2017 Antarctica Weddell Seals - Black Rock, Physics, interests & future career


:open_mouth:So that’s where Viennetta Icecream cake comes from :yum:

Shark fin in Antarctica

Perhaps part of Black Rock Island? No, not the dessert, the rock.


I was at the computer tagging on one of the dark maps last week. I overheard my son discussing physics with a friend on the phone after their final exam which was GCSE Physics. I heard my son saying he preferred Astronomy/Astrophysics and that he found it far more fascinating than anything here on earth!

He then came wandering by me, saw my screen and asked what I was looking at. My immediate thought was that he thinks I’m looking at maps of Mars or something; on taking a closer look over my shoulder he says “oh cool, a glacier can you send me a screen print of that, it’s so cool” :smile:

Hmph and he was only just saying outer space was far more interesting than anything we had on earth :astonished:

Think I’m finally starting to realise where his calling lies…computer coding + astrophysics = :thinking: Think I’d better start checking out which universities cover both :grin:


USA, maybe
U of Michigan at Ann Arbor

They have GIS.


errr…all the way out there :astonished: …I’d never see him again


Nah I was thinking more along the lines of Keele University in Staffordshire…UK…something a bit closer to home :wink:

Actually Cagey, after speaking with him the other night I doubt I’d manage to persuade him anyway, he has his heart and mind set on computer science/technology/coding and that sort of thing :grinning: Not surprising really when I think of how he was even as a toddler with anything digital, electrical, technical and how it all works. Oh and a ruined stereo system, radio/cd player, camera and mobile phone to name but a few;
I really should know which direction he really wants to go in already, shouldn’t I :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Uh, I hoped you wouldn’t notice that distance! See, I figured mom would follow son for visits… and you can swing by to see Jim and me and anyone else in the Great Lakes region or northeastern USA. :wink:

I was reading something the other day that research shows that parents should take kids to museums to indirectly help the kids figure out their interests. However, I believe in finding informal mentors for kids, mentors from a wide.range of topics. I was able to entice people to ‘befriend’’ her as a youngster. Mentors stuck around for months to years.


Now that sounds like a plan :smiley: You never know cagey, it’s early days yet :wink:

We’ve taken them to so many museums over the years the kids are sick of them :laughing: But to be honest, he has such a eclectic range of interests from computer games to astronomy to politics and he has all the academic abilities and qualifications to back him in his chosen direction. And just from the large number of aunts and uncles he’s got there certainly no lack of mentors :stuck_out_tongue: Ah anyway, he has 2 years of college now before uni and I university is going to be his biggest influence for which direction he wants to go in and can make the switch there if wants to. And even longer after a person leaves education, they can still switch directions anyway. I myself left the clothing trade to join Ship Classification, who would have thought :crazy_face:

Good lord, I just realised we can’t even remain on topic in the fun finds :laughing:


LOL, you just like seeing a cat do splits. ;-D


:cat: (Still protest these orange cats! No cat is pure orange; or brown!)


No one can! Maybe we should have a topic “Anything and Everything” for all of us “off-topic,” “stray off topic,” and “what topic?” people. Or maybe even a topic titled “What Topic?” :crazy_face:


You’d think they’d have a little white mixed in with the orange. :smirk_cat:


I realised where I’ve seen these emots before, there used on facebook :grinning: I’ve never seen a set that have anything I actually want to use though. I struggle as much with these as I did with the previous ones, that’s when I have to resort to my own collection :smirk:


Ask him what planet this is on… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He said Neptune :laughing:

His argument is that I asked him what “planet”! If I’d asked him “where in the world…” he says he would have said Antarctica . . . . only because he knows the campaign we’re on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do they have moles in Antarctica? Looks like “snow mole tracks” to me! :rofl:


Albino moles :laughing:


I knew it! I just knew it! :smile:


I just remembered cagey, maybe you need to gone Discourse to voice your protest; wouldn’t they be the ones responsible for changing the Emoji’s?


uhm no. It’d be @tomnodryan or @Jon_Saints or @HappyMapper or somebody @Tomnod who needs to change the Forum emojis back to the black cat set. Discourse owners said the setting is somewhere under Admin tools.

All we can do is say pretty please, to Tomnod staff, to change it back since Discourse changed the default emojis to the brown and orange cats. :-x Wanna sign the petition to have them changed back? LOL


Maybe they could add the old ones to the new ones cagey :smiley:


That would be nice… The raised eyebrow runs in my family. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: