2017 Jan to June - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!


I know when @EmeraldEyes was here by the hearts she give out.
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Hey @Beverly1 I’m beginning to strongly want to get a new kitty. Need a cat’s fur to pet— besides me LOL. Thinking I’ll get another older and maybe disabled cat.


I could always ship you some of Angel’s hair (oooh! “Angel hair!”) when I get done combing her! :grinning: Oh course it may take several days to get enough to stuff a throw pillow. :wink:


I’m also thinking I need a fluff ball for company. Miss my Priss tremendously. Am getting house projects under control again, so I may promote one of our farm cats to the big city life.


I still sometimes see my black cat’s black shadow. :frowning:



It’s been so long, it took me three attempts to log in…couldn’t get my password right :blush:

My kids would love a cat…so would I, but we are all out so much these days I’m afraid it would be neglected :worried:

And now I’m gone again…


Here two for you! :smile_cat:


How to train your Human :stuck_out_tongue:


@Kathleen posted this youtube clip on Facebook yesterday :sweat_smile:


OMG! so cool. laughed till I almost fell off the chair. Poor baby, though, you could see she was really in to it. Sorry, Cagey, couldn’t help myself.


@cageycat Question: Do cats have tunnel vision? Like when they’re trying to sneak up on a rabbit? :laughing: A short while ago I spotted a rabbit sitting motionless in the grass along side the driveway, maybe two feet from the pavement. There was a second rabbit at the other end of the driveway - which the cat spotted. The cat trotted right past the first rabbit - about six feet away - and went toward the second rabbit. When the cat was within thirty feet of it, it took off and hide in the tall grass next to a utility trailer. The cat thought the rabbit ran past the trailer and headed across the yard and to the edge of the woods. By this time the first rabbit was back to eating. :laughing: After the cat started into the woods I went outside with the dogs. The second rabbit decided to come out from hiding, one of the dogs (Solo) spotted it and barked. The rabbit ran for about 25 feet and stopped. The dog decided he didn’t want to chase it and started to walk away. That rabbit went back to eating. :slight_smile:
So do cats get tunnel vision when they’re focused on their prey? Seems like it…



You’d have to ask the cook :cat: I don’t chase my food. The waiter brings it to me (nose in air) and if not quite to my taste, he brings another…and another.

Maybe your cat thought the white tail was an automated ball with fuzz and chased to get the ball?


That is so cool! Er…so kitty! I wonder if there’s one of a pileated woodpecker. Nah! That would really be pushing it. It well!
Poor Australia getting swatted and knocked around like that! :laughing:


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