2017 (Dec 2016) to end of May - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


New thread for 2017 - enjoy! (Let me know if I missed any other important general threads.)

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deathly ill for last 5 days. Some type of intestinal bug. still pretty wobbly. It would make me feel better if it had been New Year’s celebration in the Catnip Lounge. I could understand that. But this stuff was just plain nasty. Are you better yet, Cagey? I probably fell ill just a day behind you. . Had to miss my sister’s prize-winning home made eggnog. I can drink the entire punch bowl by myself, it is soo good. AnyHoo, Happy New year to all!


Oh my Bev! I was sooooo ill. It started out as respiratory, just before Christmas. Fevers-- as evidenced by being drenched multiple times a day… then chilled to me bones and shivering. Too weak to fix my fur so I laid limply drenched for most of a week.

“Feed a fever; starve a cold”-- my body must have known what it was because I ate nothing for nearly 7 days. Did try pushing electrolyte water so I wouldn’t get dehydrated. But… electrolyte water without food triggers the intestines— almost passed out from that! Whew. Started eating ONLY to avoid a repeat of it. Was wobbly about a week.

Uh, not wanting to jinx myself but… I stopped a habit too. Hasn’t been too bad considering I could not breathe with being sick. Very few cravings. Just keep saying, “You don’t want that”. Overall, getting sick was a blessing cos it made stopping easier. Two weeks…hoping for another 2…

I will say, everything smells & tastes terrible since I got sick. Esp meat and meat gravy—yikes-yuck! Only thing that smells good is me catnip. :cat: :christmas_tree:


Freezing in Bolton

Been such a mild winter this year I almost forgot how to clear the frost off my windscreen when I was going to pick up my hubby tonight


Hmmm… I always thought it was “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” This would indicate you would starve the fever (fire) of fuel. As for the cold, one still needs nourishment - like a nice hot cup or bowl of soup. :heart_eyes: I could be wrong seeing how this phrase gets switched around so much. :confused:


Okay, we know what that one was. :grinning: One of my younger brothers instantly stopped that habit when he… Oh! I better leave this for one of my “stories!” :wink: Regardless, you’ll save a ton of money.


Breathe heavily on windscreen, then rub with elbow - repeat as necessary. :laughing:


hehe, yes, for humans :wink:

Actually, I was sssssooooooo sick, my highest priority was just keeping electrolytes up. I end up in the E.R. from lactic acidosis, so drinking lytes was top on my list. I was too weak to make it to the kitchen and too sick to eat.

The habit isn’t costing me $$ so I have to think of other incentives. I am tempted…but just a little. So far, “you don’t need it” is working. Even stress isn’t too bad. I think cats lick their paws more though. LOL Found myself putting my finger against my lips–like saying “shhh”. So… shhh!


Ok, vote time… who’s cold? Who has extra thick coats? Who has muffs and extra hats? Below zero here…brrrrrrrrrrrr…

I hope all the cats & dogs who live outside found somewhere to keep warm.


Well, I’m freezing here outside of San Antonio. This brand new metal hip is raising all kinds of bloody hel* right now. My 2 pooches are huddled together on a blanket that I gave them last night. Current outside temperature is 32 degrees with a slight breeze. Not sure what wind chill is. It was in the upper 60’s here yesterday, Go figure.


It changed from below zero… to 60 degrees!! Heavy rains though… 3" an hour. Been so dark that it’s looked like dusk all day.


Pretty much the same here! :confused: After many days of 20-22 degrees F, overnight lows of 4 to 9 degrees F, yesterday and today saw daytime highs of 50-52 F! Of course it has been overcast the past several nights - the moon barely shining through the clouds, 2 or 3 stars for a minute or so - and rain. Two nights ago instead of rain we had ice pellets which coated everything by the morning commute. A few hill-town schools were delayed until the salt trucks got out.
Right now we’re receiving a steady light rain/drizzle. All day long it’s been periods of the same. At noon it was dark enough for everyone’s motion lights to turn on whenever the breeze was strong enough to get tree limbs swaying. (But I enjoyed the wind chimes all day! :relaxed:)
Heading out shortly. Be back on Tomnod some time after 10PM. :slight_smile:


@AKE235 there’s a song toward the end just for you. And all of us over 30, er I mean over 40… (cough cough, ahem) over 50— okay, okay, over 60— should enjoy these selections!

> Tim Hawkins- Old Rock Star Songs

I hear the lines as if yesterday:
“Kewl. Wanna toke?”
“Zip it–the man will get ya!”

Enjoy the old-new songs!


Who,US?? Personally “Cherokee Nation” was one of my favorites.


Here it is 11:45pm central and it’s 73 degrees. High today was 79 degrees. A week ago it was 32 degrees and colder than a well diggers behind. Good thing I didn’t pack away the shorts, tees and sandals.

Hey, I’m still a puppy. I don’t know anything about roach clips and all them other paraphernalia and stuff. Besides, I never inhaled!

I’ll be 65 in May. Like I said, still a puppy albeit with a metal hip.

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73 at 11:45PM? That’s like our July/August weather here! Last night at that time it was 48F/8,8C here. This was a welcome warmth. The past 2 days actually reached 50 degrees F/ 10C. But from the 5th to the 11th, our highs were only in the lower 20s with 2 days shooting up to 32F/0C and 35F/1,1C. Night temperatures back then had dropped down to 4F/-15,5C to 11F/-11,6C. The past 4 days we’ve had high winds with very strong, howling gusts. An active wind advisory was issued for the past 2-1/2 days/nights. Sustained winds were 25 mph/40,2 kmph with gusts to 50+ mph/80 kmph. We’ve been picking up tree branches both at our son’s house and here. The winds have also kept most of the birds “treed” since it was too dangerous for them to be flying around in these gusts. Only when there was a lull in the gusts did some venture around to forage for food. I actually watched one junco get blown off its feet as it was on the ground. I think the wind lifted it, pushed it and suddenly died out. It was almost comical - for a split-second.
Oh, almost forgot… Our high today was 36.3F/2,3C and the winds are howling right now! I think I’m going to wait until Monday to replace the oil pump in our car. It decided to die out around 6PM last night! :angry:



Interesting reading:


So cool! Thanks for finding that! Still have their 45 rpm single of that song. Probably an antique by now,along with my old Crosby radio. So glad we got these windows replaced-the last few days are very similar to Jim7’s weather and the howling winds and sleet have been the pits. We have been a toasty 72 deg. Yipee!


21 Jan: Yeah! The sun finally popped out at 10:15 this morning - first time in 5 days! We’ve had clouds, clouds and more clouds, day and night. It’s been so overcast it looked like twilight 24/7. And then fog for 2 days and 3 nights. And for dessert, rain, freezing rain and drizzle were impolitely thrust onto our laps. The girls got a day off from school because of the freezing rain and ice pellets that covered the roads during the course of one night. By 10:00AM the roads were safe to travel again, but there were still a few cold spots where the black ice seeked to cause accidents.

Bev, I had a nice collection of 45s, 33-1/3s and the old 78 rpm albums. A few years ago, my daughter and wife decided to clean out the basement and guess where my boxes of neatly cataloged records went before I got home? Taken to the dump! I had some 78s of Guy Lombardo, Dinah Shore and her Seashore Boys, Xavior Cuggot, Bing Crosby and many more. My personal favorite was the “She’s Too Fat” polka. I did replace one album at the cost of US$70.00, but then decided that I wasn’t going to spend US$50,000 replacing the rest (of those that still could be replaced). Even my old 78 record player was tossed! But, at least they didn’t toss my old “suitcase radio!” It was covered in canvas and even had an antenna with suction cups to attach to the inside of train or airplane windows. That’s my pride and joy. :heart_eyes:

Grandma (my wife) just too the girls out to visit our daughter, her cats and guinea pigs. The oldest one asked if “Happy” (dog) was going to be there. Grandma reminded her that Happy was in “doggie heaven,” and she said, “that’s right. I miss her - but not her jumping up on me.” :slight_smile:

We’ll be enjoying this sun while we can as it will be clouding up again on Sunday evening. They’re forecasting snow from Monday afternoon into late Tuesday morning. Hopefully the sun will show up again by next Wednesday.

After a week of below freezing temperatures, then a week of just above freezing temps, it’s finally going to reach about 52F/11C today!

Oh, and when we had those howling winds a short while back, a fairly old oak tree that stood on the opposite bank of the stream behind my son’s property began listing dangerously. It always had a lean of about 10 degrees, but by the time the winds stopped and we checked it, it was leaning over farther and was pushing on 2 smaller maples, causing them to lean slightly. The oak’s roots had been getting exposed and undermined from several flash floods last summer and it was finally succumbing to the forces of nature. Each time there was a breeze we could hear a root pop, watch a branch break off that had been pressing against a maple tree, and even see it bowing up and down as it roots tried desperately to hold it up. Finally, we had to cross the stream and cut it down. On the bright side of this, the squirrels have a bridge to get across the stream with - until we get down there to cut it up. I was really sad to see that tree on the ground. It had stood over 70 feet/21.3m high and was approximately 30 inches/76cm in diameter. I told the girls, “No more acorns for the squirrels from that tree.” The 4-year old was disappointed as each year she and I would collect the nuts along the bank.