2017-2018 Weddel Seals - Mawson & Davis Adare Seas - POI and Fun Finds


Hahaha I love looking through these! @EmeraldEyes that little chick is amazing!


Wonder who’s disturbed this ghost



:smiley: Hey @Michelle4 I found an Elephant seal . . . diving into some frozen sushi :fish_cake::blowfish::tropical_fish:

image :rofl:


It turned blue from the cold. (Okay… bluish-green or is that greenish-blue?) :thinking:


Hey, I’ve just reached the link to this poly of the penguins heading to the Party in the Park rave :smile:
Why do I feel this sense of Déjà vu here confused6


A frozen catamaran towing a dingy . . . oops I think the tow rope snapped :sweat_smile:


love the details on the top side of the ship. cool.find,EM


Sleeping Alien…


Nobody here but us ghosties…


This ghost bird is from the same map, over to the right

In fact, this whole map strip reminds me of ink blots . . . Emeralds ink blots :smile:


image :thinking:


Nice bird… I see it bit faded… probably my eyes…

As for the ghostie… I want to recall several from film and video…

The final altar scenes of IJ: Raiders of the Lost Ark, some of those were similar…

There were others of course… however I’m voting for the one from Experiment Number 2x music video by Kate Bush… I never can remember the number but I’ll fix that in a minute or two. I tend to get distracted by Kate in her early period…

Ah NOW I remember… 2x Didn’t write it as superscript… like 2 squared… which is 4 IV in Roman… I rememberd the bits but not the why… but I got it was two numerals in length… I need more sleep. and food… less beer.

You can see it at Experiment Number IV
closer to the end, but everybody knows this one right? I hear she is back at it again… just slower… and better.


You’re right, the ghost actually reminded me of the Lost Ark movie :smiley: I vaguely remember that Kate Bush video, I don’t think it did as well as her songs prior. that single was released in 1986, I do recognise the actors in it. Yes she make a come back or was that “another” comeback…I don’t know that she ever really went :smiley: she received a CBE from the Queen in 2013.


I like Experiment IV (still correcting) and it tells a good tale.

My favourite though is Cloud Busting… somehow they got no less than Donald Sutherland to play the father…

By the way… I saw the next image as well and your ‘thinking’ emoticon
I was reminded of a picnic dinner I was at… had an improvised table with a plastic sheet… the legs on one end gave way after the main course was placed on it… Table landed on the lap of one guy… and the recently placed large bowl of spaghetti with meatballs and sauce slid into his lap… at least towards it, I believe he caught it… but that was my memory… hot, steaming and sliding down the plastic covered board that fell into his lap… pretty close to the image.


Oooh good save there…:sweat_smile: :grimacing:


I must have missed this one… speaking of blots… Did you ever watch Blott, on the Landscape… took some getting used to… but then. Loved the voice band.


I don’t remember ever seeing it but after looking it up online, I do recognise it :thinking:

Think I was too busy living it up down in London back then :laughing:


nah nah, they did’nt go that way…
. . . all I found was this sad little donkey SadLittleDonkey :slightly_frowning_face:

But this Unicorn found a couple…

… just not where we want them to be :unamused:


Don’t you just wish that at times we could “stretch” the poly just a little? :rofl:


Found a Snow Fox curled up taking a nap :sleeping:


And here’s the Snow Fox again…awakening up :smiley:
image…think I’ve disturbed it’s nap :sweat_smile:
Just left of the poly (http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/88137)