2016 Sept to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!


A little more catnip with it cagey and you won’t feel a thing :smile:


These are soooo funny. My Priss cat was very ladylike about her catnip binges. She would lay in one place and get loopey and just lay there for 2-3 hours. None of this staggering around for a perfect lady!


Cat-docs have to a-dapt human exercises. Humans need abduction (away from body) and adduction (stupid computer doesn’t like my spelling but it means across the midline of the body), need to raise their paw, er hand, high above their heads, and to do rotation and flexion.

I’m cool with stretching my paw to the left, but not to the right. Cats don’t do the same rotation at the elbow, but even if I was a human I can’t do that at all. :wink:

Humans do rehab exercises like making “windshield wipers” across the air; I’m prancing a Texas line dance and “put your right foot in, put your left foot out” LOL.

Humans “climb the wall” with the affected arm/shoulder… I’m doing “high 5s” in the mirror.

Humans do shoulder rolls… I’m doing whole-cat-flexion. Hunch down…relax. Take jump position…relax.

Best ever though— moist cuddly warm heat and … catnip! Take a nip and snuggle down!

Shoot, just realized this took me hours to write and fix typos. Ooops Did 1k of nodding last night, so I’m stiff today.


Our cat, Angel, always carries her catnip bag up into her kitty condo, curls up on the blanket inside and will lick the bag for a while. She’ll stay in her cozy den and fall asleep. :sleeping: When she wakes up, it’s a trip to the litter box, up onto her condo for some munchies and a drink. Then she hop down and “patrol” around to make sure no one has moved any of her balls and toy mice (some of which have catnip inside). :dizzy_face:


She must’ve been enrolled for one of those Catnip Pageants? They don’t allow any tell-tail signs of catnip use (or abuse lol).


Okay… who took my stash of catnip? Fess up! LOL

Between the rain today and my injury, I’m a old cranky :cat2: Gonna plug in my heating pad, snuggle down, and call it a night.

I finally made it to land in Haiti… and made it to a trail in Colorado. On more serious note… hoping someone finds Mr. Cook soon. It’s 30s here; I can’t imagine being out in bad weather trying to survive. I think about him every day, especially through the nights. Someone has to come across him…somewhere. :pray:


Oh… this is why cats must sleep. We all work very hard!

Spoiler alert

Video: Man is shoveling dirt and throws each shovelful to the side. Cat jumps in to help “spread it around”.


My son decided to go golfing this morning, so guess who had to help HIS wife close up the pool? Yes…me!
Grandma came outside with our 2-yr. old granddaughter, Eva (soon to be a birthday girl (this Sat.)), so the little one could supervisor the mission from the ground. :grinning: Suddenly she let out the most horrendous scream. Grandma saw a yellow jacket fly away from her head. Turns out the little bugger stung her in the middle of her right ear! :scream: By the time Eva was tended to - ice pack, lidocaine spray and a lot of loving by grandpa - dark clouds started moving in. My daughter-in-law and I went back out to finish. (Short period of time goes by.) Grandma gets home with our 4-yr old granddaughter from Pre-K (kindergarten) at 12:04. Then the rain started… and BIG drops! Aside from 2 patio chairs and a couple inflatables, it’s done! I’ll have to wait until those few things are dry before storing them in the shed. The rain ended about 2 hours later, but then the wind picked up.

I’m hoping my son and daughter-in-law will be doing the hot tub themselves. I don’t think they’re going to use it this winter, but then again the “woolly-bears” (caterpillars) say it’s going to be a mild winter. Maybe they will use it this winter. They asked if my wife and I wanted to go in last winter. “Yeah right!” I said. I don’t think I’m going to brave going from 101-degree F (38C) water out into below freezing air temperature. I’m not a member of the polar bear club. Besides, doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole purpose of getting in the hot tub in the first place - to warm up these old muscles and bones?


You reminded me of a joke I told when our highway superintendent retired after 20+ years. But, I will put that in the Water Cooler\Random Thoughts category - even though it involves dirt and trees, both of which cats seem to enjoy. :wink:


I found your lost blue ball! The winds must have blown it all the way here! :smirk:


hope your joints are recovering-catnip cures everything! I am fine, but am in the midst of a major house renovation- roof, siding, all new windows. The guys show up at 6:30 am every morning and start beating on something and keep it up till about 6:00 pm . Naturally this cuts into my nap time so I’m a tad cranky as well. Then I get to clean up the day’s mess inside while hubby does outside. Then after supper and dishes, I get to relax and Nod. Obviously this has cut into my nodding time. But, I’m trying to maintain.
I am afraid that with the Haiti campaign, all that is needed is open a new tile and start marking till the tile is covered, then move to the next. Those poor people.


Wow, 22 days (bet you thought a cat couldn’t stay quiet for so long lol).

I thought I’d share some pics of visitors to Cageycat Catnip Lounge. Compilation slideshow.

@Beverly1 did you get the windows in yet? Pick out the sunniest one–I’ll bring my pillow. :wink:

My pawsome shoulder is improving, except it’s still painful in my neck and shoulder girdle. Depends on how I move 'n groove. No tiger sports for me!

@Pastor_Ruth did you have the big send off for your kitty’s youngins?


Say Cagey, when you want me to bring the Catnip Wine? Freshly made. - bob


Windows are in, roof is on, and siding is done. There is wreckage everywhere. All 4 sides of the house have massive piles of rubble. Every room has a huge pile of furniture in the middle. It looks as if a hurricane hit. I am slowly getting things straightened up, but not near as fast as I used to. 40 yrs ago, this would have been done last Tuesday. Now, I’m aiming by Christmas.


Oh me oh my! But… think of it this way:

You can walk the outside of each room and peek out each new window (you did put in the contract that the company had to wash said windows, right?) Of course, don’t peek at the ones with rubble outside.

You don’t need to wonder where that chair went to-- it’s in the middle! So’s that, this, that, and this one too!

Redecorating will be easy now, with nothing against the walls! be creative as you pick select pieces to move back.

When visitors knock on your door, point to the pile, tell them a friend convinced you to make a Dog-Cat Obstacle Course, but then the group canceled. And, you’re considering ‘leaving it set up’ until next year. ;-D

And lastly, announce an Unpile-it Party. Make index cards, each listing an item and where you want it, and put those in a hat. Each person must find ‘their’ item. They may draw up to 3 cards if they can’t move their item(s) yet. First person to move the last item that uncovers the couch “wins” for the whole team-- Prize-- enough people to move the couch, of course! Offer plenty of food and beverages. (Catnip helps lol),


Ooooo… Catnip Wine makes me really whine n warble… LOL Too delicious to pass up!


I laughed till I nearly fell off the chair! The things you guys come up with helps my psychic. Thanks to all for keeping me on even keel.


Just pray it’s not “Christmas in July!” :grin:


I believe I found Cagey’s “cloud ball,” well at least it looks either like a cloud or a ping-pong ball! :smile_cat:

I think she gave it too hard a swat with her paw and sent it sailing down from the clouds to the ground… ended up in a little “hole.”


awwwww… purrr-ty!

Hmmm… :: Cat mournfully looks down from cloud …how will I get it back from down there? Jump? no…ouchie! ::

Maybe Jim can ask one of his birds to fly by and snatch it up?? Please keep it away from squirrels, or they’ll claim it as theirs.