuned in to events such as natural and manmade disasters and political instability ensures that DigitalGlobe's satellites are pointing in the right direction to quickly collect imagery and assist first responders and other decision makers in the field.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Campaign Specific

This is the place to discuss campaign-specific issues. If you want community input on a specific object, start a thread in the "Point of Interest" subcategory.

Fun Finds

Satellite images are full of surprises! Here's the place to share cool finds that aren't necessarily related to the campaign topic.


Have you read an article about image analysis or local culture that could help your fellow Nodders in a search? This is the place to share!


DigitalGlobe is thrilled to provide over 200,000 km2 of satellite imagery and a customized version of Tomnod for GlobalXplorer. Although GlobalXplorer is "powered by" DigitalGlobe, it is owned and operated by the no-profit, GlobalXplorer.

Tomnod DRAW

Tutorials, suggestions, comments, questions etc -all about Tomnod DRAW