2016 Dec to June 30 2017 - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


A heads-up ‘warning’ on my post… If anyone is soft-hearted toward cats (like me) this video has a cat that lost its 9th life and went on to be a Cat Prophet in another realm.

These are Baa-stonian turkeys. Round and round they go… anyone want to guess why? Bet we’d never see this kind of odd behavior at Jim’s Zoo and Nursery. LOL


Ooh, count me in; I love Jim’s Rural Zoo :heart_eyes: Reminds me of my Uncle’s place in Kansas (never been there personally). His back garden backs onto a wood and the deer always coming into the garden eating their plants :grinning:


10 June: We haven’t seen the doe and her fawn since 29 May. But, we did have two visitors show up at 8:30 PM tonight. I think they’re going to spend the night (or least part of it). Here’s a few photos of them. (Remember: It’s starting to get dark. :slight_smile:)

Now if the dogs can just wait until tomorrow morning before going outside to do their business… Nah! We’ll try stalling them for an hour. Maybe they won’t notice them? :grinning:


My wife told me that a couple of days ago a black bear went into someone’s yard and made off with their pet pig. This was in Earlton, NY - our old stomping grounds when we were just dating. We do have friends living up there in “the hill towns.” :slight_smile: The next day the owners found the remains of their pet a couple of fields over. :frowning: Bears are omnivorous.

Two weeks ago my wife showed me a video from her Facebook page where someone posted a video of a black bear who had just taken down a deer - in their backyard no less! The poor deer was blatting away as the wife was telling the husband to do something. Yeah right! That bear was not about to give up its prey. And if it did, the husband would have most likely been its next meal. They are awful hungry when they first come out of hibernation and I definitely am one who gives them a wide berth when I see one.


Jim, should you buy a Salt Lick for those deer? Gonna be HOT.


My wife and I had discussed putting salt licks out, but at the beginning of last winter I noticed a lot of movement in one corner of a field on the other side of the small stream behind my son’s house. Using my camera to zoom in on it, I realized someone had set up a blind. I told my wife we were NOT going to put out salt licks to attract deer close to the blind for them to get shot. I never believed in using a blind for hunting big game, just ducks - especially if they’re going to take more than one deer at once. Not very sportsmen like.


I can’t use the word I’m thinking. :frowning:


Pileated Woodpeckers: This morning a pileated woodpecker found some carpenter ants who were in the process of moving their nest. It was on the ground just pecking away without having to move around very much! The ants were simply moving along a line right up to it - just like an assembly line, but for the woodpecker’s lunch! :heart_eyes:


We used to have a big old wild cherry tree right behind the bedroom window that had been struck by lightening and we had topped it out, but there was almost 10 foot of stump left up against the hill side. We had a pair of pileated move in and within 3 years they had chipped that stump down to where I could axe it off and haul it off to burn… I would wake up in the morning to this really loud whacking and there they would be with the chips just flying, after the bugs and ants. Noisy too, loud raucous calls and hoots.


Quite loud! They remind of when I was growing up and my parents would take us to the Catskill Game Farm. They had peacocks that roamed the Game Farm and when they called, they were so loud! I used to compare their calls to that of the large tropical birds. The pileated woodpeckers are just as loud and “tropical-sounding.” :slight_smile: My wife and I also brought both of our children and our grandson to the Game Farm. But, the owners eventually got too old to keep it running and there were no buyers to be found, so the animals and birds were sent to various zoos, game farms (amusement- and/or educational- types), and the rides to amusement parks and it finally closed down. At least there’s the new zoo/park that just opened a few years ago (“April” the giraffe and her baby being born was live-streamed on YouTube not too long ago) and is only about an hour or so away. My wife wants to bring our granddaughters there this summer.
Getting back to the pileated woodpeckers, one found that a pine tree across from my son’s house was infested with carpenter ants and decided to have a go at them. I watched it as it literally torn the base of the tree apart, leaving big chunks of it on the ground. That tree will come down soon! At the end of my son’s road is a house with many old trees around it. Carpenter ants had gotten into one of the trees and were there for quite some time. A pileated woodpecker found them and torn off half the side of the tree from about 5’/1,5m off the ground and up to about 12’/3,6m up. There were pieces of the tree on the ground that it tore off that were nearly 18"/45,7cm long! Within 3 months that section of the tree broke off during some high winds and ended up leaning against the tree next to his driveway - parallel to the road. He had to have a man come with a 65’/19,8m “cherry picker” and take down the rest of the tree. The tree was over 80’/24m high. Now he has to plant something else that will suck up the water as that is a low area of his property and after a heavy rain, water lays on the surface for a week. Now it will be even deeper. But to the woodpecker’s credit, if it hadn’t “opened” that tree, no one would have known it had hundreds of tunnels through it and it would have come down anyway. If the wind was blowing from a different direction, it could have landed across the road and the electrical lines. Good birdie! :wink:


Did the woodpecker peck the ground all the way to China? How big was the hole? And… did he throw up big chunks of ground as he did it? Just curious… if big enough, a cat could sneak up through the China tunnel and give that woodpecker a good scare! :cat2:

On a serious note, isn’t it true that biologists think birds can hear ants/bugs? Kind of like annoying the neighbors with weird music? or from walking too heavily on (in) wood?
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“Did the woodpecker peck the ground all the way to China?” Nope… only to “Burrowsville.”
“How big was the hole?” Big enough that it made my granddaughters’ dune buggy bounce several times when they ran over that area.
"… did he throw up big chunks of ground as he did it?" No, I think he ate it all as he started getting bigger and bigger! I’d hate to see his “bird droppings!”
“isn’t it true that biologists think birds can hear ants/bugs?” Well, we can heard crickets, bark beetles, chidadas, and such, so I imagine it is possible. Or, maybe they’re just listening in on the ants’ radio communication systems. Can you imagine if these little guys had computers and the woodpeckers hacked into their “tree-wide web”? :grin::smile_cat:

But seriously, ants do have an acidic odor to them. Haven’t you ever smelled them when the flying ants start coming out of the ground? If the birds are able to smell that, then yes. Birds aren’t completely unable to smell. They do have some olfactory nerves, just not as many as you cats. :smile_cat:


And here I thought you were going to say it was for bird watching ::disappointed:

:open_mouth: I never knew that…never notice a smell either :confused:
Reminds me of one summer when our children were toddlers and out playing with the neighbours toddlers; we had one huge plague of flying ants; never seen anything like it before or since. Kinda scared the nappy of me :flushed: As all the children were in and out of our garden I just gathered them all into the house…swatting ants of them before they entered :smiley: and shut all windows and doors.

I rung round all the parents to let them know if they were wondering where their children were…I have them and I’m not letting any of them out 'til the ants stop flying; and a few of the toddlers I didn’t even know, they were visiting neighbours :sweat_smile:

I think I had about 10 little ones ranging from 1 and 6yrs cooped up in the house for an hour on a hot muggy day :dizzy_face:
About an hour later I let loose my plague of toddlers…all laughing and squealing as they did their new stomping dance…all over the ants :confounded: :sweat_smile:


A doe and her twin fawns have been around here today for the third time. One of them seems to be a little on the feisty side as it will periodically stop grazing and start to jump and prance around, kicking its hind legs. After several seconds of that, it goes back to grazing. The other fawn seems content just to graze with its mother. :grinning:


A boy and a girl?

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I think the one doing all the prancing and kicking is probably a buck - showing off to his twin sister (who appears indifferent as she simply grazes along side her mother. :laughing:


That or something was biting his butt :laughing:


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:laughing: No Bev, that’s just in London :flushed: We were down there on Wednesday and I’ve noticed their traffic lights now have a countdown clock on them to let pedestrians know just how many seconds they’ve got to cross the road :astonished: before they get mowed down :rofl:

We’re a little more civilised here in the North, but shhhhh, we don’t want to broadcast that as everyone would want to come live here :innocent:

2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)