2011 Tiangong - Chinese space "fireworks"



Crash estimates include sites around the world.





Southern Ontario still in the possible landing area:



Uhmmm have we all been pranked? Hope so? Hope not? I wish I may, I wish I not? We shall see…! maybe

“In the unlikely event debris falls on your property, China would be obligated to pay for damages under the Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects.” (link goes to a PDF… http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ast/media/Conv_International_Liab_Damage.pdf )


Here’s a link I’m using for a real-time data tracking of Tiangong-1. I inputted “Albany, NY” for my location instead of my actual location which is about 15 miles/24 km south of there. The station currently has to drop to roughly 100 km before it will become visible. The expected time for the actual re-entry is between 5:30-10:30 PM ET. (9:30 PM - 1:00 AM UTC). It’s currently just at the northern tip of South America (12:48 PM ET).

EDIT: Oops! Here the link I forgot! You can enter your own location and still use “anonymous” login.

EDIT: 5:06 GMT: The station should be approaching the southern tip of Africa in about 15 minutes, but is still about 160 km high. It gained 10 km since passing over the southern U.S.A… Still has to drop to roughly 100 km for re-entry to begin though.


Maybe…maybe not…time will tell :laughing:


Amazing news! One of the DigitalGlobe satellites has been able to take a photo of the Tiangong-1 satellite:

It might not look so amazing, but it is a historic photo. Make sure to look at it before midnight tonight, as this unique chance will disappear when the date changes.





:rofl: That “Live Ground Track of Tiangong-1” website still shows it in orbit - over the South Pacific at an altitude of 144.5 km! :rofl: So much for “live ground tracking”! I’m glad I didn’t spend time outside waiting for it to make another pass. Clouds moved in toward the south (from me) and the full(?) moon is causing an awful lot of light pollution. Beside that, it’s getting cold out. Current;y 30F/-1C with a mild breeze making it feel a little colder. Oh well, there’s always the next space station! :wink::rofl:


Terri, I refreshed that webpage and it still shows the station in orbit. I’m going to leave it up for a few more hours to see if the “live ground tracking” is still “tracking” it - or as I’m beginning to think they just entered some projection data into a tracking program and let it run on its own, without any updated input. I wonder how long the Tiangong-1 will orbit according to this website? :laughing:


Okay, I have to give the website, Heavens-Above.com, some slack. They are situated in Munich, Germany. They did not remove the display or tracking data for Tiangong-1 for the simple reason they were asleep and the re-entry happened in the middle of the night for them. Their explanation at the following link explains it in detail. I have to admit that I was not going to even try to use their website to track any satellites (Digital Globe’s), but now I believe I will. There is a link to another satellite tracking website on here as well.