2017 Celebrating New Year's Eve and 2018 New Year's Day


oohhhh, i’m sorry… hollydays without wifi :sweat_smile: but i’m here now… send you something late i know but with some hot from this very hot summer of this far south.
hope you understand… you know my english is very poor.

and HAPPY NEW YEAR for all


:heart_eyes: sooo cute :heart_eyes: I looooove the kitty :heart_eyes: :laughing:



Thank you for the fish-- and the iPad. lol lots of pre-loaded games! Chase The Fish. Butterfly Swipes. Flies Tickle My Paws. Just to name a few.

Yay! You’ve been awarded the :heart_decoration: Honorary Year’s End Imagined Badge :heart_decoration:


Oooh @lucy you’re never late with a cute picture like that!