2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


I know someone asked how the seals can climb to some of the higher places. Now I know. I found a “seal elevator” that is just starting down to bring up some seals. :grinning: (upper right hand corner of the poly)


So that’s how they do it :smiley:


Yes, and they’re quite musical also! I found one of their ice harps. (inside middle left side of poly)


If anyone is interested in “frozen fractals” for wallpaper, this map is loaded with many different sizes, hues of blue from very light blue to dark blue. Ice sizes range from small to fairly large, tightly packed and loosely packed. Something for every taste! :wink: (Start at the poly and head up - after zooming out some. It’s also a tall map.)

I also found a “balancing rock” - like we have in the mid-west here. :grinning: (Follow the bottom line of the poly left to the rock.)

And these types of ice blocks always reminded me of something I couldn’t put my finger on - until now. It’s peanut brittle! :yum: (just to the left of the poly)


Stop putting temptation in my way Jim :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . . . :wink:
I’ve just checked my Antarctica folder and I’ve got 555 images of frozen Antarctica alone so I’m trying to resist here. It becomes too distracting…and I can be all too easily distracted as it is when I’m down there :upside_down_face:
I’m just about to reach 23K…doubt I’ll manage 24k over the weekend…specially on Mother’s Day 'cos the family will have something special planned for me :roll_eyes: :blush:
I’d just feel so guilty if I asked if I could be left alone to do my nodding for the whole day as their Mother’s day gift to me embarrassed3
I’m such an ingratiate aren’t I :blush:


Is that all? :grinning: I have more on my laptop - if I can ever get it fixed with all the money we’ve had to lay out since Christmas (property taxes, sewer bill, furnace repairs and our car - twice!). Using my son’s laptop and a having a portable version of my multi-clipboard on it, I’ve managed to save a few more, but with the time constraints I’ve been severely limiting myself to saving more. I’ve only managed to save about 15, but I’m slowly working on it. :wink: I’ve also been splitting my time between the seals campaign and Hurricane Maria - last I checked it was on 45% complete, so I spent a couple of hours on it before retiring for the night.
So Mothers Day in the UK is this weekend? Happy Mothers Day! My wife will have to wait until May for her Mothers Day. Maybe I can save up enough until then… oh wait, Olivia’s birthday is in 10 days. :heart_eyes:


@cageycat I found you - all covered in snow! :smiley_cat: (to the left of the top left corner of poly)


Yeh, that’s all :unamused::smile: I have to be really disciplined with my exploring with the time limited time I have on here. It’s great for taking breaks when necessary but it can really cut in to time limits if I let it :grimacing: :wink:


Looks like someone’s been practice their ice skating here :smile:



image Oi…wake up, you nodders…
…we’re not getting any younger down here waiting on you.

I’m bored . . . image . . . :unamused:

Quick…hide…image…they’ll never find us in here :smirk:

image . . . right, that’s it . . . I’m outta here :unamused:
image Ooh look…I spy an eye in the sky image
…and I think they’re they are looking for me :crazy_face:
image . . . I can’t see nuffin :dizzy_face:


I found an ice volcano with a waddel of seals huddled round it keeping warm :rofl:

(http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/373139) top left of the poly.


All I found was an “ice pig!” Okay… it’s got real short stubby legs - to keep from losing body heat? :thinking::wink:
(It’s near the upper left corner of the map.)


Antarctic Blue Magpie
image http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/155025


I came across a short video (less than 2 minutes) of scientists talking about the bacteria they’ve found alive and very active in the Antarctic snow. Pretty interesting how they isolate and examine the bacteria. So these little things can live both in extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Makes me feel like a wuss!


Jim, it’s a Poodle! Got all sheared for a showing. See the doggie smile?


@EmeraldEyes, you may want to check this out for possibly saving. I thought it was real nice looking, but using my son’s laptop and Google Chrome, I don’t know how to clip all the extra “junk” to just get the center part of the window. Sigh…


I know, I know, I got it last night, I love it :smiley: Took loads of pics this way’n’that and had the same struggles as you. I did try leaving the boxes in and editing them out on photoshop, but I’m not that good with it, seems a bit fiddly to me :unamused: Thanks for thinking of me :grin:


Giant Antarctic Mosquito :sweat_smile:


What’s that tropical bird with the long flowing tail? A quetzal? The male’s tail feathers can be up to a meter long! :smiley:


Oh yes, they’re beautiful :smiley:
image image