2017 Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to DG and Tomnod Staff


Every Christmas, I start a thread to wish Staff a Merry Christmas. But I’d really like if Nodders would post Christmas memes or images here so we’ve all put a personal touch on our “gift”. Please join in.

:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


OK, I found a gif from me… to folks in Tomnod and our Parent company…


and Happy New Year.


Who is next? :smile:


May you all have Peace and blessed Joy at the Holiday season.

from my front yard to yours.


Now we have a tree to put the gifts under!! Who is next?


Too pretty to pass up


Happy Christmas from across the pond th_36_15_2_28401


As soon as we collect more well wishes and Christmas cheer,
then, St Nick will soon be here---->

And we can send our “gifts” to Tomnod.
Here is the first gift— for the WV-family! All good satellites need pets! Each gets a choice!! A gerbil… a mouse… a bird… a puppy… a kitten… And, Dr Scott gets to watch, feed, and care for all the pets on behalf of all his satellite “children”. LOL



How about a “cube sat”? :rofl:


I think WV4 has cube sats.

Nobody has this one of a kind gift… ‘fern-frost’ in a surfactant bubble … so I give it to Tomnod…

“…a frozen soap bubble resting on a bed of fresh snow in Montreal, with the sun setting in the background. If you look toward the top, you can see shades of purple and green in the bubble; and toward the bottom, you can see the structure of the frost as it creeps upward.”


She had baby satellites already? :open_mouth:


Would like to send a musical e-card from Jacquie Lawson e-cards but I need a web address to send it to. Any suggestions?


It would be
info @ tomnod dot com (remove the spaces that I added).

However, I’m trying to encourage Forum / group participation. Could you also find and post a Christmas pic or a message in this thread? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Sorry that I wasn’t clearer. I would like to post the card(s) here at the forum, but am not sure how to go about it.


If it is something you can download to your computer, you can try the UP Arrow (see above) in any message box.

If the card / jpg can be copied (Right Click – copy), you can put your cursor in any message box and then Paste (Control Key +V).

However, any E-card site that requires an email address will not copy over to the forum.

Like I suggested, maybe find a regular jpg image for the forum and send the Jacquie Lawson card by email. I always loved her cards-- so pretty! I remember how novel they were when she first started making them.


HEY FOLKS ! Only 2 days left to tell Tomnod Staff out in Colorado your holiday messages.


Feliz Navidad!!


"Each light of this tree represents your support and that of the people who, like you, accompany us in this dream of improving the quality of life of our communities. Thank you!"


To our Tomnod Staff, @Jon_Saints @Mel_Nod and @HappyMapper

To DigitalGlobe…
(Is it true you’re no longer in CO but moved to San Francisco ? I’ll always think of DG in a small building surrounded by snow, mountains, and pine trees… Now where will I send my cards?)

a.k.a. now “Maxar Technologies” / MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), our Vancouver, British Columbia friends with the 2017 merger…

and To our family of hard-scanning satellites whirring away high above us…

May you always “See a Better World”-- for all of us. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

From all of your smart, eagle-eyed, tireless, hardworking, and enthusiastic Tomnod Nodders

And your Forum Moderators:
@cageycat and
now-retired Mod @Pastor_Ruth


Hello @cageycat @AKE235 @Pastor_Ruth @lucy @Wilms @Jim7 @EmeraldEyes @Beverly1 and ALL tomnod volunteers! Happy holidays and a very happy new year to all of you. Looking forward to a New Year of Tomnod!! You are the essential piece of the work we do!

@cageycat my group is located in Westminster, Colorado, and imagery is collected from our facility in Longmont, CO. So we are on the Colorado prairie more than in the pines, but we have a beautiful view of the mountains across the plains.

Happy holidays and THANK YOU all!


And here the Denver Post made it sound like you’all pulled out of CO altogether!

No pines? Well… bushes? Cat has to have somewhere to climb. :wink:


P.S. Really kewl building