2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


Antarctic ice cycles. Two sets of them. (Zoom out to -2, move the poly to the left, just into the “directions box.” Follow the line of snow-covered rocks down to the center of the screen. There is a large, dark blue rock with a black shadow along its left side. Zoom in to +1 and you’ll see the ice cycles hanging off the snow along the top of the rock. There is also a second batch of ice cycles just above and to the right of this rock hanging off the snow. As an side note, there is a very long, large silvery-gray rock that looks like it has been polished and is reflecting light along its top and right side. This is just down and to the right of the poly. :thinking:


I’m running behind here, but I’ll send you a PM as to how… and one to Jim…
I’m checking my facts, but they should be close… it’s just been a while for the primitive method… meanwhile start by zooming in one level… to -2 and you can get what you might want… I think… Later I’ll try it out… right now I’m huffing and puffing.


I miss my Firefox with the FireShot Pro screen shot app I had for it. I had set up the default to “grab and edit.” When I clicked on it, it would take the screen shot, open the editor, and I could make whatever size box I wanted to keep. I could also make annotations to it, draw on it, etc… Let me save the finished screen shot as a JPEG, PNG, PDF or a couple of other file formats. Oh how I really miss that! I can’t wait until I get my laptop back! (Worried because I haven’t heard anything about it yet.)


Here’s a research station that is really sprawled out. The station is to the left of the bottom of the poly. It is a pretty big station, but sprawled out on two separate rock formations with some storage facilities and radio station separated from them (down and left). From the station, if you follow the vehicle tracks down and to the left (diagonally), they lead to a drilling operation - a line of drills just on the sea ice sheet. (Zooming in to +1 helps to follow the vehicle tracks.)
Here it is zoomed out - from the station at the upper right down to the drilling site on the ice above and to the left of the scale.



Here’s another one Jim http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2284/question/99261

The poly lands in the black abyss at the bottom of the map so zoom out and up.


Hey, somebody dropped their self portraite :laughing: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2284/question/37808
Oh, and it’s waaay up in the top right of the very long map :wink:


Red Skelton abstract. :wink:


I always loved that man. Always had me in stitches! :rofl:


The beginning and around 7:10 is why seals are SO hard to find!

Interesting images!


I think maybe the plane flew too close to their nests? Or maybe these are all male birds and they think the plane is one big mama! :rofl:


Did you watch at 7 mins through 7:10? and right at beginning for the seal lift?


I’ve seen a few clips now of seals riding whales and a seal climbing onto a boat to escape sharks :smiley:

But that one of the pigeon racing, I presume, has me wondering if that is what I saw flying over our house one day a few summers ago. couldn’t actually make out what type of birds they but there were millions of them, and just when you thought that was it,. another flock came over :open_mouth:


The seal on the boat was inside the net they pulled up. :smiley: Food AND Rescue-- how smart!


Someone, quick! Fish out my cotton candy before it dissolves! :smile: No,seriously… it’s an iceberg.


My granddaughters and I watched the entire video. They really liked the seal riding the whale. :smile:


Reminds me of the Stena Seacat with it’s stern and pointy bow :slight_smile:
though I doubt you’d sea one of them doing 36 knots (41mph) through the waters of Antarctica :grimacing: :fearful:


(Being “serious”)

Here’s a pretty one from the blue water set.


Another of the “Boat” series.


Loch Nessie and Lock Nessir


Pretty lacy ice area