2017 Dec New Antarctica Weddel Seals campaign - Mawson and Davis Adare Seas


Hello wonderful volunteers!
We continue around the coast of Antarctica to the Mawson and Davis Adare seas. New campaign posted to www.tomnod.com.

During this campaign, any volunteer who logs more votes than project Principal Investigator Dr. Michelle LaRue @Michelle4 as of January 8 will get a note from Michelle and a Seals thank-you postcard!

We will keep tabs on votes here. Who knows how the voting will go, but Michelle logged around 3600 votes on our last campaign…

THANK YOU! YOU make this original research on iconic Weddell seals possible!

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@Mel_Nod, how many polygons are there in this campaign?

Edit: 405,000?


I thought to ask / suggest (and realized I forgot to post it) that maybe we have 2 tiers so at least 2 people get recognition. 2 tiers-- one for newer folks and second for us oldtimers :smiley: Would this be workable?


@Shaul there are 401,977 active polygons in the campaign.

@cageycat we were talking about sending a few postcards to new users on this campaign, and can still do that. The nice thing about the “main competition” is that it is open to anyone - whether you’ve tagged or not before. Just a matter of getting in there and looking at seals! Speaking of:

As of today, Michelle has tagged 113 polygons in this campaign!


401,977 :open_mouth: Aw heck and I haven’t even started yet. I hope in my next life . . . if there is a next life . . . mother nature makes the days longer . . . and the nights too, so I can pack more of this and less of that and the other into my time :grin: :rofl:


:rofl: I only have 401,577 to go. Oh, wait! I haven’t made a dent in this! :hushed:


Only another 401,846 to go :sweat_smile: …one hundred and thirty two… one hundred and thirty three…one hundred and thirty four…can’t remember the last time I covered every tile/poly in a campaign…one hundred and thirty five…one hundred and thirty six…think it was a very small island…one hundred and thirty seven…an illegal fishing campaign I seem to remember…one hundred and thirty eight…ooh look, someone’s been playing with their water colours… http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/315489

…one hundred and thirty nine…probably been painting Jims’ eyes…one hundred and fortywink4 …one hundred and forty one… :rofl:

I should be out shopping for Christmas presents…one hundred and sixy eighty…but who wants to be skatin past the shops in these frozen conditions…one hundr nd’sixtynighty…I’ve gotta getta prezzy 4 a 4yr old…onety sevny tootty…just gettin myself ind the right frame of mind…oneseventyonety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi all! Don’t worry about that 400k number - many hands, light labor as they say!

AND - let it be known that @Michelle4’s vote count is still holding steady at 113 polygons - I know this group has that!


Hey @Michelle4 Did someone catch you in Antarctica doing a flip / handstand?


That’s ok Mel, I’ve only got 400,976.99 left to go…piece’o’cake eatpie :rofl:


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I’m not too far behind you, only 401752 to go… just hope there’s some seals hiding in there, I’ve not seen any yet! :eyes::telescope:


I’m finding many more polygons with seals in this campaign, compared to the previous one (the “Western Antarctic peninsula…” one) - in that one I had roughly about one polygon with seals per one thousand without, and in the new one I’ve found 7 polygons with seals per one thousand without.


You’re getting more than 7 per thousand surely? I’m sure I was getting a lot more than that in the Western. Maybe it was my imagination :thinking: But I know I’ve verified more than 7 in the .23k of 1.23k polys viewed today. Or maybe I’ve just been fortunate to have come across a run of polys populated by seals :wink:

But yes @Helen there are seals to be found, you just need to keep trawling through, you’ll get to them


Not finding as many seals in Mason and Davis as in prior areas. A few times I’ve wanted to drag or stretch the poly just a wee bit to catch those errant seals.


:laughing: I know that feeling…oh I wish :rofl:


I’ll keep looking! I’ve only seen 0.06% of the available polys so far, there MUST be some seals in the other 99.94% that I’ve yet to see… :rofl::thinking:


Well ok they’re not actually in the poly, but here’s seals down below :upside_down_face:

They are there…honest :grin:


Here you go Helen, I knew I could find some for you :grin: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/272536


And here’s just one seal http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/105420 all on its own, by itself with no one with it . . . all cold and lonely :cry: