2017 (Dec 2016) to end of May - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


Sorry about being away… Had a lot of work to do at my house (on top of babysitting). Last week we had 3 days of record high temperatures for February (from 69-72F/20-22C). Now we’re back to winter weather with last night’s overnight temperature dropping down to the 27F/-2,5C. At 12:00 PM the temperature only got up to 34.1F/1,16C. We’re under a wind advisory - since 7 PM last night - to 7 PM tonight. Winds are at 28 mph/45 kmph with gusts to 50 mph/80.4 kmph. The wind chill makes it feel bitter cold! Even most of the birds are grounded - some are seeking protection from the wind by hiding under the porches, deck and behind the vehicle tires in the driveway. A few are sitting on the top of the tires on the leeward side of the vehicles. Quite a few of the small birds are waiting the wind out by hiding in the arborvitae, cedars and pines.
Over the next 3 days the highs be 34F/1,1C, 19F/-7,2C and 37F/2,7C and the overnight lows will be 10F/-12C, 9F/-12,7 and 22F/-5,5C, We did have a snow squall this morning but the wind blew everything away. Once the winds end, it’s back to cleaning up downed limbs, branches (and hopefully no trees).


Thanks a LOT, Jim! Here I was, hanging up my hammock, and---- now I’m a cat wearing a second fur coat! Turned the air conditioner on for Weds but turned it off that night— but it must still be running since it is SO cold in here!


Too cold to even chase a bird.


The last of our snow was completely gone by yesterday. But winter is not through with us yet. Between 7 AM and 10 AM Friday morning they’re calling for an inch of snow. Tuesday is to bring us another snow storm, starting at 4 AM and continuing through 12 AM Thursday morning. Total accumulations are supposed to be 9"-12"/22,8-38,1cm. Still have our snow shovels sitting on our porch. :wink:
I think this may put a slight damper on the construction of my son’s addition. The foundation was poured, sill beams installed, the sub-floor installed, and today the 4 outside walls were framed. Guess they’ll be shoveling snow off of it before they’ll be able to do anything more after this storm. :disappointed:


Thanks a lot! Your snowblower blew it all way over here! harrumph! You gonna come shovel my driveway?

Re: son’s addition - Tarps?


I think I may have tossed the snow a little too far with my shovel… my snow thrower decided to have a gear box problem and I can’t use it. What a thing to happen just before a blizzard, which by the way changed course and headed north to us! NYC and along the east coast only got about 7 to 8 inches of snow. We received around 30 inches, and driving winds packed dense snow drifts behind anything in its path. So, along side each one of our vehicles in the driveway was a rooftop high snow drift, AND the snow that would have been on the house roofs was now all sitting on top of the already 30 inches of snow on the deck - neck high in some spots! :confounded: Darned snow thrower! Darned snow thrower! :angry: I’m not 20 or 30 years young any more! I suppose I could shovel your driveway for you. Once I start shoveling, I don’t want to stop. :laughing: Oh, no tarps on the addition. When they went to install the trusses they found out the company made them the wrong size and they couldn’t use them! Instead of having the floor, roof and outer walls on before the storm, all that got done was the floor and outer walls, :confounded: My son shoveled the snow off the floor two days after the storm. I did the deck and used a snow rake on his living room roof (and had to do the deck again), and shoveled a path around the house for the dogs, and across the garage door and front walk and front stoop and landing. On Friday I also shoveled drifting snow off the entire 4-car wide driveway. I think I may be a glutton for punishment. :grin:


Oh my! I wondered where you were!

Turns out, my “lake effect snow” toward the north blew most of our snow east to you while coastal NY blew its snow west to you— and turned you into the Shoveling Wizard! Your descriptions tired me out just reading! Never again will I complain about a few inches of snow. Pssst… Would it ‘hurt’’ if I said our snow melted within 2 days? I think you were puling snow from the roofs by then…

Sorry your snow thrower threw a hissy. Perhaps it heard the weather forecast and devised a complicated plan to get out of work? or out of going out in the cold?



Well, my snow thrower was all set for the storm - oil changed, spark plug cleaned and regapped, fresh gasoline, and it started with the first push of the button (I got one with an electric starter - too old for yanking on a pull chord. :wink:)! It doesn’t mind the cold at all. I think it just wanted to see if I was up to the work I was going to demand it to do for me. Guess I fooled it - I was! :sweat:
The contractor showed up this morning (Sunday) with his snow thrower to clear a path across my son’s front lawn to his trailer. He was going to take it home and clean the snow out of it so he could haul some lumber back here on Monday. When he left, the trailer sort of dragged a lot of snow across the neighbor’s driveway. Even though the sky is clear and the sun is hot (36 degrees by 11AM), I went out and shoveled it off so the driveway can dry again. The neighbor’s elderly mother-in-law - she’s older than I am :grin: - can walk their toy collie without slipping and falling. On the way back toward the garage I decided to remove the snow pile at one corner of my son’s driveway to make it easier to pull in. Okay, to make it look nice and rounded.
Our son and daughter-in-law decided to take the girls to the indoor swimming pool for the afternoon. I should just relax and take it easy (read: “cat nap”), but there’s so much to do… a few more hours of shoveling at my own house. The wife keeps on telling me just to let it melt, but with each thaw and re-freeze cycle the ice builds up under it. When the snow is gone I’ll be left with a couple of inches of ice. No, I’d rather get the snow off and let the sun and wind dry everything up. Yup! Still windy since Monday night, but it did calm down last night shortly after sunset.
Originally they had forecast more snow for a couple of the coming days, but now - as usual here - the weather forecasts got changed. No snow until Friday… Oops… they changed the forecast again! Now it’s rain on next Friday, Sunday and Tuesday with sunny to mostly sunny days between. :confused:
When I download the photos of the snow piles to my laptop, I’ll upload a couple to here. This will show what we used to get starting at the end of November each year - up until a few (10-15) years ago. I swear that as each year goes by the seasons are arriving later and later. Every January we always had the “January thaw” with warm spring-like temperatures, then back to the below zero temperatures (F). This year we had the January thaw in February and February’s snow storm(s) in March. I was kind of hoping spring would miss us again like it did last year. I hate the mud and super-saturated ground. Can’t do anything without getting so much mud on one’s boots that they look like you’re wearing concrete blocks - only brown! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ll also have to upload a photo of some of the arborvitae that the deer so beautifully “trimmed” for us! :laughing: Instead of a nice pyramidal shape, they look like lollipops stuck in the ground!
Maybe if I keep on repeating, “the snow is over for this season” we’ll be on our way to summer… or at the most, one week of spring and then right into summer. That would be okay with me. Coastal water temperatures yesterday were at 36F/2,2C. I know that the lake water is colder. When we went camping on a small lake near Lake Champlain at the end of August one year, the water was still so cold you could put warm cans of iced tea (or beer :innocent:) in it for an hour and it came out ice cold! Oh well… that was back in the day! :wink:


Just before this blizzard hit us I read this was the first year in 146 years that the city of Chicago (Illinois) didn’t have any snow! I wonder if they got anything from the Monday-Tuesday blizzard.


Since the blizzard, we’ve had several gorgeous sunny days. Now if we can just have the winds stop blowing at sustained speeds of 15-28mph/24-45kmph and gusts of up to 48mph/78kmph, that would be great! The wind chill drops the “feel” of the temperature by 18F/7,7C less than it actually is. Right now at 11:09 AM the temperature is 22.9F/-5C. With the wind chill if feels more like 4.9F/-15C. On the positive side, the sun is slowing melting the snow and the wind is drying it up - no mud! :grinning:

The pile of snow I made next to my son’s deck has dropped in height from 7 feet/2,1m tall to 5-1/2 feet/1,67m. But it’s still 24 feet/7,3m across by 12 feet/3,6m out from the deck. I guess Bella (the old golden retriever) will still have some snow to eat and ice to chew on into the beginning of May. :laughing:

The contractor showed up with snow shovels and the crew cleared a work area, removed the snow from the piles of lumber and got everything ready to resume work the next day. At least they didn’t have to clear the snow from the floor of the addition. My son spent hours doing that days before and the sun and wind dried everything nicely.

And @cageycat, I did not some more shoveling yesterday. I shoveled the snow off half the walkway from the deck steps out to the pool ladder - and no, we’re not going swimming yet. We’re not members of the polar bear club. :slight_smile: That snow was only 20"/50,8cm high, but it was all drifted snow which had been melted some by the sun and was water-logged! I could only remove about 5"/12,7cm at a time, and even that weighed about 20 lbs/9kg per shovelful. And it felt like the closer I got down to the walkway, the heavier each shovelful was. Actually, the last inch/2,5cm looked like ice (but was actually super-saturated snow/slush. That was indeed very heavy to throw. I intended to finish shoveling over to the second set of steps (leading up to a second door to the screen room) today, but the wind would be blowing right into my face. PASS! :neutral_face: Guess I’ll just sit inside, look out the window and watch the snow slowing shrink away. :wink:


Mother Nature has a sense of humor! March was supposed to go out with a bang - a mixed bag of rain, sleet and snow (1"-3"/2,5cm-7,6cm or 3"-5"/2,5cm-12,7cm - depending upon which forecast one chose to believe). It was supposed to begin around 1 AM on 31 March and continue until around 10 AM on 1 April. The messy mix began right on time - 1 AM on the nose it started raining and within 10 minutes it was mixed with snow. This lasted for about an hour with the ratio of snow to rain increasing as time wore on. Around 2:30 AM the snow and rain stopped and was replaced by sleet. This lasted for about 45 minutes, leaving a frozen crust on everything. By morning it was over, being replaced by drizzle - all morning and all afternoon so far (1 PM).
We never received the snow they forecast, but did get the rain and sleet. Everyone expected to wake up to a white landscape, but instead was just wet, brown and green. April Fool’s!


With some warm (over freezing :slight_smile:) weather and a couple of days/nights of rain, all of the snow is gone - with the exception of a pile in front of my son’s house, courtesy of the snow plow driver, and two piles out behind his house. One pile I made by shoveling off the deck, then pulling snow off the roof with the snow rake, and shoveling that off the deck.

Over the past 2 days we’ve received almost 2"/5cm of rain. It only stopped at 4 PM (it’s now 5:20 PM), but it’s going to start coming down again around 7 PM. At least we’re only expecting 0.11"/0.28cm of rain before it stopped around 3 AM. We get a short reprieve of several hours before the next storm system gets here when the birds wake up on Thursday. It’s supposed to last until the birds wake up on Saturday morning - another 2"/5cm of rain. We’ve been on a flood watch since 31 March because the rain and snow melt has the ground supersaturated already. The small stream at the bottom of the hill has been roaring for days, making it hard for the deer to get across. I just returned from walking down to check it and it has gone down about 14"/35,5cm from yesterday. Of course the river is muddy.

I don’t think Bella’s snow pile is going to last until June! :open_mouth: Looks as though it will be gone in a week or so. I did give a fleeting thought to making a snowman for the girls, but my wife reminded me that when the male dog goes out at night, he’s apt to stand there and bark at it. Don’t want to wake everyone up! Oh well, it was just a thought.

EDIT (Update): It’s 6:45 PM and it’s raining again! :frowning:


Make a snow-girl-doggy :wink: she-wolf? just a thought LOL


You REALLY want this dog to bark, don’t you! :laughing:


~~~~~~~~~` :cat2: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ runs fast ~~~~~~~~~


11 Apr: Wow! We hit 91.2F/32,8C today! The forecast for the next 10 days is really messed up! Two days of sun, two of rain, two of sun, two of rain… I even heard and saw a bat squeak (at me?) as it flew over the deck the other night (9 Apr).

12 Apr: A steady light rain all morning, ending at 12:25 PM. The sun came out and the clouds blew away. Yea! Today’s high was only 66F/18,8C and overnight it’s dropping to the mid-30s(F)/1,6C. After being mostly calm this morning, as the day wore on the breeze got stronger. By 5 PM it was windy and felt like it was 58F/14,4C. the next two days are supposed to be nice and sunny, then 2 days of rain, etc. Oh well, April showers bring May flowers. Oh, that reminds me… My 3-year old granddaughter wants to plant some flower seeds. She saw a cartoon where they planted seeds, watered them and flowers erupted. I told her we can plant some flower seeds, but that it will take a little bit longer than the 5 seconds it took on the cartoon for the flowers to come out! :smile:


Was 70 yesterday; freezing this morning… but should be 77 later. Winter coat & gloves now… swimsuit later?


Easter Sunday: The day was gorgeous! Sunny and clear and with barely a breeze. It reached 90.1F/32,2C!
They did forecast rain and a possible thunderstorm around dinnertime however. They were right about the rain. At 6:02 PM the skies grew black and the wind was terrible! The wind was at a steady 25 mph/40 kmph with gusts to 40+ mph/64+ kmph. In less than one minute, the skies opened and a torrential downpour fell. The temperature began dropping rapidly. Ten minutes later the heavy rain gave way to a steady light rain which lasted for another half hour or so. By 7 PM, the clouds started to part and gave us a brief glimpse of the sunset and a bit of blue sky. Within an hour all the clouds had moved on their merry way to the east and the sky was now full of stars. Not such a bad end to a beautiful day!


7 May, 0130 AM: It finally stopped raining! The high altitude clouds are gone and the moon and one star are shining through the dark, low-level storm clouds that are zooming by. The small stream at the bottom of the hill - which finally got back within its banks this afternoon (rain stopped for several hours yesterday, sun came out and the wind blew like crazy!) - is now just barely overflowing again… and roaring!

Yesterday during the afternoon reprieve from rain, I took my 3-year old granddaughter bike riding (I have to walk beside her :wink:). The wind was blowing so hard it would actually stop her in her tracks. I had to keep my hand on her back and push her along - until we turned around, then I had to put my hand in front of her so she didn’t take off down the road like a rocket! Just after passing by a neighbor’s yard at the end of the road, we heard a long, loud snap and creaking noise. A large tree split and slowing got blown over against another tree in the yard! We went to their house, rang the bell and informed them of the tree. As we headed back home - and past the tree - a large branch broke off, dropped straight down and stuck upright into the ground - just as if someone planted it there! :open_mouth: Once we got back to my son’s driveway - and I was sort of hoping my granddaughter was tired of peddling against the wind and my own legs legs were a little tired - I heard, “Grandpa? Let’s go for another ride!” :tired_face: “Okay,” I answered. We went back down the road, around the bend to the intersection, turned around and came back. Now, I thought, she’s ready to go back inside. Not a chance! She said, “Grandpa? Can I drive my dune buggy?” “Sure you can!” I replied. After taking off her elbow, knee pads and helmet, I opened the garage door and put them away. Eva climbed into her car, backed out and started her routine of driving around the property - with me walking quickly behind. By the time she made her 6th trip around the property, I was bushed! “How about we go inside and get a drink?” I asked. It worked! She put the dune buggy in “slow” gear and drove it back into the garage. Smiling, she said, “I’ll beat you inside!” and ran in. I closed the garage door, removed the battery from her car and put it on the charger. By the time I got inside, she had already finished the drink grandma gave to her. She asked me, “Ready? Let’s drive the dune buggy again!” “Oh no! Let’s take a little rest” I said. Surprisingly, she agreed and headed into the next room and began to play with her dolls and toys. I was almost afraid to sit down because I thought if I did, I may not be able to get back up! :weary: While making a cup of coffee, the sun was disappearing behind the clouds more often than earlier, dark clouds moved in quickly and it started to rain. I looked out and spotted a rainbow to the east-by-southeast. Calling both the girls, I had them look out the window to see it. Then the sun was gone and the rain came down harder.
In the past 24 hours we had 1.0"/2,54cm of rain. Since 10PM on 1 May to date, we’ve had 3.62"/9,19cm or rain. The grass has been cut and now looks as though it could use it again!
All this rain has brought forth all the early flowers and ironically, the wind seemed to make the wind flowers (at my house) pop open as well! But between the thunderstorms two nights this past week and the high winds, the tulips and lilies have lost the petals already. Eva, the 3-yr old told me someone picked her mommy’s flowers! I showed her they were still there, just missing the petals because of the hard rain and wind. That made her decide she wanted to pick dandelions so she could blow the seeds away! :confounded:
Today (Sunday) we get - you guessed it - RAIN! It’s supposed to be over with by 5 PM. Maybe we’ll get to see another rainbow! :heart_eyes:


Aren’t you glad you didn’t sign up for that gym membership when you retired? Look at all the money you saved by walking with the kids instead!


Yeah, walk along with my hand on the back of the bicycle seat as we move along at a constant pace. Suddenly, she stops! Said she’s “checking my brakes.” We get another 20 feet or so, and stop. Now she’s making sure she can stop by using her other foot. Another 10-20 feet and stops, hops off and walks over to the edge of the road to pick a dandelion that’s gone to seed. She brings it back, places it carefully in her basket and we’re off! Well, at least for another 10-20 feet before she stops again for one thing or another. :confounded: This is how the 3-year old’s bike rides go. :weary: One thing I want to know is why is it that the only time she wants to blow her horn is when we go by a neighbor’s house up the road. Each time I can hear their dog barking away inside. I bet they love it when Eva rides her bicycle! :unamused: