2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


Thank you…now I see it…you are right, Google Earth does have better pictures!!!


Good sleuthing work @EmeraldEyes! DDU is home to one of the longest studies on emperor penguins in the world :slight_smile:


It’s that island that’s shaped like an electric guitar which gives it away :wink: :smile:


Whale fin on the right of map :smiley:


Here we are again. It was your description @EmeraldEyes of the “electric guitar shaped island” that pointed it out right away :smile:


First reaction: Guitar? Been seeing too much ice?? lol :wink:

Second reaction: Maybe they mean an “air guitar”… one that isn’t really there??

I’ll take your word for it…


Yeh…it looks like one to me…



Ah! Now I :eyes: see it!
The lyrics don’t fit… but the strumming is nice!


That would be an excellent title of a song! :rofl:


Okay… Here’s the song. And it only took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to write! :laughing:


[Sung to the melody of “Turkey in the Straw” or “Do Your Ears Hang Low.”]

Oh the lyrics don’t fit, but the strumming is nice,
As we nod for Weddell Seals out on the white Antarctic ice;
Everyone gets their eyes strained… that is surely guaranteed,
But look! I just found a seal dressed in Antarctic tweed!

Staring at satellite photos from our friends at Digital Globe,
We are thankful that on the ice sheet there’s not a very bright white strobe;
We find interesting sites and imaginary ones too,
So we give made up explanations - that’s 'bout all that we can do.

For all the strange things that we think we see the sheet ice shows to us,
There’s a cat, a dog, a bird, even a double-decker bus!
Guess most nodders aren’t that young, but we’re really not that old,
So we’re not always strict about interpretations we hold.

If it wasn’t for the forum where we all come in to talk,
Our spouses would probably tell us all to go take a very long walk;
And we’d finish each campaign in record time that I am sure,
As for nodding the doctor told me, “sorry, there’s no cure!”

If I hadn’t spent an hour writing something nuts like this,
And I’d spent that time completing tiles while in a joyful bliss;
Then without hestitation I can definitely tell you this,
We’d finish this campaign before the seals stand up and walk!


WOW! How very nice, Jim.

purrr- :heart_eyes_cat: -fect


Thank you. (Taking a slight bow.) :slightly_smiling_face:


We need a Poetry Badge. :fleur_de_lis:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: laugh%20rofl3


@Cagey is going to have to create a new topic as this is getting carried away as off-topic, but here’s one more entry. :wink:

“Smart Nodders”

Whomever said that nodders weren’t smart,
Have no idea that nodding’s an art;
Where else can one see what’s really not there,
And everyone else will say that they swear;
They also see what others suggest,
Especially when nodding for hours without rest!

Moving from tile to tile,
Some are quick, but some take a while;
At the end of the day, before ending their session,
Nodders check for new posts, but not for a lesson;
They check new posts for hearts to give out,
But after giving so many, they soon have run out.

By waiting a day their hearts will renew,
When these are gone, they use emojis too;
Nodders find ways to earn forum badges to,
But when they’ve got all, they want new ones too!
They scream and they yell to the forum admin,
Please, just one more, it’s not such a sin.

After much prodding the admin will give in,
And create a new badge for nodders to win;
To earn by posting or whatever’s required,
And each night when nodders have retired;
To dream about badges, that new one to hold,
Hoping to get it before they grow old.


sheer genius,Jim7. We all knew you were talented, but this poetry ability has really shown forth.


I agree @Beverly1… I have trouble with two lines rhyming!!! Way to go @Jim7!


clapping-hands-above-head-smiley-emoticon:laughing: clapinghands%50more%50more50%150more


I was scrolling up through the posts a few days ago and stopped at one of mine and thought…why did I think that looked like a sitting duck confused6 :laughing:


I think that comes from having nuns as English teachers. They always seemed to want everyone to write poetry - and then stand up and read it before the class. Maybe that is why I can always make up songs to sing my grandchildren to sleep… and change rhyming words in story books - only to have the girls tell me, “Grandpa! That’s how the story goes!” But hey, at least it rhymed! :laughing: