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I asked 3 birds if they would bring the ball back to you, but one was preoccupied with trying to snatch up something sitting on a branch above it; one too busy preening its feathers, and the last too busy deciding whether or not to start drilling into this funny-looking “tree!”

Okay, after thinking about it for some time, I decided I should have identified the birds and the animal in the photos. The first photo shows a gray squirrel sitting on an upper branch and a Cooper’s hawk that had landed on a lower branch below and slightly to the left of the squirrel. The hawk had just missed getting a bluejay feeding on my porch railing and actually flew past my face - less than 3 feet/<1m - and flew over to that tree and landed before it noticed the squirrel (who “froze”). As soon as the hawk started to move, the squirrel jumped over to the tree to the right and ran around to the opposite side. Eventually, the hawk flew away. The second photo is a red-tailed hawk preening its feathers after a bout with several crows. It is about 200 yards/183m away (40x zoom). Sat there for nearly 30 minutes. Finally, photo number 3 is of a pileated woodpecker - who wouldn’t sit on one tree long enough for me to take its picture. No! It kept on flying from tree to tree - and each one being farther away than the previous one - until it finally landed on a utility pole about 40 yards/36.5m away. When I took this photo the sky was gray and overcast. We had rain mixed with snow later that evening.
So those are the “busy” birds that wouldn’t help get Cagey’s ball! :smile_cat:


WELL ! How snooty of them! You could remind them cats do climb trees… but with this ~~ paw, they are safe for now. :cat2:


would still like to know what the heck the ball is and if it’s natural or wizardry,aka Jim.

2017 Jan to June - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!

It’s me sparkly one. I lost it in the countryside…think we we in California. It had nice rolling hills and I was swatting like a golf champion…and suddenly, my ball rolled and rolled right over the next slope. I went running, fast as I could—but couldn’t find it! I put out an instant MEW Alert to all Nodders, just in case they might see it. I’ve floated on clouds all over the world with Pan (panda bear) and peer over the edge, but even with my cat eyes, I never found it.

I’m hoping Santa gets me a catnip ball for Christmas. :heart_eyes_cat:


I wasn’t sure what it was, aside that it looks nearly “purrr-fectly” round - like one of @cageycat’s balls. Maybe a giant “bubble”, UFO, or swamp gas (as UFOs so often dismissed as :laughing:), a ping pong ball or golf ball for “giants” - who knows? Not me! Any other guesses?


Okay, I think I know what that white “ball” is - a rock! I just came across another other, but when I switched to the “pre-event” map there it was… a rock. It the pre-event map the rock has some jagged edges, but the “post-event” map everything is rounded out. I think the satellite is messing with our eyes as a mischievous prank.
Here’s the link and the 2 screenshots. Bummer! I thought I had really found cageycat’s ball. :unamused:

I guees we’ll have to keep on looking. Sorry cagey!


A rock! Oh no! :crying_cat_face: Pan so wanted to play ball soon!

We had it all worked out… the lines of our playing field, what points we could get, who would be first (me LOL), how many times in a row we could make the same shot, etc. We’d lined up lots of objects, too-- like borrowing @Jim7 's slippers, a glass from @Helen , a shoe box from @Beverly1 's closet, a newspaper from @Newtonian to crawl under, an open book placed pages-down from @EmeraldEyes , a bowl from @Pastor_Ruth … well, you get the idea! We were gonna test out the MEW Ball Swatting Course before inviting all the Nodders over. We were even going to buy everyone a pair of furry gloves to use as paws. There was going to be special courses for left-pawers—and we even hoped to make MEW Ball Swatting an Olympic event!

We were gonna make @Brudigan one of the umpires, if he didn’t mind, and have him pick members for the MEW Coaches & Umpires Association! We planned to make this a universal organization, so we needed MEW Translators and Ambassadors, too.

Drat! A rock will never do! I’m quite glad now that we didn’t send your bird friends to retrieve it !!


Which slippers did you grab? It must have been my “outdoor” slippers (moccasins) as I’m wearing my indoor slippers at the moment. Tonight I finally put on my old work boots (they’re about 18 years old and still “kicking!” :grin:) and ran down to my house to shovel my front walk and apron of the driveway. This was the first time wearing these since last spring when I went around the yard picking up tree limbs and small branches. I almost hate spring - all mud! But at least this past year spring was only about 2 weeks long. Seems like it went from winter right into summer. Weird weather!

Of course, Cagey, I took care of Angel before I went out to do the shoveling. :smile_cat: Cleaned her litter box, gave her two fresh bowls of filtered water (they fluoridate and chlorinate our water so I have to “clean” our water before we or our pets drink it), a few treats, combed her hair - can’t have her getting hair balls - and finally sat on the sofa for a half an hour with her on my lap digging her claws into my legs. :confused:

Sadly, yesterday as I was on my way down to the house to do the routine with Angel, I spotted a large black and white cat by the curb that had been hit by a car. There was a man standing there so I figured he was going to take care of it. I thought I’d check on my way back up the hill to my son’s house to make sure it wasn’t left laying there. It wasn’t. I do know it was a pet and not one of the feral cats. Haven’t seen a feral cat with a pink collar yet.

I’ll still be keeping my eye out for your ball! Hope your paw is doing better and you’ll be scratching at the scratching pole real soon. :smile_cat:


Oh heck, I hope it wasn’t The Great Siege Malta 1565, 'cos that’s should be wrapped and ready to go under the Christmas tree :open_mouth:

Now, if only I could remember if that book was meant to be from me to my hubby or from my hubby to me



@EmeraldEyes About all I can tell you is :lick: the binding tastes pretty good-- like a cross between tree bark and catnip spice. I will say, I’ve been verrrry careful with my claws…not one poke in it. But… I could have sworn it was a book about kitties?

Now, I can’t say @Jim7 's slippers haven’t gotten a workout. Pan decided the soles were smooth and you KNOW how he is about sliding and sledding down hills! The slippers are–well, a bit twisted. He didn’t tear them, though! Just going round corners, he was acting like he was on a surf board doing these wiggling moves! Last I saw, one slipper flew forward while the other flew backward. He promised to find them – after all, who else would let me be a cat prowler and drag off a pair of slippers! lolol

For B&W Kitty… rest in peace. For his owner who let him wander— such a shame. :crying_cat_face:


@cageycat, is this white “kitty” any relation to you? I found her just sitting there… maybe waiting to catch a mouse? Unless she’s looking around for some fresh catnip? :smirk:


OMG!OMG! Have a new monitor! It is a Magnavox 19" witha DVD player. OMG! It is so crisp and clear. The colors! It’s hemongous compared to my old 13". I have spent the evening hopping around and hollering. My husband sayes " Why don’t you get that excited when I come in home?" Oh, Please.


Just tell him, “You’re not new!” :laughing: Glad you like you’re new monitor. My son suggested I hook uo my laptop to his big screen plasma TV to do my nodding. It’s really, really big - too big! I told him my eyes and my neck would get tired just going from one side of the screen to the other - no thanks! :wink: I think the largest I would like to go for this would be a 21" to 25" screen, with my preference to the smaller of those.
A side thought regarding your hubby… When I was too young to remember (or even to notice), according to my older sisters my mother - who had at least 5 children at home at one time - would always change out of her house dress into a “dressy” dress and put on some make-up. Then she would wait at the front door for my father to get home from work. She did this every day right up to child number 11! By that time he was going on business trips to NYC and at times the train would be late, so she just made sure a place was set for him at the dinner table. We could see him when he drove past the kitchen window in the driveway as he parked his car in the garage. The oldest two children were “put in charge” of the younger ones and she’d meet him either at the back door or out at the gate. I think she preferred the gate because they could kiss without putting on a show for us! :grinning:


The balls I’ve been finding that I thought were @cageycat’s are turning out to be rocks! (I knew that already…hee hee hee!) Sometimes I find them in the “new” view and sometimes in the “old” view. Flipping between the two one can see the ball (sometimes blue, white or red) change into a rock. It will turn from what appears to be purfectly (:smile_cat:) round to jagged. Now if I can just find one that stays round like a ball in both views, maybe I’ll have found cagey’s long lost ball! :relaxed:


Quarantine alert!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Got hit with a mega virulent cold-flu bug… Between sweats 'n shivers, it even drained out all my color!! Haven’t eaten all week–bleh.

Am I lucky that I only get respiratory bugs? hackhack versus digestive bugs? retch My lungs are not so sure.


Such a purrty kitty, I just had to share–

Reminds me of my Blizzard kitty (RIP) except she had blue eyes and was half Persian.

So, folks, who’s gonna help get a Nodder New Years Eve party going? Nearly out of time for planning, but I’'m sure we can pull one together! I’d love a team effort for music choices-- anyone? We can split costs on food/beverages (hehe – “free” everything online). Maybe we can convince our storyteller Jim to tell one of his stories? O-o-o Maybe a “Carriage House Mystery”?? I’ve been curious about what it looks like in there… Anyone else want to perform? And, if anyone can pick up some catnip, I’d be grateful. The shipment slid off the road in a snowstorm…over an embankment, down a hill, into a fox’s den… I hear they’re having an ice-block party with our “stuff” lol. Well, let me know who can help…


Gorgeous kitten. Love cats 101 on TV. Refreshes my day. I can bring some catnip and Fancy Feast. Prop me in a nice quiet corner where I can drift off to Nodder Land.


So now I’m a story teller, eh? My wife always just said that I “…was full of it.” :laughing: I guess she got used to the weird sense of humor and the nutty stories from both my late father and me. I’ll see what I can come up for a story, although I can’t promise it’ll be about the carriage house.
Got to go! Granddaughter #2 is coughing away in her sleep. #1 just got over the croup. Oh no!


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