2017 (Dec 2016) to end of May - Nodder Weather reporting– too hot? too cold? light breezes? heavy winds?


8 May: In the wee hours of the morning there was still a fairly stiff breeze. No rain, but the small stream at the foot of the hill was still loud enough that I didn’t bother trying to call the dogs back - they always seem to ask to go outside when I head to bed between 2 AM and 4 AM. I sat out in the screen room (breeze way) for nearly 15 minutes before the male dog returned. I know what the female is doing. “Queen” Bella is lying on the wet grass on the north side of the shed watching for deer and/or rabbits to make their way through. She does this after she’s made two rounds of walking around the property. She’s learned this from the late “Paycheck.” He was the first golden retriever my son had. Paycheck taught Bella everything he knew as Bella didn’t come along until two years later.
Back to the weather (boy do I “drift” off-topic). The winds picked up this morning and are still blowing strong. The sustained wind speed is 14 mph/22,5 kmph with gust to 17 mph/27 kmph. We just had a few sprinkles from a passing cloud, but that was all.
Last night (2:45AM) I actually got to see the moon and two stars through the clouds! They were gone a few minutes later. Headed back in about 3 AM.
We’ll be picking up downed tree branches and limbs both here at my son’s house and down at my own house. And once the maple trees have dropped all their leaf bud sheaths and their lovely bright green “flowerettes,” I’ll be cleaning out the rain gutters - again! Last fall it was their winged seeds and leaves. “No rest for the wicked,” as my mother always used to say. :smiling_imp:
At least the next 4 days are going to be fairly nice - no rain either! Once the ground dries up some I will be able to get some work done in our flower beds around our house. Now the girls want to plant their own flower bed! Aside from whatever flower seeds they want to plant, I’ve already gathered all the necessary supplies.
The rain of 2 and 3 weeks ago brought out all the spring flowers, and the blossoms of the flowering dogwoods, magnolia trees, apple trees, and the cherry trees. The heavy rain and strong winds we’ve had the past week have knocked off all the tulip leaves and bent over the Shasta daisies. The windflowers fared okay. The caladiums have shot their leaves up almost knee high already. More rain will probably lay their leaves down closer to the ground.
Oh, and last night the sump pump in my son’s basement was kicking on about every 20-25 minutes. The ground is still pretty well saturated.


13 May: We did have two gorgeous days a couple of days ago. Sunny and warm, but breezy. Then it was back to being overcast - and rain! As of 11:20 PM today we’ve received 1.09"/2,76cm of rain. It started raining around 8 AM this morning and was steady all day - and is still currently raining. It’s expected to end by 4:15 AM - just in time for Mothers Day. At least it was - for the most part - a steady light rain. That gave it a chance to really soak into the ground instead of running off. But around 8:20 PM tonight it changed over to a heavy rain. I just looked out a short while ago and it’s back to a steady light rain again. Hopefully it will stay this way until it ends. I don’t think I’ll be wearing these today - :sunglasses:
Happy Mothers Day! :heart_eyes:


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Another day of 80s for tomorrow. Not wilting—yet.


Today was supposed to be in the upper 80s, but it hit 92.7F/33,7C - in the shade on the north side of my house. Tomorrow (originally was forecast to be warmer than today (91F/32,7C) should be another warm one! Funny how when the breeze blows, it blows hot air - much like most politicians. :laughing:


Thursday 18 May: After the late summer temperature we had yesterday, today made it almost seem cool! It reached 96F/35,5C in the shade, and 105F/40,5C in the sun - according to the weather station at the Albany International Airport (about 20 mi/32km) to the north of here. The humidity made it feel like it was another 2 degrees (F) hotter (1,1C hotter)

A slow-moving thunderstorm just passed overhead. I had been watching the lightning and listening to thunder as the storm came in over the Helderberg Escarpment (what we call the “hill towns”). I am at my own home presently, taking care of the cat’s food, water and litter box. My two granddaughters have just been put to bed, but I doubt if they’re going to get to sleep with the lightning and thunder. The flashes and bolts are super bright, turning night into mid-day! And the thunder is actually making all the windows rattle and a couple of times shook the house! Just before the rain came pouring out of the sky, the winds came up suddenly - as though someone flipped on a switch. Within one minute from the on start of the rain, there were identical rivers of water rushing the hill on both sides of the street. The water reached from the curbs to halfway to the center of the street, leaving about a single lane in the center of the road.
The temperature dropped 11 degrees F/6,1C within those 15 minutes. Time to open the windows to cool off the house before the next thunderstorm passes through. The weather service expects the storms to end by 11:15 PM. (Originally they said by 10:00 PM.)
This storm dumped 0.2"/0,5cm of rain in 15 minutes, and now it’s just a sprinkle. Wish I was a duck! :slight_smile:
9:35 PM update: The rain is coming down hard again. I think I’ll be waiting for everything to end before I attempt to carry my laptop and other items out to the car. Babysitting again tomorrow. :heart_eyes:

2150: A 2nd thunderstorm is passing overhead now. Not as much rain as the first one, but this one is really putting on a show! :heart_eyes: The lightning bolts are streaking from cloud to cloud and from cloud to ground, they’re bright and they are coming in groups of 3 to 5 every 2 to 2-1/2 seconds! Excellent! And the thunder is so loud I can it booming down the river valley for at least 7 seconds each time.
@cageycat: You’d be proud of Angel! When she ran upstairs when the thunderstorms started, I thought she was afraid. When I went up to check on her, she was lying on the bed watching out the window! Must be all those storms we watched together with her on my lap. :smile_cat: Right now she’s back downstairs lying on her back the kitchen floor - waiting for me to rub her belly!
2215: Judging by the radar, the thunderstorms are over. Maybe just a little more rain for us. We’ve now received 0.29"/0.73cm from the storms - in 1 hour 20 minutes. At least it was constant rain or I’d have to turn into a Weddell seal! :wink:


turned dark
pouring rain
only 71 though

Guess midwest storms finally arrived. @Jim7 get ready for (more) rain!


Been dark and cloudy here in south central Texas for the last couple of days. Well today; the front finally came through moving eastward along the I10 (Highway 90) corridor towards San Antonio. Heavy rain and gusty wind, thunder and lightning. Have no clue as to how much rain fell, but have a couple of wet and understandably upset pooches giving me the evil eye. At 2pm Central; still dark and cloudy, no wind and light sprinkles. So much for smoking a brisket and burning a couple of ribeyes. - bob


Apparently, your rain isn’t going to make it up here until Monday. He, he, he! We’re looking at 1/2" of rain. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be nice again, but Thursday and Friday? Another 1/2" of rain each day! At least it’s supposed to be nice next Saturday for our grandson’s graduation party. He took criminal justice in college.
Today was nice - currently 76.1F/24.5C, sunny and clear. The past 2 days before this were gorgeous - and hot! Temperatures for those days were 93, 96 & 85 F or 33, 35 and 29 C. Okay, got to go fire up the grill! :yum:


We’re getting from midwest storms, as will you. Today is supposed to be bad, again. Then, 60s again. If this is our new Spring, it is a very confused season now. Or, maybe the US has swapped weather with the UK?

:runs between lighter showers:


Our weather for the next 10 days runs like this: Sun: Mostly sunny; Mon,: Rain; Tues: Mostly Cloudy; Wed. Rain; Thu: Overcast; Fri: Rain; Sat: Mostly sunny; Sun: Rain; Mon: Partly Sunny. This is really messed up weather! :confused:


WE had the rain today. Buckets. Torrential! It’s coming, Jim… it’s coming, for YOU.

raaa-rofl !

mew :cat2:


Yeah, we got slammed here as well, bucket loads all day and the forecast is more of the same, all day tomorrow. So much for barbecuing ribs and steaks. Nothing like having a screwed up weekend!


I guess it is! They changed the on and off rain days to 5 straight days of rain starting on Tuesday, then changed it back to their original one day rain, one day dry, one day rain…! Mother Nature doesn’t know what she wants to do. The girls are wanting to go out and plant flower seeds, but I think we’re going to have to cover them with burlap so they don’t get washed away! Some days we’re to receive 0.25" of rain and others ~0.1". It’s looks like the April showers that bring May flowers forgot to end in April. :neutral_face:


We skipped April. It stayed cold.


Our “April” was a little warmer than May has been - so far. We had 2 days in the 90s in April and 2 in May so far. April had 3 days in the 80s and May has had only 1 so far. May beat out April for days in the 70s by 1 with 8 for May & 7 for April. April beat out May with 8 days in the 60s while May has had only 4. Both months tied with 6 days in the 50s, but April did have 4 days in the 40s where May had none. So, I can fairly say that April was warmer than May so far. Mother Nature playing a fast one on us and switched the two months around? :unamused:


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