2017 Dec New Antarctica Weddel Seals campaign - Mawson and Davis Adare Seas


I just figured that if she was limited to 10 TPH, then the rest of us could waltz along at a cool 50 or so and leave her in our dust - er… snow! :rofl:


Oh heck, I was waaay ahead there for a while, take my eye off the game for a few days and suddenly she slips past me :hushed: I think she just lulled us into that false sense of security :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think you’ve got it!


Vote count update!! @Michelle4 is up to 2,369 votes - taking advantage of that holiday down-time!

Thank you all volunteers!


Vote count update!!

@Michelle4 did just a bit more work over the holidays and is sitting at 2,643 votes!!

I took a looksee in the database and as of today, there are 11 nodders with more votes than her! A certain well-known nodder and forum friend is up to 44,414 votes!! :eyes::grinning:


Oh my gosh, seriously?! This is amazing! Looks like I gotta up my game, though, look out everyone!


No, no! I only figure I can pass 2 people: Michelle and myself. Easy to pass myself—I do that multiple times a day. But I am barely keeping up with Dr Michelle. blame it on sub-zero temps?


Eeek, definitely got some catching up to do! :scream::thinking:

Don’t think I’ll EVER get to anywhere near that figure!


shocked3 44,414 votes . . . and here I thought I was doing well reaching 3k today :sweat_smile:

Very well done to that well-known nodder whoever you are :clap::clap::clap: :smile:


Oh well, we’re in good company so, 'cause I know I’ll never get half that by Monday :roll_eyes:

I blame it on all the pretty pictures I keep finding…it slows me down…
image…like this snow pigeon flexin it’s biceps :rofl:


That’s why I suggested having a couple “levels”. But… who knows… people with single-digit k might be in the top runners too. :smiley:


When @Michelle4’s vote challenge has ended, it would be very interesting to see how many agreed with her seal votes - and how many that didn’t.

If we regard her votes as “the correct result”, we’ll have a unique chance to “calibrate” our ability to see how good we are to find seals. What do you think?


Great idea @Shaul, I would be curious myself. I’ll post some stats (anonymously).

By the way all - @Michelle4 is still holding steady at 2,643. We’re up to 14 nodders with more votes!


@Michelle4 is the expert! She knows what she is looking for, so that sounds like a good idea… :bulb::grinning:


I’ve managed to overtake her at last! :smiley: It’s amazing what sitting in front of the TV for a few hours with a laptop can accomplish… :grin:


WOoo nice work @Helen!


Just for you Shaul, I remembered you mentioning this here…and guess what I’ve just found over to the left of this poly :wink: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/138355 :laughing::smile:


And of course one concern is could some mistaken this trail of penguins for seals @Michelle4 ?
I know I would have if I hadn’t found the rookery first and went looking aroubnd :wink:
When you go right over to the left of the map, you can follow their trail right to the rookery…it’s like following an army of ants :smiley:

Of course there is a distinct difference when you compare them to @Wilms find in this post…

…but I’d still wonder if there are any seals in amongst them :wink:


Final tally is in! We had 15 nodders overtake @Michelle4, who topped out at 2,643 votes!

Our volunteers ranged from 2,688 to 53,736 votes (with that 53k being a bit of a fabulous outlier!) That outlier aside, the average nodder in this bunch cast ~5,500 votes.

I will be emailing folks this week to ask how best to get folks their prize. I’m also going to look into @Shaul’s idea about comparing nodder to Michelle’s votes.

Thank you again for partaking in this fun challenge and for all nodders who vote with us!


I don’t know how far we are from completing this campaign (i.e. the Mawson and Davis Adare Seas part of the big Weddel Seals in Antarctica project) and how many taggers are active, as those numbers don’t show when this campaign is the top campaign on the tomnod,com web site.

A) I read in a study on citizen scientists - I don’t remember where - that 20% of those who are active do 80% of the job, and that 80% do the rest.

B) We know that there are 400,000 polygons, and that there is a 10x Coverage goal. Let’s say that we have 1,000 active taggers.

If we take A and B together, that would mean that:

  • 200 nodders would do 3,200,000 polygons; that would mean that they would do 16,000 polygons each on average;
  • 800 nodders would do 800,000 polygons; that would mean that they would do 1,000 polygons each on average.