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My son and daughter-in-law took their two girls to an indoor swimming pool. When they returned, my three-year old granddaughter said, "Grandpa! Daddy made bubbles in the water. I think he “tooted!” :blush:
Out of the mouths of babes! :grinning:


Remember the old question, “Ever wonder how brilliant minds work?” Well, like mine! :laughing: I said that to my daughter-in-law’s aunt one afternoon during a conversation. Of course I did not smile or grin as I said it… just kept a straight face until she looked at me and smiled. Then I had to laugh and said, “Got’cha!” :laughing: I think I got my crazy sense of humor from my father. At least that’s what I’ve always been told. :innocent:


Here’s a link relating to the WWII prefab bungalows in the UK and what’s been happening to them and their owners. I thought it was both interesting and sad at the same time. Oh what the price people have to pay for other’s greed!
A Fond Farewell To Britain’s Prefab WWII Bungalows - Atlas Obscura
I really enjoyed the photo of one gentleman’s bedroom with his radio collection. He had some nice radios! Also, in the photo of the couple standing in their doorway, the woman with the print dress reminds me of my oldest sister when she was younger. I am 1/8th English, I am. :slight_smile:


I remember those from the 70’s; one of my bestest friends used to live in one :smiley:


I love Atlas Obscura. I received the book last Xmas - highly recommended!


My wife and I just finished giving our granddaughters their baths. As grandma was starting to brush the 3-year old’s teeth, the little one said, “But grandma! I was just starting to sing!” Grandma told her she could sing when she was done with her teeth. In reply the little one said, “But I was going to sing grandpa’s favorite song!” :heart_eyes: Guess which song is “my” favorite… “One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Once I Caught A Fish Alive” from Dave and Ava (YouTube videos for kids). Okay, I DO like the song. It’s one of those melodies that once you hear it, it’s stuck in your head - for days on end! :slight_smile:


Hmmhmmm Now we know how to drive Jim batty.


One…Two…Three…Four…Five… :slight_smile:


I was listening to the girls talking as they were playing together. When the 3-yr old took something from her older sister (5) and refused to give it back, her sister said, “I know where you live!” :confused:


Everybody, all together now… loudly (for Jim)! LOL

One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on my right.

(Count from 1 to 10)

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on my right.


Ooooooo! Start it all over again!

Or, let’s do “rounds” like on Row, Row, Row Your Boat! Wheeee!


Or “99 Bottle of beer on the wall” :wink:


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I came across a poem some nodders may like. It’s about a little boy and his dad taking a walk. Enjoy.

Daddy’s Little Man

"I watched him as he glanced up
To look at Daddy’s face.
He walked a little faster
To keep up with the pace.

I watched him as he reached out
and took his Daddy’s hand
Trying to do everything like him
And be Daddy’s little man.

I listened to his questions
Asked in baby talk.
Daddy answered as best he could
as they continued with their walk.

You could tell he started to tire
For it was plain to see
He stopped and held up his little arms
And said “Daddy Please hold me”.

Daddy grinned and picked him up
carried him awhile without a peep…
Held his little boy close to him
For Daddy’s little man had fallen
fast asleep.

© Daddy’s Little Man by Mildred Paxton


I “inherited” a website in 2006. It was a mess, and in my inexperience, I made it messier.

So last yr I started converting to CSS. There was so much to do! I gave up.

I re-started the project. Thousands of each error to fix. Sigh.

Hard to stay motivated. :frowning: Where’s my shiny ball?

run :cat2:
run other way :cat2:
hides… stalks (nothing)
meditates over a piece of grass…
I’m SO productive!!


You could always download/copy any content you wish to keep and then, start from scratch, build a new (and improved) website! And you can always make it mobile friendly at the same time or use a mobile website converter from your web hosting service (if they happen to provide it).

I have many domain names and ten times as many domain extensions. I did start working on building several websites, but the girls have kept me so busy I can’t seem to find enough free time to work on them. I do have most of them set up (on my hard drive) with nice headers, footers, etc., but it seems it’s what content I want on each site is what is slowing things down. It makes me smile when companies say, “you can have a website up and running in minutes!” That may be true - if you already have the content (text, graphics, photos, etc.) at the ready.


Mon, 22 May: Water main break! At midnight yesterday morning my daughter-in-law went to flush the toilet - and no water. She came downstairs to ask me what the number for the dispatch center was. After I told her, she called and asked if they had any reports of a water main break, to which the answer was “no.” They contacted the Village Water Department. Around 2 AM I noticed a pickup truck outside my son’s house and one of the crew walking around with a flashlight. Mind you, my son lives in the second to last house at the end of a dead end road. It took until 6 AM until they found the break - two streets over and in front of the end of a horse-shoe driveway (of one of the many multi-millionaires who live in this “quiet” town).
My own home is tied to the same water main and two streets below the break. That meant my house was without water as well. Having a cat has some benefits. I had several empty containers that one held kitty litter. I had blown them out with air and rinsed them well. These would serve the purpose of water for the toilets and for the dogs. I also had three milk jugs that had been cleaned and filled with filtered water. Now we will have drinking water as well. With all the containers loaded into my trunk, I headed to my daughter’s home, filled the five kitty litter containers there. Once back at my son’s house, I filled the tanks on the three toilets, flushing two the girls used before going to school. After refilling those tanks a second time, I headed back to my daughter’s house to refill the two jugs I just used. Of course I had to take some time to play with their puppy and pet one of their cats. “Nibbles” always comes to see me when I stop by. He’s the one we helped raise from a kitten while my grandson was in school and my daughter was working. (Gee, we did that for one cat and three dogs!) Next it was back to my son’s house.
The water was restored almost exactly at noon. Then it was shut off for a half an hour and was turned back on again. Our water is now restored - just a slight inconvenience.
Tue. 23 May: Water main break again! This time it was at the other end of the horse-shoe driveway as described above! Our water was shut off around 11:30 AM. So I was back down to my house to retrieve the containers of water. It’s presently 1:15 PM and they’re still working on the main. Also, I saw a truck (lory) from the telephone company there. They have a buried cable near the second break. Be careful guys! We don’t want to lose our telephone and internet access! :fearful:
The contractor had showed up this morning to seed the freshly tended area around the addition they just finished at my son’s house. He wanted to wet down the seed and pulled out the entire 250’ (76m) of hose, turned it on and just looked when nothing came out! :laughing: He forgot that my wife told him we were without water again. He laughed at his forgetfulness and said he’d return later this afternoon to wet everything down.
At least these breaks didn’t happen in the midst of winter when it was bitter cold.


Rule 1 of webmaking: Always have a complete backup of your website locally, on your harddrive.


Rule 2: Always have a backup of each “current” website on an external backup.


I redid my other 6 webs 2 years ago. They are all CSS.

But this site is more complex. I inherited it from the last webmaster in 2006. She was bored with 1 layout and 1 background. So I’ve got thousands of pages, probably 15 backgrounds to fix, reliance on old 1994 coding, and pages made with MS Word–oh gawd.

So I cannot just copy the content to new pages; it would copy in the bad coding to the new pages. Thus, I have to search all the pages for pieces of bad code and remove it or replace it. For example, she used H5 for REALLY BIG text and repeatedly used H1 tags (most important text, so use sparingly, like, once per page).

Then, the MSO bloated codes and styles from MS Word! Up to 5 lines of code that could be written much cleaner within just 1 line plus CSS. But finding and replacing MSO gets complicated. Not sure I can switch the data tables to CSS. Fixed image codes already. And I’m putting repetitive items into _includes.

You’re right, content is hard to plan out. The last webmaster for my site did not organize it very well. So last year, I made new folders, broke links and moved files around. Now, I’m cleaning up content as I go, etc.

You cannot do an info-text and photo site in minutes. ;-D


Did you notify the wildlife in your neighborhood that they had a new “stream” to visit for drinks? :smiley: How’s the water pressure now?

Wanna hear my Cable Catastrophe? Cable box started… stuttering… midnight. Hit one channel, wait, try another and another… and 2 minutes later it would change to ALL those channels at once! Finally, it died. Tried reboot-- stuck on 4 out of 6 completion. Finally called the Company-- that new one that’s taking over many states. No help.

I have an inside contact in the company. He said the co turned off all the old boxes last night without notice. Dumb. So he sent a guy out.

Oh… and… I broke my foot yesterday. Sigh. Already a big dang bruise on half of it.


Sorry for the late reply, but I spent from 5 PM Wednesday until 8 AM this morning at my own house - neglecting to bring my laptop with me. :frowning: Wednesday morning I ran down to my house and cleaned out two rain gutters - one totally plugged up with maple tree seeds and very small branch ends (one was also full of water). Since my neck and lower back were aching so much, I skipped doing the remaining two gutters - one that wraps around our L-shaped porch and also get rain water from an upper roof. When I stepped outside last night to smoke a cigarette, there was water pouring out from the gutter and nearly squirting over the end at the downspout! First impression: I knew I should have cleaned out these two remaining gutter, sore neck and back or not! Grabbing a chair to climb up on, I stood on the banister and reached up and proceeded to pull all the debris from the downspout. By the time I got it cleared, my arm, tee-shirt and pants were soaked - and COLD! I thought, at least that one is clear now.
After going inside and changing into dry clothes, I put the wet ones in the clothes dryer. When I went back upstairs and out onto the porch, the rain had stopped! :confounded: If only I had waited 5 minutes before going outside the first time! :slight_smile: