2017 Dec New Antarctica Weddel Seals campaign - Mawson and Davis Adare Seas


LOL, thanks Em! :grinning: First seals I’ve marked in this one…


I’ve hit a rough spot - only two polygons with seals in the last 1,000 polygons.

In total so far: 89 polygons with seals after 14,000 total polygons = 0.64%, i.e. 6.4 per 1000.

A couple of notes:

  • @Michelle4 - would it be possible to post a map of the Antarctic, so we may see where we are working in this campaign, and maybe where we’ve been working before?
  • I’ve only found one (or maybe two?) black polygons so far; that is FAR fewer than in the previous campaign (the Western Antarctic Peninsula one).
  • So far I’ve not found any penguins in this campaign!
  • I’ve found two different camps:


Aw… they’re close enough to the poly to be counted, aren’t they? :laughing:


Hi @Shaul - although it’s not as fun to find fewer seals, this is what Michelle and her team are trying to understand: where do the seals prefer to live and what are the features of those areas? Great idea to understand where we are in Antarctica. Here is a great map of the seas from Wikipedia:

20 AM

Our first campaign, the tagging campaign, was in the Ross sea.
Our second campaign, the first yes/no campaign, was in the Weddell sea.
The next campaign was Bellingshausen and Amundsen Sea
Then we moved onto the Western Antarctic Peninsula (the thing that sticks out between Bellingshausen and Weddell seas), Astrid Olaf (which is up by the Lazarav sea), and a little more Weddell sea.
We are now in the Mawson and Davis sea. The sites we are looking are made up of ice just off and along the coast - they are, for the most part, in the ocean, not on land, even though it doesn’t look like it. I can post some more in-depth images later.


Also - vote count update for those who are playing along for the Seal postcard! @Michelle4 has now voted on 277 polygons.


Great! Thanks. I’d very much like to see some more in-depth images.


@shaul and anyone else curious! Here are the actual Areas of Interest we are exploring in the Mawson and Davis seas. We grid up the pink polygons to make the polygons we are voting on.

And here is the coast of Antarctica spread out with all of the areas we’ve searched highlighted in pink.

It may not look like much against the size of the continent as a whole, but as a group we have searched over 244,350 square kilometers. As Michelle has said, there is no possible way we could have covered this kind of ground without OUR VOLUNTEERS using this technology!


Very interesting. What contributed to the selection of these particular pink areas to search? I also have a question as to why the poly maps we are searching are dated 2011? Thank you.


That’s simple Wilms, they’re exploring all the available historical images collected, for a better insight to the movement, population increase/decrease, where they go when breading season is over (where they like to holiday/their favourite holiday spots :laughing:) etc. :wink:


@Wilms, Michelle looks through the catalog of Digital Globe imagery (https://discover.digitalglobe.com/ for example) and picks images that might conceivably have Seals on them based on the type of ice present. This isn’t my area of expertise so generally just go with processing whatever Michelle says.

As for the 2011 dates, most of the imagery in this project is 2010 and 2011. These dates were chosen because there was a good amount of imagery available, and with a goal to hold time period relatively constant across the project. Would be interesting to see how this changes over time… maybe after an eye break!


Hi: will be very pleasant to receive the Weddel Seals Card , I was lived a year in Paradise Bay where Weddel seals were our neighbors. Great Job Your Job

My Best wishes for you


Update! @Michelle4 has suddenly jumped up to 1927 votes!! :running_woman::snowflake:


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Oh my gosh, Paradise Bay is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Lucky YOU!!


This is simply incredible!!


Tongue-twisters are hard to write…

Michelle Makes Measured Meaningful Marks
Seeing several slick seals slouching sideways

Fully Flopping Flotillas, Flapping Flippers
Sealies Simply See Shiny Starry Skies

Tick, Tick, Tomnodders Tag – Triplicates!!
Wrangling Wondrous Wiggling Weddells – Wild!


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