2017-2018 New South Sudan population mapping campaign


Hello Tomnod volunteers! We have a new tagging campaign posted to our website: https://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2225

Tomnod is partnering again with the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) to improve understanding of population information in South Sudan. This data will be used to perform evidence-based food security analysis.

We hope you will help, thank you in advance!


How should we tag burnt areas? Very similar to Indonesia fires where areas are burnt to clear for agriculture. Active fire at:


None of the burnt areas appears to be growing any form of crops.


Green…what is this green I see before me, it hurts my eyes :sunglasses: :rofl:

Would it be possible to increase the magnification a tad Mel. Pretty please with snow flakes on top :upside_down_face:
But I nearly missed half a dozen temporary dwellings. I’m currently zooming up and down like a yoyo all over the place it’s making me dizzy :dizzy_face: :grin:
I’m feeling sick :nauseated_face: or maybe that’s just my back; my disc is telling me I’m done for the night :tired_face:


Interesting find @Wilms!! Since the main goal of this dataset is to tag housing and active agriculture, we will leave the burnt areas be for now, unless I hear otherwise from the FEWs folks.

@EmeraldEyes I’m sorry I can’t fix it -unfortunately the time period and imagery needed for this area is a little bit hazy, making it a bit more difficult than some of our other campaigns. Thank you for looking!


Hi Mel_Nod, Can you please look at www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2225/map/1vjpxqy73. This is a different area of the same map as before. I am not sure what is happening here. Fire fighters or military types or ??? Not typical structures for area. Round white bordered areas look like old burn marks and there looks like a new fire ring lower down. Very sad country. Thank you for any comments


Hi @Wilms

We saw a lot of “build” areas or staging areas in S. Sudan. It’s not military or firefighters in the tile you posted. In fact, I had to set aside the usual structures or make-up of society as I know it from the US and instead, focus on the basic components of a society: people using huts, trailers/metal buildings, and agricultural activities with “dirt”/earth everywhere. We saw so much “dirt”, meaning very little trees/plants and piles of dirt on farms that we used to joke on the forum about the endless dirt.

We can skip over the signs of burns and earth scorching, though it is shocking to see. There’s so much burning in some countries (including on US farms), which adds to worldwide population. Gotta be a better way for farmers.


Hey there Em! I have found that if I turn down the contrast and brightness on my monitor to a value of 20 for each, then magnify up to +2, the buildings show up better. Then after I have completed a tile for buildings, I go back out to 0 mag. and the do the agri. fields, as they seem to show up better there.


Ooh, thanks for the tip Bev, I’ll give that a try tonight :slight_smile:


There’s a new map, 2236, (i think… is still black for me) but something is not right, different. I had 5.22 areas searched, and more than 9 k taggs, and more tan 24 k of consensus, and now, today all is 0, nothing… :open_mouth: :thinking: :scream: is gone. Is better becouse is faster but, ¿where are my tags?


Hi @lucy! I took down the 2016 imagery yesterday, which was in campaign_2225 and am exporting the data. So, when you go to that campaign, you will get a black screen and it will say at the top in blue that the campaign is finished.

I published the 2017 imagery yesterday in campaign_2236! It is the same area of interest but one year later. I hope you will join us on this one!


thank you @Mel_Nod! Okey! :ok_hand:
now I’m in 2236 and yes, ¡it’s looks familiar! Good… i’m not crazy…yet :sweat_smile: