2016 Sept to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!



Did the tiles do a zippity-do-duh when you wanted to go the other way?

Do you find yourself surrounded by “da black” when you want to see?

No fear! Stop by CageyCat Catnip Lounge for some Zen…

In no time at all, you will be your old self, wiggling and jiggling on the dance floor, singing your best meee-oww!

Drop in anytime— Open 24 hours a day, rain or shine, moonbeams or cloudy weather!


How ya feeling kitty? I thought about you as I played with the kittens and threw catnip mice for them to chase. I told them that a fellow cat was under the weather and they rubbed up against my ankles and said to tell you “Meow” in their tiny little kitten voices. I am not sure what they said but they said you knew cat talk and would get their message. Such precious babies: Rambo, Lulu, Arlo, Sneakers and Jezi (Jezebel). We have them colored collars so we can tell them apart.

This is Arlo (as in Guthrie). He and Sneakers and Lulu are triplets we think. Arlo loves it when Black Fox is down in the studio. He goes and sits by the radio. He is a bit of a renegade.

This is Rambo. Rambo and Jezi are all black like their Mama, Jet. Rambo is a Daddy’s boy and follows Black Fox everywhere. Jezi and Lulu don’t like to be held and prefer to be outside being huntress’s. We keep working at keeping them socialized with humans.

This is Sneakers. He is a chubby Mama’s boy. Jet is always swatting him for still trying to nurse. He is also a lover boy… wants to be held all the time when he is inside.


OH Yeah! Just what I needed! Thanks Cagey


They’re adorable! I’m still trying to get over losing Miss Priss, my buddy for 11 years. Everyone says to get another furr ball, but this one was so hard, I don’t know if I can handle it. Seeing these sweethearts, I may have to give it another try. Thanks.


Hey there @Pastor_Ruth 's brood: Arlo, Sneakers, Lulu, Rambo, and Jezi ! Come right in and sniff a spell… here’s some of my favorite blend for you all. Got some '60s and '70s music playing (for your guardians LOL,… but hey, it’s good for kitties “zoning out”.)

We have a mice hunt every Tuesday night. No-- sorry, no live mice! And no, ya can’t bring any with ya from home!

You’ll find an assortment of sparkly balls along the left wall. We prefer if you keep them in the “pit” rather than in the main lounge.

Every Thursday, it’s Birdie & Guardian Day (hey, we don’t have hands to fly the birds). Green tea for humans…and it’s a 2 for 1 price on catnip!

Saturday is Bring a Friend. Don’t forget the strays you see in the neighborhood–we welcome newcomers. They’ll have a blast with catnip, before our “tree” climbing races begin at 5pm. Races held till 8pm-- just sign up. You can choose your opponents! Or, join a team!

Sundays are ME-ow Talent shows! Bring your own music or choose from our collection. Please, no hip-hop… too much for kitty hearts… and no classical… we can find our own Zen.

Now that I’ve shown you around, what can I get ya? Take a spot anywhere-- cardboard boxes, window sills, tables, the high beam track near the ceiling, or low beams near the floor. Please do not sit on top of exit doors-- and no swatting customers as they enter. (Boxing ring on lower level on Mondays, 1 to 3pm).

Our kitchen is not open yet. :frowning: We’re looking for a Treat sponsor.

Nice to meet ya!


@Beverly1 I hear ya. I miss D. a lot. I’m still finding toys he left in hiding spots. I still need to bleach all those. i could probably bring in a new cat by January. But like you, I find it hard. Plus, I think one cat finds it lonely…and I’m not sure I could take care of 2.


Blackie decided to test our “no tails” rule…

The Cat door guards stopped him… But to speak, he had to open his mouth… the mouse scurried through the front door and into the Lounge! Now we have a resident mascot guest. Not sure if some blokes can handle the stress of NOT chasing the mouse! Most of our guests think it will be like watching fish swim…a nice diversion but watch not swat. Now, we have to come up with a mascot name!

Oh-- a couple came the other night. He loves her…she loves him… and all that. But then they had a tiff. Their hisses and howls brought the cat-cops… And our lovebirds spent the next day like this…

I heard the prisoner escaped and they ran off together into the evening.


I have seen that same look myself and my reply was similar “Get the fritz out here with that thing!”


This chap won the Fritzy Dance contest.


When we were first married, our cat used to bring home mice (real ones) and line them up at the back door. One night when my wife went to bring him inside, one of the mice got up, ran inside and went under the refrigerator! The two of us spent nearly an hour chasing it back and forth from under the refrigerator to under the stove and back! The cat sat on the kitchen chair and just watched the antics we were performing. We think he may have done that on purpose! :sweat_smile:



Our cats always managed to bring live birds home :cry:
Mum and us used to nurse them back to health in the garden shed and then release them :smile:


That’s great, but somehow I don’t think my wife would be too willing to nurse a field mouse back to health - especially with the cat stalking about. She had to put up with my having collection boxes of live hibernating bats in the cellar for a week. Wasn’t too keen on that. But once I delivered them to the New York Medical College and the Cornell University Medical College in New York City, she got over it and even joked about it once in a while.
If anyone is wondering why I had live bats in my cellar (and not in my belfry) is because back in the early 70s I was a zoological supplier. I supplied live hibernating bats for the research being done at the two above colleges. They were trying to isolate the chemical (protein?) that caused the cells to go into hibernation, hoped to synthesize it and inject it into cancer cells to see if they could force the cancer cells into “hibernation.” That was forty years ago. I’ve always wondered how their research made out, whether they were successful - and the results (and future research) was silenced - or not. Hmmm. It did sound promising and I did supply bats for three years to them. :pensive:


Hmmm… Here is a 1-page preview of
Across the Editor’s Desk
The American Biology Teacher
Vol. 16, No. 5 (May, 1954), pp. 125-127
Published by: University of California Press on behalf of the National Association of Biology Teachers
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/4438616
Page Count: 3
(You can order a copy through interlibrary loan for cheaper cost.)
Or request through https://www.jstor.org/stable/i407883

2nd column bottom of preview says they have bats in the basement.

For NYMC try this as one article:


I knew they had been studying the how and why bats and other mammals hibernate, but I didn’t realize they had started looking into this that long ago. However, back in the 50s it was just to study the how - and with the one exception of the amoeba study, and not to isolate, replicate and induce the chemical into cancer cells. The bats I had to collect were myotis lucifugus (little brown bats). That came about after the great increase in cancers AFTER the introduction of certain chemical pesticides and herbicides and the cocktails of each. Now the poor bats have white nose syndrome to deal with.
Speacking of bats, they’re still flying around every night here, but I have noticed with the cooler evening and night temperatures, the insects are flying closer to the ground as are the dragonflies during the day and evenings, and the bats during the evenings and nights. I last heard a bat (or two?) at 11:10 PM tonight (30 Sep). They seem to be a lot louder when they fly closer to the ground. Here’s a sample of a sonic call they can make - and is one of the two sounds I heard each night. (The other sound I can hear is the ultra-sonic which makes a high-pitched ringing sound in my head.)
Little brown bat’s (myotis lucifugus) audible squeaks while feeding.


It sounds like somebody doing a tap dance :laughing:


While hopping from cloud to cloud, as I love to do, I slipped! Ever try to dig claws into a cloud? Well, I latched onto every feathery wisp I could until an eagle spotted me, and grabbed me up. But his talon slipped and he dropped me, luckily on a bigger cloud where I could snuggle down and hide. In the process of this double-trouble, though, I hurt my shoulder! Owie-ow!

I floated along until I could hobble from cloud to cloud down to the Lounge, which will hold a Catnip-Cure Marathon since my cat-doc ordered rest, moist heat, massage, and catnip 6 times an hour-- yes!!

So if you need da-:cat: or want to commiserate over some good catnip, drop on by. Otherwise, I’ll cheer you all on as you nod & tag.

But for now… perchance some other kind of ‘nodding’, ah,


#&@&! SQUEAK &!@#$! :upside_down: running, ducking, hiding




Hobble…hobble…(paw barely lifts from floor…)

Oh heck! If you see a small gray mouse with long whiskers and sleek tail, who’s squeaking like crazy, give him a swat for me!

Returning to Catnip Zen :heart_eyes_cat:


Seriously I hope this finds you doing a little better. My cats got the mouse terrorized it until it gave them the slip. I believe I heard it say something about packing it’s bag and heading south. :rat: :cat2: :upside_down: