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I was just thinking about that. I did have copies of two websites on the hard drive of my old desktop - the one my wife and son threw out on me. My son did say, “Don’t worry dad, I smashed the hard drive with a sledge hammer so no one can get any of your information off it.” :confounded:


Oops! I got cut short on my last post to you. Contractor showed up. Sorry to hear about your foot. Which one was it? A front or rear paw? :smile_cat: That just may prevent you from climbing trees, hopping from ice berg to ice berg, cloud to cloud and maybe, just maybe, from hopping up onto the bed. Guess you’ll have to be lifted gently instead. :wink: Hope it doesn’t hurt too much. I know how painful stepping on an injured foot can be. I had a tendon removed from my right foot and every time I stepped, the foot would flatten and stretch the skin. Ouch!


My left “back” foot.

At least I didn’t crack my head. A friend says it was because of my “costume”. I asked, “What costume?”

On the serious side, I broke my big toe and forefoot because I ran right into someone else’s hard shoe (occupied by that person’s foot). Shoulda heard my very loud
"aaaaAA-rrrRRrrooowl" when the encounter occurred. An assault on the barepawed cat. Who would think someone would stick their foot ahead of my foot for no good reason! From behind me, at that! Funnier part-- I’d just gotten done with X-Rays on my hip and knee. Go to climb up (don’t ask), and here a silly lady moved her foot from behind me and put hers right where my foot needed to be. Sheesh. See my back left foot in the picture? Real swollen.
I’m glad you didn’t fall off the railing. :sunny:


The man who lives across the street goes out for walks every day. He heads down the hill to the river and walks back up the next street over, then down a connecting street and back down the hill to home. He does the same when he goes out for a drive. I told him that walking and driving around in circles is one of the first signs of getting old. I warned him to be careful - that his wife would put him in an old folks home! :smile: I saw him the other day puttering around in his driveway, holding his gut as he walked very slowly. Then he told me he fell and cracked 4 ribs. I told him it was probably because he got dizzy walking in circles. He laughed… and then moaned. :imp:


@Jim7 I got an SOS from someone you know… it reads, “Need grass to lie on! Lemme out!”

“Come quick!”

It was ‘signed’ with a big paw print on this picture.


That looks a lot like the late Paycheck. My son’s dog that passed away a couple of years ago. This dog indeed looks as though he’s asking in a quiet way, “Let me outta here! Please?” :slight_smile:


Oh no! I’m “channeling”. I need a crystal ball and a different hat.

Well… I hope seeing the pic made you smile. I thought it was the one who chases deer-- Bella?


Actually, both Bella and Solo will chase deer - up to the invisible fence - but Bella more so than Solo. Solo, being an abused dog my son and daughter-in-law rescued, usually stands there barking at them until Bella starts after them. I think he became part “chicken!” :laughing:


what the heck did you break your foot on? Have done that years ago, and I can commiserate. You tried to drop kick the cable box, didn’t you???


If I tell ya, I’ll lose my “Cat-Vader” security clearance!

Let’s just say, I was going upward to get a ball, and some lady stuck her shoed-foot in my landing zone! I landed splayed out X . My big toe rammed the side of her shoe as her shoe was moving toward me. What is that?–Newtonian’s Law of Acceleration or something?? LOL And The Law of When Two Forces Meet (otherwise called The One Without A Steel Cage Will Crumple As Force Moves Forward!).

Hence my catterwaul. It was not pretty. Though I could be a great Opera-cat… my voice carried very, very far!

It is fascinating how a black cat can have darker black bruises on a foot. But I do.

With my human’s osteopenia and osteoporosis, I’ve lost count how many times we’ve broken toes and foot bones! Too many phalanx and metatarsal breaks to count up… big toes and little toes are first place. But one time, I broke the head joints of all 5 on my left foot (same foot that’s hurt now).

Oh throb, throb…



I always liked those dogs. Retrievers, right?


Yes, Golden Retrievers. Another beautiful dog of similar color are Irish Setters - beautiful copper color and the same “flag” hanging from their tails.


“Over-cautious”? I told my 3-yr old granddaughter there were 2 bunny rabbits across the driveway. I helped her up onto a chair so she could see them. When I asked her if she could see them, I got no answer. After I asked her the third time, she turned to me and told me to “be quiet so you don’t scare them away!” :open_mouth: I guess she did see them, but was afraid they would hear her through the glass from 50’/15m away! :slight_smile:


Devilish Pranks I used to play: (I’m not sure if I spilled my guts on this one or not, but the other day I spoke to a friend and co-worker of some years. We reminisced about a few of the “good ones” I used to play on some of the guys. Here’s one that made us laugh.)

My town truck was parked in one of the garage bays and I was checking the motor oil and other fluids. I had just looked at my watch before ducking under the hood. One of the guys came in and asked me what time it was. I said to him, “Oh come on! My hands are all oily and I’d have to pull up my sleeve to see my watch.” Then I said to him, “Oh never mind my watch.” I looked up to the overhead lights and then down to the floor. Then without hesitation I said, “It’s 3:18,” and started to lean back under the hood as another co-worker walked in. The first one asked him what time it was and looking at his watch answered, “3:19.” Dumbfounded, the first one asked me how I could tell the time the way I did - without looking at my watch. (I had him hooked! :smiling_imp:) I told him I learned that from when I was in the Boy Scouts. I said you could either look up at the sun or a light, pick out the spot on the ground or floor when the head of your shadow is and then count the number of feet from where you’re standing up to that spot. I said to him, “Try it out. It’s really pretty easy.” By this time, the other drivers who were working on their trucks stopped to watch - trying their hardest not to laugh or smile. The poor man looked up at the ceiling light, looked at where the head of his shadow rested on the floor, then started walking toward it - counting his footsteps (heel to toe) out loud as he walked. Instead of stopping at the point where his shadow’s head was originally, he continued to walk until he was up against the partition separating two of the overhead doors. We were all smiling by this time. He turned and told me that this doesn’t work. Now he wanted me to show him how it works. I said okay. :wink:
As I climbed out from under the hood, I asked him if he would get me a couple rags so I could wipe the oil and dirt from my hands. As he turned to retrieve some clean mechanic’s rags, I quickly peeked at my watch. He turned around with the rags and handed them to me. Standing in front of him, I wiped off my hands, looked up at the light, then at the spot on floor where my shadow’s head was. I walked up to that spot, carefully gauging the distance so my steps would come out to 6 exactly. (I cheated a little with the heel to toe.) When I reached the spot where my shadow’s head was he looked at me with an odd face. Then I told him it was 3:25. In disbelief, he asked one of the other drivers for the time. Checking his watch he told him, “3:25!” Turning back to me he asked how I came up with 3:25 out from 6 steps. I told him you have to multiple the 6 by itself which equals 36. Then multiple that by 9 and you end up with 325 or 3:25 PM. Simple!" He just shook his head and said he’d never be able to figure that out.
As the poor man started to walk away, I asked him why he walked all the way up to the partition. He turned and said, “The head on my shadow kept on moving.” :laughing: :imp:

Maybe one night I’ll share how I got this very same person with my ability to tell time outdoors - without a watch and without being able to see the sun - just by wetting my finger and sticking it up in the air. :sweat_smile::smiling_imp: Yeah, I was a joker back in my day. And I also have a couple that I played on another poor soul that worked with me. :innocent:


Devilish Pranks #2: This one was played on another co-worker.
As the crew I was in charge of was setting out from the highway garage, I had this one person make a “coffee run” to the local grocery store/Post Office to get coffee for the crew. (It was a cold morning.) When we arrived at the job site we got the machinery, barricades, etc. set up. The guy (I’ll call him “Tom”) arrives with our coffee. As we’re standing there sipping away, Tom happens to mention that he put half-and-half in his coffee. I waited until he got a mouthful of coffee and said, “you know, Tom, half-and-half is half from the cow and half from the bull.” With that, everyone started to laugh as poor Tom spit out his coffee with a wail! I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop him from pouring out his coffee onto the ground! Once I explained that I was just teasing him, I sent him back to get another coffee. It was the least I could do. :wink::innocent:


Hard to believe it has only been a month since I restarted converting my website! I got a lot of gunk cleaned up, but still more de-gunking to do.

Decided to start moving text pages into the template, so I can see how things look. I finished 1 folder w/ images on each page. They all validated, too. Nice reward.

Went on to another folder-- done with about 12 of the 60 pages. It isn’t very hard work, just so tedious. No instant reward :frowning: More like weeding but can’t tell anything is better until you’re finally watering.

I’m discouraged, too, because I have another 6,500 pages (approx) to convert and validate. Ugh! Most pages have photos and maps. I need to figure out a mouseover code to make a small image get BIG on the screen. I used it in 2013 but forget now what numbers go where. Sigh.

Need some hearts (hint).





Sorry about the cheeseburger, I was hungry


Sorry I took that bite before you swiped the burger. :wink: hehehehe



I was just thinking about what would be a fun campaign to toy with (for when we’re out of other campaigns). Since most of us have had so much “experience” in the Weddell Seal campaigns, we could hunt for snowballs in the snow drifts. Any takers? :wink: