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Warning! Catnapper on the loose!

During our New Years Pizza Party, while Jim was telling a scary story, a giant hand nabbed this cat—

The cat refused to let go of his prize, er, pizza. No idea what happened or where the nabber went.

2016 Sept to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!

Had a meow-time !


Sorry for the late reply. Let’s just do what the government does when they don’t want anyone to know what an object is… call it a weather balloon! :grin: Seriously though, I have no idea what it was. An anomaly or our “eye in the sky” messing with us as a bit of space humor? Maybe the satellite has been out in space too long and it’s tossing “Easter eggs” in the data, the same way coders do when they write programs.


Well, late morning…after a late night… ;-O We had a catnip contest last night—what can I say?

Hey, did ya hear about GlobalX? Got to get in there, if you haven’t already. Too kewl. yay!


Has everyone gone on vacation to the Med or the Caribbean? Em? Cagey? Jim? Pastor Ruth, you are missed!!


Hi Bev,

I’m here-- and there, and there, and… somewhere. Looking for sun-- have you seen any patch lately? :cat2:


Hey, I be here, in between breaks away from GX to let my eyes readjust. Had to get Pan to be my extra set of eyes on the encroachment portion of the campaign…


I’m still here, but I had to do some catching up on my course on FutureLearn and both of my granddaughters had a relapse of that “bug” they caught. They both managed to get back to school (nursery and Pre-K) for a whole two days before waking up in the middle of the night coughing and choking! :scream: I (we) haven’t been getting too much sleep, although I usually run on just 4 hours. But it seems when I do get to bed, one of the girls wakes up within 10 to 15 minutes after I close my eyes! :sleepy: And they’ve been waking up nearly 2 hours before their “regular” time. At least the 3-year old is bouncing back a lot quicker this time.


Are you feeling down?
Wondering “Who’s around?”

Feeling blue?
Wondering “What to do?”

Well, Cageycat Lounge is for you!

Animals in the neighborhood have been putting on little shows, a few plays, a few contests. Lots of talent out there! Their antics (which you can see on Friday evenings) reminded me of this website:

Now, if the Hummingbird flew the nest, you can either watch it bob in the wind empty… or… switch to another web cam!! I found the sheep barn at night particularly relaxing-- count the sheep as they lay down to sleep–LOL!

Not into sheep or land animals? They got birds! They got underwater! Whoo hoo. I watched the Bald Eagle, but he/she fell asleep. Maybe the eagle watched the sheep barn, too?

Night-night… mew.


Panda BowBow goes bye-byes today from National Zoo USA by plane to China! Awww!

She is not “our” (Nodders’) Pan but obviously, is a near relative. :wink:


I remember reading somewhere that a hummingbird will steal (okay, borrow indefinitely) spider silk and weave it into its nest. As the baby hummers grow, the nest “grows” with it - without falling apart. Pretty ingenious! Now I seem to think I read that on a site that had posted daily photos of a baby hummer as it hatched and grew up.


You’re right! I think she is her second cousin on her mother’s side. :laughing:


Hello. Nice lounge you have here. Hope you don’t mind if I reminisce a bit.

I was stationed in Hawaii (Navy) as a newlywed, and my wife and I wanted to have a pet to warm our hearts. We found a nice little all black cat and took her home. We named her Nefer after Nefertiti. She was the only cat that I ever owned who would go for walks with us. Not on a leash… she just came along like part of the family.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to keep her after about 5 years together. At one year old, our second son went into anaphylactic shock due to food allergies, and after a stay in the hospital we found out he was also VERY allergic to cats. We had a long discussion about what to do. Long story short, my sister’s neighbor took Nefer in and gave her a nice home.

She is 16 years old now, and I have said hi a couple of times as we visit my sister’s house. I don’t know how most people get their love for things, but I have always been a guy who likes cats. My favorite bedtime storybook as a young kid was: Pickles the FireCat. Like me… he was a troublemaker who went on to do big things. :slight_smile:

All the best,



Hi Sean,
At least the two of you didn’t go on to get into big trouble. :laughing:
We’ve had a few cats over the years. Our very first cat (after getting married) was a kitten that had been taken away from its mother too early. Our daughter was just an infant at that time. After finding the kitten curled up over our daughter’s face - after licking a little dribbled milk from her chin and/or cheek - we had to give her away. My wife (and other women) were afraid the kitten would suffocate the baby.
Our second cat was a nut job! We also had a dog at the same time - a black lab. When we were away from the house, the cat would run through the house, running up the walls close to the ceiling and back down. He did this from one end of the house to the other. Of course the dog wanted in on this cool-looking feat the cat was doing, so he tried to run up the walls as well. Of course he was way too large for this type of acrobatic fun, so he just contented himself with running after the cat, squeezing between the wall and whatever was next to it (the dining room table, the sofa and stuffed chairs in the parlor, etc.)! When my wife got home from having dinner at a friend’s house (I went to work from their), she thought someone had broken in and ransacked the house! The dining room table was on its side as were two of the chairs, the sofa was away from the wall with the carpet bunched up in front of it, one stuffed chair was knocked over into the middle of the room and the other was pushed diagonally away from the wall. She was going to call the police but decided to call me instead. I was working for a central alarm company at that time and was unable to leave work. So I called our friend and he drove to our house and checked it out. He called me and told me that nothing was stolen, but our landlord (who lived downstairs) said he heard the commotion and the dog barking (at the cat). He figured they were just horsing around. His mouth dropped when he walked in and saw the condition of the furniture! :laughing:
He used to bring back field mice and line them up outside the kitchen door. One day when my wife opened the door to let him in, one of the mice ran in ahead of him! It was dead! My wife and I spent nearly and hour trying to chase that mouse back out of the house - as the cat sat there and just watched the spectacle he caused. :unamused: From that time on, we always looked out the window before opening the door. :wink: We’ve had three other cats that are now long gone, but I do have my “Angel,” a Maine Coon. She wants to be combed out every day, wants her treats before she eats, and loves to lie in the window sills (or on the bed looking out the window, or on the back of the love seat looking out). She gets to watch the birds, squirrels, people and cars passing by, and at night: deer, skunk, opossum and the feral cats that are roaming around. There are a few pet cats that some let loose, but the majority are the feral cats hunting for mice.
Okay… I’m rambling again! I tend to do that a lot - just ask @cageycat! :smile_cat: :grin:


Hi Sean,

Glad ya like Cageycat Catnip Lounge! Open to all Nodders and Kitties (and Nodders who think they are kitties!) Come join us anytime! Anyone is invited to rev up their imagination and tell what we did… a contest? singing? paw olympics?

Was this the story you liked?

As a kid up to age 10, I had dozens of cats-- long story, but neighbors or family made sure the cats would not come back. As an adult, I rescued dozens of cats over the years, including many jet-black ones. (I lost my 4 oldest cats in last 10 years… the last cat, also black, died just last year.)

It’s nice to know you like kitties, too. :cat:


Good stories Jim. Thanks for sharing them. Cat presents are the best! It is pretty cool that you worked at a central monitoring station. I used to install security equipment. (learned it in the Navy)

That is the book, cageycat. I love that book to this day! I have read it to one of my kids for the last 15 years. (we have four kids - 4, 7, 12, 15 - and they keep us on our toes) Sorry about your loss last year.


I’m thinking about asking a local rescue group if I can provide “enrichment” (e.g. babysit) a couple cats for 24 hours. Miss my cats. :crying_cat_face: It’d be nice to play with a kitten-- but I doubt I could keep up in my human form. Sigh.

Guess I’ll just have to have a New Mew Prey Prance in my kitty form at the Catnip Lounge and invite all the Nodder Cats. Anyone wanna come join in? Catnip milk free!


I was asked to host a “Mental Health Day”. Bring your own coping mechanisms!

Our entertainment will be from this handsome young man— quite a catmedian, I hear.


Hey, did anyone lose an adorably confident kitten?


So adorable! Could look at kittens all day. I can usually manage 45 mins. of the peru tiles till I have to quit and go to something else to rest my eyes. Hey, I have found a penguin project on zoouniverse. cool. Hope you have started recovery and will soon be back to your cat-bouncy self. As soon as spring really hits we’ll all feel better.