2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


Wheee hoooo

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Little lakes in the rock
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Point of Interest - buildings and helicopter landing?
Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - Inverted image query
More bulidings two different sets one location
This is across from the last buildings

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Hi all! Here’s something absolutely gorgeous that I think you all will appreciate:

This is a watercolor painting by artist Mishu Bogan, inspired by our beautiful, otherworldly Antarctic imagery. I don’t know about you, but I recognized the imagery where this came from! Mishu can be reached at http://www.mishubogan.com/, mishu@mishubogan.com or https://www.facebook.com/MishuBogan/


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :grin:


Hi :slight_smile:
to me this looks like a waving clown :smiley:


Can anyone find me? Caught a mouse
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Hey! I found the Christmas Tree!! No lights or it will melt! to left of poly
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Angel fell off someone’s tree. Or is it flying? Somebody straighten the tree!
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Go out to -4 or -5
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Anyone lose a puppy?
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Another smaller one, sitting:
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As an amateur researcher, I ask, why are there no seals amid areas of ice breaks? Seems easier to haul hundreds of pounds out where the ice is already broken.
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OMG it reminds me of our tree :rofl:

Boy was that one a challenge to decorate; the back would have matched map image only I slimmed it down a bit (I had a lot of hacking and thinning to do. Serves me right, I deliberately chose it for it’s crooked misshapen look because I fancied a challenge at the time :crazy_face:


I’ve wondered that in the past though I “think” I’ve seen an odd one. But then I wonder, well, how high above the water is that edge? Is it just the angle of the image that’s making it look closer to the water’s surface than it actually is :thinking:

I dare say some of those cracks can be quite deep, too deep for a seal to haul up out of.


Ladies! High heels are NOT allowed on the ice!
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Haha that one took me a minute @cageycat. :eyes:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Not mine . . . my toes tremble and quake just looking at those :laughing:



Is that your current tree or a past tree?

The one I posted from Antarctica lost its ornaments (shhh—they were shiny and round and I couldn’t resist!). Looks like the garland cinched up till embedded along the branches. Ooooo-- just spotted one bulb.

Em, I noticed the boy’s pic behind the tree. Who is that darling who’s waiting to surprise Santa?

Oh to stay on topic…
I’ve heard of a Blue Moon, but a green sea?
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two icebergs off to the left

Is this what they call (ice) calving?
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@Jim7 I found a B for your Baby Bri
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Hmmm… a surfaced snow seal with text on his collar?
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Laying at bottom of poly.

One of those square-hatted wigged Brits, forever trapped in ice as his profile (with long thick nose) looks out over the frigid sea…
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I knew those seals were laughing at us! I just knew it. Now I have proof! They left a Snow Sign… See it? Let’s get those naughty seals for hiding from us! We’ll show them!!
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Oh no— nodder down! Top right, sideways, how a nodder looks after hours of looking for no-shadow Weddell seals. Nodder just plum tuckered out. Hey, where does that idiom come from “plum tuckered out”? Gotta be a Brit thing?
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Snow Ghost ready to attack an ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles on top!
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Wait until you see this! (look right, then slide up and down)
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Maybe if you turn it slightly - with the crooked part toward the corner - it will look straight as looking straight on and off a little to the left and right. That might even help to keep it from leaning too much to … oh never mind… you’ll probably lose half the decorations messing with it! :open_mouth: Looks good from my house! :wink::smiley: I love the blue lights! They look like bright, hot stars! :heart_eyes:


In the 1st photo, the edge of the ice sheet is probably a few hundred feet tall - at least 200’. If you looked at the scale, then imagined the scale line being vertical, that would give you a rough estimate of just how tall it is.
As for the 2nd photo, you could probably sail a ship through that crack. The ice sheet is quite tall.


:rofl::rofl: I was just thinking… I wonder what a psychologist would think if he/she read some of our posts? Probably think a few of us belong in the “nut house!” :thinking::rofl:


That’s a silly thing to be doing… :upside_down_face: … could get you into all sorts of trouble! :rofl:


And talking to yourself can be dangerous also! My wife caught me talking to myself. A short time later she asked me why I had put something she was looking for on the shelf - out of her reach - and I replied, “I was just doing what I was told.” She looked at me with an odd expression so I continued, “I told myself it should go up there, so I was just doing what I was told.” She didn’t think that was funny. Humph! No sense of humor! :crazy_face:


:rofl: I sometimes get the best answers that way… :upside_down_face:


You can usually get at least one person to agree with you also! :wink:


Which “one person”, though? What if a person has many persons? OoOoOoOoooo!

Which one should you listen to?