2017 Celebrating New Year's Eve and 2018 New Year's Day


In whatever country you’re in… in whatever time zone you share…have a safe New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year’s Day
Lots of us are behind… be safe while catching up to the rest of the world!!

It’s still bitterly cold in NE and Midwest USA with below zero temps, and there’s lake effect blowing snow… From Texas to Florida, forecasters predict a drop below freezing (below 32F). For folks across the world, southern US is typically 80F through the winter. Florida has large orange groves… as well as Big Cat sanctuaries … along with millions of older folks. None of those like cold temps.

In NE US, I’m staying home to swat the ball as it drops on TV.

Note: If you reply to this thread, you get an Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge! Yay! Yip! This one does not appear in your Forum badge list, but remains in your heart. Not everyone will get this badge, so HURRY! Time officially ends at 11:59PM Eastern time… or whenever you get here New Year’s Day. :smiley:

Anyone who brings :fish: .:fish: :fish: .:fish: .can try to bribe me anytime this week-- entry fee for bribing is 2 fish, plus a 2 fish “donation” for the Cageycat Famished Fund. :blush: Anyone who brings 10 :fish: is automatically given the badge – this week only! Don’t everyone rush now—I’ll wait. lol


I always like to include Dr Walter Scott in our celebrations. Without his smarts, none of us would be involved here…

For our folks at Tomnod and DigitalGlobe, who are devoted to

For DG’s partnerships…

For all the polys we voted, and the tags we dropped…

To Dr @Michelle4 and her researchers, and her tiny blob seals as seen on sat images…

Don’t let Weddells fool you with their cuteness; they are still hard to spot!
May we always have this ability to see from on high…

Happy New Year to the celebrities among us, Server Johnny and all of the WV Family, and all the human-handlers who keep them operating and whirring. P.S. Please don’t task the satellites after getting in from a party. WV3 and WV4 cannot hold their liquor.


Happy new year to all of my fellow Nodders wherever you are in the world! :fireworks: :sparkler:

Not forgetting :fish: x10 for @cageycat…!



Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:

Thank you for the x10 :fish: That is some “consensus”, huh? LOL

In return, some :fish_cake: and :tomato: for you. :tropical_drink:


To all my fellow nodders and Tomnod crew…wishing you all a very giffy new year :wink: :laughing:


Be right there . . . won’t be long :wink:

I’m on my way . . . be there soon Zzz



Happy New Year to everyone! :fish::tropical_fish::fish_cake::fish:


oooooOOOOOoooooo @EmeraldEyes brought enough fish to feed a hoard of cats!

And Samantha brought home made :fish_cake: !!

Yes, indeed, I can be bribed! Oops gobbling fish…

Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:



You’all liked :heart: but left no stash of edibles … hmmm… Would you like a badge anyway? Anyone else want one?


Been sick, sorry :frowning:️-----


Awwww… :tea: :pill: :pill: :pill:

I doubt smelling fish is high on your priority list.

Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:


Happy New Year to all! Hope those of us who are under the weather feel better soon and those of us who are suffering from the weather stay warm. Subzero windchill temps on Long Island. Could be worse - I used to live in Buffalo where they had a blizzard today. Brrrr! Oh, and lots of fish for all deserving cats. :fish::tropical_fish::fish::tropical_fish::fish::tropical_fish::fish::tropical_fish::fish::tropical_fish::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:


@Wilms I knew you’d come through for me!!

Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:


I’ve had my stash moved to a new location that has a drop slot for large packages— or lots of fish! So anyone who wants to drop off in person can come by anytime. I might not be there, though, if it’s sunny and I’m out floating on clouds to get away from the teeth ch-ch-chatt-er-ing c-c-c-ccold.


Aww thank you, cageycat! :grin:


Sorry for the lateness of reply and wishing one and all a very good and happy new year. fishy will these do to tide you over, Cagey?



Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:

OoooOOOOooooo – fish!

hey, no fair!!


HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR Nodders! Here’s a party fish for the collection.



Well hey there! We thought you eloped with Santa Clause or went to count seal noses in person.
Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:


I think she was with Santa Claus. Notice she didn’t didn’t post here until yesterday! Was she trying to worm her way into his “good” side for a couple extra presents? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The north pole was just too far from the south pole for my messages to go through!!