2017 (Dec 2016) to end of May - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Say Jim,
Your '78rpm of ‘She’s Too Fat Polka’. Which artist? Archie Bleyer and His Orchestra with Arthur Godfrey from 1947 or by Two Ton Baker (No pun, intended) from 1978? - curious

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Arthur Godfrey, and I used to sing that for days after each time I played it. (Used to drive all of my brothers and sister nuts!)
Another 78 rpm record album we grew up listening to was Bozo Under the Sea (Bozo the Clown). When I was probably 6 or 7 years old my favorite song was when the octopus sang. The illustrated book that came with the record album was beautifully illustrated. You didn’t turn the page until you heard the “bubbles” escape from Bozo’s deep sea helmet. My baby sister has this album… Okay, she’s 53(?) now. Every one of us 11 siblings grew up with that album.
And speaking of everyone of us growing with with the same thing/person, every one of us was taught in one grade or another by the same teacher. I had her for Latin. I could actually read stories in Latin. :smirk:


Just think guys, in my lifetime we went from not having electricity to computers linked around the world. My Dad worked our farm with horses and now they have tractors that run on their own. We had no telephones and now they can talk to a satellite on the border beyond our solar system. I think I’ll go hide in my cubby hole for awhile and contemplate the universe.


Do hide too long! People may have moved to Mars by the time you peak back out! :laughing:


After nearly a week of being overcast, we had a half day of sun, then back to being overcast for a few more days. I actually got to see 13 stars and the moon for about 6 seconds - one night only! Just after dinner last night it began to sleet. A few times it came down so hard, and the ice pellets large enough, that it actually hurt if you stood out there. Even the dogs, all seven times they asked to go out, only made it as far as the doorway from the screen room to the deck. I guess they decided they could hold it for a while longer. :neutral_face: The sleet didn’t let up until around 4:00 AM this morning, changing to a light snow until around 5:00 AM when that finally stopped. Altogether we received 2.75 inches/6.9cm of sleet with .0.25 inches/0.6cm of snow on top of that. It was mostly calm as this mess came down. Now the wind is blowing and it’s just above freezing - 36.1F/2.2C. I’ll have to clean off the vehicles while it’s above freezing so all the doors and windows don’t get frozen shut. As my mother used to say, “There’s no rest for the wicked.” :smiling_imp:
UPDATE: 7:50 PM: By 2:40 PM we started getting a steady light rain. Within an hour it was mixed with sleet - enough to glaze everything that had been cleared off. By 4PM it was back to a steady light rain again. It’s 35.4F/1,8C right now, but overnight it’s expected to drop to around 20F/-6,6C. It’s going to pretty slippery come morning!
Didn’t see too many feathered friends today as they kept to the trees all day. The only exception was 5 crows who practiced dive-bombing each other as they cawed to one another, and a small flock of about 20-24 juncos who must have decided to move to a more protected area. That was it!



Every time some one puts up one of these links, I spend the next hour laughing so hard. It does the soul good.


7 Feb: We finally got a decent snowfall. After getting hit with a light snow accompanied with ice pellets for an hour on the 7th, then changing to freezing drizzle for 3-1/2 hours made for very slippery everything! After those miserable 3-1/2 hours it changed to rain from 2:30 PM until almost 4:00 AM the following morning. What a mess!
8 Feb: At least the sun poked through the clouds during the morning, but by 1:00 PM it became overcast and the temperature began dropping fairly rapidly.
9 Feb: We were on a “Winter Weather Advisory” from 3 AM to 6 PM. Forecast of snow, heavy snowfall for 8 hours with (original) accumulations for our area in the range of 5-9 inches/12,7-22,8cm. It was also a little blustery with winds of 20 mph/48 kmph that would blow and drift this dry, powdery snow! Of course they said the snow would be falling the heaviest during everyone’s morning commute to work (7AM-1PM). So you know schools will be closed and “grandma” and I will be babysitting the granddaughters. :heart_eyes: But because of the mountains to the west and the river valley on our east, weather forecasters never (well, very, very seldom) get winter storms right. The snow didn’t start falling until 4:02 AM. By 10 AM there was already 4.5 inches/11.4cm on the ground. What they did get right was the time the heavy snowfall would start - 7 AM, almost on the nose! The snow didn’t let up until until 4:10 PM, and within 10 minutes - hold your breath everyone! - the sun peaked out just as it was going down over the tree tops. At least people got to see it for a few minutes. :slight_smile: The wind however, kept up it howling as it did all day and continued throughout most of the evening. It finally slowed down to a light breeze by 10 PM. (This was when I was my own home - shoveling my driveway, my porch (ankle deep in snow) and the 3 walkways. I finished at midnight. :sweat_smile:)
10 Feb.: The winds were still fairly light as the sun came up, but within a couple of hours it was blowing hard and once in a while howling through the trees. I spent almost 1-1/2 hours shoveling snow that had dropped onto the driveway along side my car. The car acted like a snow fence, forcing the wind to drop the snow it was blowing onto the ground on the leeward side of the car. That was about 2 feet/61cm of hard-packed drifted snow. I also had to shovel the snow drifts along the length of the north side of my son’s driveway. Every year I tell him, “DO NOT plow any snow to the north side of your driveway. It will drift across the driveway! I plowed this road for 20 years and because you are in the open, the wind whips through here!” I think everything I say falls upon deaf ears. :confused: Once I finished the driveway, I walked around back and started shoveling the drifted snow that piled up onto the steps to the deck. The dogs were having a slight problem climbing up and down them. Once on the deck, I decided I would clear the entire thing instead of just making a path wide enough for the dogs. My mistake! I spent over an hour carrying one shovelful at a time of blown, packed snow that was knee deep from the deck over to west side where I proceeded to make a very large pile. I couldn’t throw it to the east side because of the house and now where the addition they’re building on. On the south side is the girls’ playhouse and the steps come off the north side next to the screen room. I also shoveled the packed snow from the top of the hot tub that’s on the deck. Lo and behold! Just when I thought I was done - and straightened my back for the first time in over 2 hours - I looked up and realized I hadn’t knocked off the snow from the two roofs that had drifted and curled well past the edges of the roofs! Arrrgh! (Slapped myself in the forehead at this time! :confounded:) After knocking down the overhanging snow, I proceeded to shovel again! But at least this time I was done in less than 15 minutes! My wife brought me out a cup of coffee as I sat in the screen room (barely able to move). At least I’m done shoveling for several hours now. I do have some “touch-ups” to do down at my house, and by dinnertime the wind will have drifted some more snow onto the north side of my son’s driveway. But the best part of today? It’s mostly sunny!
The girls asked about building a snowman, but this snow is too powdery and doesn’t stick together (unless it’s drifted and packed almost rock hard). Maybe one of the next 2 snowfalls we’re expecting over the next 4 days will yield some snow that’s better suited for building snowmen. At least they have a giant pile of snow they can play on next to the deck! :smile:
I’m looking forward to the lunar eclipse tonight, but the way my luck has been running these past 8 years (as far as the night sky), it will cloud up after sunset as usual! :unamused:

Oh! I forgot to mention that last night the temperature had dropped down to 4.7 degrees F / -15,16C but, with a wind chill of -14F, it felt like -10F/-23,7C. At 1:35 PM, right now it’s up to a sweltering 30F/-1,1C! :slight_smile:
High today reached 33.0F/0,5C. The wind finally died down to a light breeze by 3:45 PM, but the sun is on its way down toward the tree tops. (Sigh!)
We’re expecting another 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight, so that means the moon better be eclipsed before the clouds move back in or - as usual - I’ll miss the eclipse. :frowning:
UPDATE: I watched the moon rise over the trees on the island in the river. It was full and bright orange. Looked like it would be a nice opportunity for observing the eclipse. But I did notice a narrow band of clouds directly behind the sun as it set. Oh, oh! Now, at 6:15 PM, the moon is well over the trees, but now it is only a faint glow behind an overcast sky! Come on! You’ve got to be kidding me! :angry: Even checking again at 7:30 PM, same gray overcast sky! Oh well, maybe I can indulge my eyes on the sight of the falling snow later on. :confounded:


Guess I don’t get to see the eclipse! It started snowing 10 minutes ago and there’s a coating on everything already! :disappointed:


12 Feb, 2017: It started snowing around 7 AM - just like our weatherman said. (Lucky! :slight_smile:) It was a steady granular snowfall until around 9 AM when the snow became more “flake-like.” That’s when it fell at a rate of 2 inches/5cm per hour. There was nothing to do but to entertain the granddaughters inside while we watched the fluffy white stuff slowly building up. There were a few birds that ventured out from the protection of the trees to hit up the suet cage and the hanging feeder. Then the starlings showed up, emptying the hanging feeder in no time at all! A red-headed woodpecker arrived to find a starling sitting on the suet cage, unwilling to give it up. The woodpecker was “sitting” on the underside of the tree limb and would thrust its beak toward the starling. After 6 attempts and the starling not giving in, the woodpecker moved in a little closer. One final thrust of its beak toward (along with a short squawk) and the starling decided to “share.” :slight_smile: It flew off and the woodpecker had its turn with the suet.
I thought about braving the snow and placing a new suet cake in the cage, but the town snowplow came down the road and pushed everything across the lawn, piling the snow beneath the hanging feeder. The driver had to make 3 runs down the dead-end street instead of 2 due to the amount of snow. (My son’s house is at the end of the street.) Now there is only about 12 inches/30cm between the top of the snow pile and the bottom of the hanging feeder. The suet cage is now accessible only by walking around this pile and trudging through almost knee-deep snow. Nah! I’d just as soon as break a suet cake into fourths and toss them around the base of the tree, or maybe put one or two under the edge of my car where most of the birds hide from the snow and wind. :slight_smile: But first, I have to shovel the snow from around the vehicles just so I won’t be standing in deep snow while cleaning the vehicles off. Once cleaned off, I’ll be shoveling around them a second time. The driveway is my son’s job since he’s got a plow on his ATV. The deck will be my project. I’ve already made a pile from the ground up to a foot (30cm) higher than the rail on the deck making it to be nearly 7 feet/2.1m high! It’s about 15 feet/4.5m across at the base. The pile will be a lot bigger and higher after cleaning off the deck from this storm. Did I mention that after the snow stops falling another brief storm is coming through? We’re to get another 2 to 4 inches/5 to 10.1cm more snow by morning. I think cleaning off the vehicles is going to wait until then! :weary:
Haven’t seen any deer since the first storm a few days ago. They must be staying down around my house and hitting up the bird feeders and all the nuts, cracked corn and seed I loaded up on the ground under the big pine tree in my front yard. :smile:
Tonight the winds won’t be too bad, but by morning they’ll be increasing to around 25 mph/40 kmph with gusts to 50 mph/80 kmph. That will be causing snow drifts across many roads and streets, my son’s driveway included. :angry: Also come morning, I’m headed down to my house to retrieve my snow rake to take some of the snow’s weight off my son’s roofs. I’ll have to see how my own are also. At least the carriage house has such a steep pitch that the snow slides off once it builds up to a certain point. It’s just the chore of shoveling out the doors when it slides off. No rest for the wicked I suppose. :smiling_imp:


This isn’t you, Jim?

Is he one of your neighbors? :wink:


A-hem … to all bird feeder enthusiasts, I received an urgent message which I deliver to you.


LOL! That’s almost like me, except I don’t have to call them… they just come! :laughing: When it is bitterly cold and/or we’ve had ice pellets, sleet and/or freezing rain I always make sure to set out piles of cracked corn and peanuts for them - in the hopes they’ll left the hanging bird feeders alone (but they don’t). My wife calls me crazy but, I have on occasion, shoveled a wide path from one of our walkways, across the lawn, and cleared out a large area beneath the big pine tree. That’s where the feeders are. I wouldn’t want one of the to slip and fall - they might sue me. :smile: Just last week I had to rake some of their “droppings” because it got to the point where I couldn’t take a step without stepping on them! :confounded: Besides, the squirrels don’t like having to hop over them constantly. :unamused:


The squirrels at my house will climb up either of the two sets of steps - or jump up from the landing to the front door walk across the porch - to sit on the floor and stare at me or my wife. They wait for us to say, “Okay, come get your nuts.” Then they climb up onto the banister and, if we haven’t set out the peanuts yet, will sit there giving us the “evil eye” until we go back inside to retrieve the nuts. And they sit there waiting for us to bring them out to us. The momma squirrel, having been around for a while, will walk right up to us and she’ll let us walk over next to her (sitting on the banister) to set another pile of nuts next to her. Her broods are always a bit more skiddish until momma “trains” them. I think the squirrels like our yard so much that they bring all the butternuts they find around the area and bury them in our lawns. :confounded:


12 Feb: The snow has ended (until Wed, the 14th) and our total accumulation over the past 4 to 5 days has amounted to 17.75 inches/45 cm. Now the winds are blowing and blowing and blowing! Fairly steady winds at 30 mph/48 kmph with gusts to 50 mph/80 kmph. This is drifting the snow behind anything that is higher than the surround snow - snowbanks along side driveways and roads, behind trees, sheds, houses, you name it! Move shoveling to do! I suppose there is one good thing that has come out of all this - I got more sleep than usual. I’ve been so tired of shoveling snow for hours on end that my back finally tells me enough is enough and, as I reach a certain point, all I can do it stand there (bent over). :slight_smile:
In about 30 minutes I’ll be leaving for my own home to take care of Angel (my cat) and you guessed it - shovel some more!


WELL! To protect my pawsies, WE only had a d~u~s~t~i~n~g – which then melted fairly fast. Gusty, so I stayed in; I did not want my tail to turn into the shape of a fern! We’ve been playing Hi-Lo… one day UP, next day down. But opposite of old records set.

I have been burrowing… under a fleece blanket!


I “snuck” out of my son’s house to run down to the Post Office and to make a “quick” stop at my house to clean the litter box and give Angel fresh water, cat food and treats (of course :smile_cat:). I was supposed to be gone for approximately 30 minutes. When I got to my house, you couldn’t even see the steps going up tio the porch! :anguished: They were buried under the snow that fell and snow that the wind blew off the roofs onto them. Okay, guess I do some more shoveling. :unamused: Well, one thing led to another - both sets of porch steps, 3 walkways, a path through the snow to the door under the porch (fuel oil tank in there), and intending to only shovel the apron of the driveway, I ended up shovel about 4/5 of it. When I decided to take a break and sit with a cup of coffee, I looked at the kitchen clock and realized I just may be in trouble with my better half. It was 3 hours and 15 minutes later! Well, I still had my cup of coffee, fed the birds on the sidewalk (snow too deep and hard-packed drifts) and just sat there lamenting about my sore aching lower back…and arms…and shoulders…and neck. Heck! I was hurting all over! When I got back to my son’s house after another 30 minutes had passed, I an angry grandma who immediately asked me where I’ve been - as though I was out somewhere having a good time! :innocent:
In a short while I’ll be heading back outside to shovel the snow that drifted across the driveway. I wish my son and his neighbor would listen to me and not push any snow along the north side of the driveway. These strong winds from the north always drift the snow. As a matter of fact, on my way back down the street to my son’s house, the wind had drifted the snow and the street was barely a car width wide! If the town plow doesn’t open the road up soon, I’ll have to call about it - before their quitting time.
two days from now we’re supposed to receive another couple of inches (~5cm) of snow. Then about 4 days of mostly sun to sunny and clear. Since the temperatures during the day will be high enough to start melting the snow, things will get slushy. As night falls and the temperature drops, back to ice! It’s a back and forth situation which is similar to our political climate. :laughing:


Glad you got all the snow and not us. I jinxed us this year cause I bought a snow blower! It has never snowed enough to use it! We did get the wind, so I’ve got branches to pick up. I used to run different routes down through NY coming from Canada. Mainly I87 from Champlain down through the Adirondacks, or I81 from Watertown. either way I did alot of praying that it didn’t snow till I got the heck out of there. If you’re ever up in Champlain go to the Peterbuilt Truck stop, They have great food!!


Before I retired one of the guys and I had to go fetch some truck parts. Our trip took us a little longer than expected and I still wasn’t home in time for dinner. (Should have been home hours before.) My wife called me on my cellphone and asked where I was. I told her I was in Florida. She didn’t believe me, so I put the other guy on the phone. He told her we really were in Florida…Florida, NY! :grinning:

When I was down at my house today (I’m at my son’s house at the moment) I thought about getting out the snow rake and pulling some of the snow off the roofs. It was way too windy. Beside, the wind would have blown the snow in my face as it came down. I passed on that. By the time I gave up on shoveling, there was only about 10 inches of snow left on the roofs anyway. The wind actually helped me out for a change!
When my neck, shoulders, arms and lower back finally told me enough was enough, I still had about 35 feet/10,6m of driveway up near the carriage house to do. That drifted snow was just getting to me. I also have to shovel front my front door, 3 wide concrete steps, and a walk from there out to the walkway from the porch out to the street. Tomorrow’s another day - unless I drive down later tonight and do it in the dark. As long as I’m very quiet and don’t wake up the neighbors’ children… nah… tomorrow! :weary:
Speaking of food… no, I’ll make a post in Random Thoughts for this. Wouldn’t want a mod to have to split this topic. :innocent:


22 February: We’ve had a few very warm days (for a change). It actually hit 60F/5,5C two days ago and reached 59F/15C today. The pile of snow I made along one side of the deck that started out at over 7 feet/,1m high and about 15 feet/4,7m across has suddenly shrunk to a little over 5 feet/1,5m high. It is still just as wide, but it’s slowing disappearing.
When my wife asked me why I made such a big pile, I told her that was so one of the dogs (the old female golden retriever) has snow to eat in May. :grin: Now it will be gone in early April. Beside, where did she think I was going to put all of that snow anyway? In my pocket? :confused: