2017 Dec New Antarctica Weddel Seals campaign - Mawson and Davis Adare Seas


I found SEALS . . . quick nodders, get voting before they all dive back under the water :open_mouth:
We need to get counting these guys before they become extinct . . . before we become extinct :smirk: :wink:


Last time I checked, we were 89% done; that was the last day we worked on the Tonga campaign.


That was just a day or two ago wasn’t it? So I wonder how long it will take us to complete the last 11% :thinking:
I think I’ve done about 300 this morning :roll_eyes: :grin:


Shhhhhh! I hope they’ll just mosey on down a hole.


See! :open_mouth: They’re getting bored . . . they’re all leaving . . . they’ve got better things to do . . . rave parties to get to . . . they can’t be hangin around here all day waiting for us to complete a measly 11% :unamused:

shout1 So get voting now! Get voting on those polys fast now, before they all get away :rofl:

Yeh…em…sooo…that one’ll be no seals then…I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wow! Congratulations Shaul, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen the counter that high before. That means you’ve done nearly 25% of the campaign by yourself… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I think Shaul deserves a Gold Medal, don’t you @Helen :grin:


We are getting close!! Thank you loyal antarctic explorers :smile:

I would estimate another two weeks on this campaign and we will close the book on Mawson and Davis.

Couldn’t do it without you all!


Come on nodders these Weddells are getting bored now so…

…they’re leaving in droves . . . well . . . all two of them :laughing:


So I’ve got about 2 weeks to reach my target of 20k…only 6k more to go then…fingers crossed for a few more than that :crossed_fingers: :grin:


See…there goes another one …


Thanks! :man_cartwheeling:


Only 2k off my target and roughly a week or so to go…yay :grin:

But you know it’s time for bed (it’s been a busy week) when you start searching all round the poly, even moving the map round a bit, and clicking on No Seals…completely forgetting to check the poly itself AngryEyeLift

:laughing: :sleeping:


Ut oh.

Who did that? innocently looking around:
<—She did it!


You mean we’re supposed to be checking inside the polys and not just look around for cool stuff to find? :hushed::rofl:


:sweat_smile: Guilty as charged :rofl:


:joy: @EmeraldEyes and @Jim7 !!!


Oops…did we just say that out loud @Jim7 embarrassed4


I’m afraid we did! It wasn’t until I hit “Reply” that I realized what I had said. Thought about editing the post, but just shrugged and said, “Oh bother!” (Winnie the Poo says that, you know?) :rofl:


I just accidentally came across this article about penguins in Antarctica - a “super colony” of an estimated 1.5 million! Satellite imagery was used to find them - with a little help from penguin “droppings!” :rofl: I wonder if they (or we) will find a “super colony” of seals? We did find one with a few thousand (or 10k?). I’m glad we won’t have to tag penguins. :roll_eyes: The first link is where I got the article from. The third link is a long read.