2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


I think also,from clips seen on youtube, some stations shut up shop for winter, boarding up windows, vents, etc so snow doesn’t creep its way into buildings, so I suppose some of those could look abandoned.

It is much harder to search and compare to google maps as there’s so little in way of landmarks you can follow :slight_smile:


:grin: This is my nodding accompaniment . . . . Wolverine . . . . singing and dancing :smiley:

And here’s the Weddell gang partying along left and right dancing-penguin(http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/289512)


Let’s see… There’s snow over there, ice over here, a rock sticking up there, oh… and a crack over there! What’s so hard about using landmarks? :rofl::roll_eyes::wink:


Well, I suppose there are also the icebergs . . . smart alec :unamused: :laughing:

Yeh, piece’o’cake :smirk:


Ok, who was excited over their 10th… birthday? anniversary?
( http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/137477 )
bottom of poly
hide poly


:innocent::rofl: He he he! :roll_eyes:


I came across another research station that is about 4,000 yards/3,657 meters from the sea. It is up and to the right of the poly. Best to zoom out to -5, move up from the poly until the “head of the arrow” (snow-covered rock) meets the sea. If you center this point vertically on your screen, the station is straight to the right. Note that there are several other buildings and storage tanks higher up than what my screen shot shows.

Here’s the station zoomed out for easier locating. The station is centered in the middle of the photo.

And here’s a crew of 3 vehicles plowing an airstrip. I had to zoom out to -1 to fit it all in. But if you zoom in, you can see one vehicle plowing the “circle” for turning the plane around, one vehicle plowing the runway and the third vehicle off the right end of the runway. This airstrip is below the research station quite a ways which at first I didn’t understand why, but then I thought maybe this area wasn’t as rough as where the station is located (more of a rocky terrain).


I’ve found Ireland - or at least “The Emerald Isles” in Antarctica, complete with some seals! While there is a single and larger “emerald isle” partially in the polygon, these two are above and to the left of the poly.


Last one for tonight… er… morning. An “ice paper clip.” Way up at the top left of the map.


Casey Research Station



Aw brilliant; I considered searching but didn’t want to sacrifice the time I’ve got today :smiley:


Thank you. I wasn’t going to find out which one it was either. I was going to bed and said, “Just a couple more tiles… oh, just another two or three.” When I finally said this is my last one, it was almost 4 AM - an hour later than I wanted to stay up. :dizzy_face: I posted these screen shots and :sleeping:. There are about 6 more buildings and storage tanks on the next rock above your hand-drawn poly also. :smiley:


Remember that Russian station with the CCCP on the roof of the second of four building buildings? Here it is with a good snow cover.


Oh yes…and the round bins on the island to the left !


Here’s another fancy letter “T”.


An alien spaceman. :grinning:


This is how the seals have been keeping warm. They have a sauna! (This is to the left and below the poly. Follow the rippled snow (looks good for a keeper, @EmeraldEyes) to the left and down. The “sauna” and “greenery” is just past the ice cliff.)

It’s so busy there are seals waiting to get in! :grinning:


Now we know! Seals have a written language and use emojis! I found a love letter written on the ice. And wait until you see the emoji at the end! (Zoom out to -1 and head straight up the map to the slightly darker blue area with the wavy lines. The “writing” is etched in the ice, looking like a squared off graph. It actually starts past the upper left corner of this screen shot. It has a nice emoji at the end which is the bottom right.)

Okay… I zoomed in at the end of the message to show the emoji better (for those whose eyes are getting tired). :wink:


That second to last symbols looks suspiciously like a cat to me…I’m wondering if they might be trying to contact @cageycat :thinking: Hope she’s not been getting into trouble down there, tearing up the place at their rave parties :rofl:


When I looked at it, I was thinking of an owl. My 4-year old granddaughter is big time into owls. Sometimes I can see their silhouettes when I close my eyes. It’s that bad! :smirk_cat: