2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


The majority! :crazy_face:


Here’s 3 things from the same map,
Zoom out to find them all - and more!
A striped blanket of snow.

After @Cageycat tore up the place! :scream_cat:

Black stripes and more. (Look around… there’s some interesting features all around.)


hey! I was taking a bath! See my black fur?!

Rub a Dub Ice bath is better than this torture!!


( http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/389749 )



Steven, I put your link on a separate line (using the “add link” button above (double chain links) so just the link appears, and I took the liberty of making a screen shot of the buildings. :wink:


This is an oddity… near all the snow swept “islands” in the ice, here’s a lone brown “island.” (This is at the top of the map.)

And a “Pinocchio” emoji with his hair being blown from back to front.


Oh thank you very much, haha


Here’s a “hand shadow” of a skinny dog’s head. (We used to make them on the walls when we were kids.:smile:) (It’s above and to the left of the poly. Got up to the top of the big rectangular block that has the blue stripes running through the center, turn left and straight ahead to the last of the ice blocks in that group.)


The is my our current tree; my sister says it reminds her of W.C.Fields :rofl:
And the picture in the background is of my daughter on her first birthday; she’s now 14. (And don’t worry for mistaking her for a boy, its an easy enough mistake to make in babies, particularly when its in black and white without any other identifying indicators :smile: ) Our friend was highlighting her blue eyes by leaving them in colour whilst the rest of the pic is black and white :smile:


Actually Jim, they’re not blue:smiley: They;re actually a combinaton of white and warm white :laughing: The blue is just how they’ve shown up in the photo :laughing:


Sometimes “yourself” is the best person to talk to, and you’ll always win in an argument with yourself :rofl:
I do it all the time…my hubby just says “I can hear you thinking again” :rofl:


The poor cat…why :open_mouth: Only time I’ve bathed a cat is when they’ve got covered in muck :roll_eyes: Otherwise you’re just stripping their coats of essential protective oils :smirk:


I don’t know about that… I think there was a few times I came out with the short end of the stick. My “other” self won. :wink:



A lake???


Yes, a melt lake. You’ll find many of these - of all sizes, shapes and colors - in the mountainous areas you search. I came across one where you could see that it had filled up, overflowed and ran down the side of the mountain, cutting a path through the ice, and then forming a secondary but smaller lake farther down. Sometimes the melt lakes are right on the ice sheets, eventually find a path through the ice and drain through it. The ice that was sitting on top of the water drops down, cracks and makes some interesting geometric designs. And everyone thought Antarctica was just a blah frozen whiteness. :wink:


There is something not right about that cat bath. The cat is growling but he is not moving to get out of the situation. Too much xanax??
Cats do a good job of keeping themselves groomed. And no need to clean the brush - hairballs!


Vote count update!! @Michelle4 is up to 2,369 votes - taking advantage of that holiday down-time!

Thank you all volunteers — gorgeous pictures posted here.


Here’s a man’s face in the ice. (The top of the poly border the bottom of the screenshot.)
Just noticed after I posted this that there is a face of an “alien” just above the man’s left temple.
Tomnod_Antarctica_man's face_2


The alien is kissing a blowfish.


Antarctic Bunny tripped in the snow…or it just taking a nap :thinking:


I wonder how many of these images will we forget and find ourselves posting them again in the next stage of the campaign :thinking::smile: