2017 Dec New Antarctica Weddel Seals campaign - Mawson and Davis Adare Seas


I’d say your 2nd hypothesis is too low and your first one too high.


Most minimalist nodders try to get at least a few thousand. Kids, grandkids, jobs, housework, illnesses, etc. all compete for time.

A middle tier tries to get at least 8,000 to 10,000

Go-getters chug along to over >10,000 to 30,000

And one to few rocket jet-setters blast off for the moon, and slingshot out of the universe. :smiley:

Not official, just my opinion.


Sorry, I failed, @Mel_Nod . In between trying to keep ice outta my pipes, and keep my house warm against sub-zero temps, I often could not “bear” to look at ice and snow in Antarctica.

@Michelle4 Do you have plans for a spring thaw to count fishies in a salmon run in Alaska? huh huh? :heart_eyes_cat: I’ll be there in a jiffy!! Sorry seals… hangs head in feigned cat shame.


Well @cageycat I don’t think you failed - the database shows you logging 3,018 votes on this campaign! :1st_place_medal:


But :crying_cat_face: I was shooting for 3,025 … even if I rarely found seals. @EmeraldEyes shooed them all to be outside my polys. (lol)

Oh give me some fish
Off a warm summer beach
Where my paws toast in sun
And backstroke is much fun!

Oh give me some salmon
My swiftness they not outrun
And where icy waters run cold
Attracting only the most bold-- ME!


Hi again all! I have sent emails to 14 of the folks who took the @Michelle4 challenge.

One Mystery Person cast 3,403 votes but were not logged in so I cannot contact. If you think you might be that person, will you email me at info@tomnod.com??

Tomnod does not collect volunteer addresses, so I am requesting those via email for prize recipients. Your are also welcome to maintain your mysterious Tomnod anonymity if that is your preference!

Thanks all!


I’m up to 3020… puff, lug, pull, struggling under the weight…

Wait … I’ll be back…
huff… puff… dragging my tail… I made it to my goal. hehehe


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Sorry @Shaul but I’m with Cagey on this one :rofl:
I’ve got 3 mathematicians in the house so leave that kind of analysis to them to hash out . . . oh but the debates they get into when they get going :dizzy_face:

And that was my favourite one of all :laughing::laughing::joy:

And at 6k I guess I can class myself as one of the minimalist nodders this time round :frowning_face:


Nah, they’re all just camera shy or they heard about the party on that map @Wilms found and posted in the other post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:


PenguinHitchinRide Just don’t try hitchin a lift from one of them :rofl:


OK, who forgot to log in? Come on, fess up. :smiley: We want you to get your prize!


No cause for frowning! Not at all. We have stamina to come back when we have time, when the house is quiet, when “life” lets us breathe. We keep coming back, over and over, to do “a little more”.

At 6,000 votes, you sure have me beat! Plus, you found more seals!! Me, not so many. White snow… gray snow… brown rock… black rock… snow men… rectangle… cookie sheet… more snow without even a crack— that’s what I got!


No fair! That’s cheating! She knows and we don’t! :rofl:


idea5 Hey Cagey, that could be one of Helen or Claus’s many pseudo-names :smiley:


Oh I’m not really frowning, I’m quite pleased with myself really, that I managed to do that much at this busy time of year . . . those last 2k only because the kids are back at school :grin:


Whoever it is, write to Mel to claim your numbers.


Now, we just gotta keep plugging away on it.


excited yaaaay Just for you Cagey. . . I found a seal inside a poly http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/194500

Don’t know what you’d call it though . . .
. . . Wild Antarctic Boar perhaps :laughing:


And here’s some real seals inside a poly for you @cageycat :wink: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/388086


That moment when you realize your fingers have been misplaced on the keyboard and you incorrectly tagged the last 20 screens as seals…

The back arrow didn’t work, so I had to go into history, open each one I’d done today in a new tab and double-check that it was properly tagged. Sigh.


:sweat_smile: Oh Manarelle I feel your pain…I’ve done that myself a time or two in the past. Now I have to be extra, extra, Extra vigilant these days when I use google chrome Incognito because that doesn’t save a history :laughing: :confounded: