2017 July to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!


It’s a good thing this cat wasn’t sitting in a tree! :laughing:

2017 Jan to June - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!

That is the world renown elite gymnast known professionally as Gyro-Cat engaged in cattastitics!!!

Notice his expert “Tuck & Roll” modeled after gymnasts and parachutists. He practices flawless “grab your ankles and KYB goodbye!” — without ANY safety equipment!

Given his expertise, judges estimate that he has earned 20 more lives than ordinary house cats. You might note that means he has a total of 29 lives, which puts him on equal tails (tales) with females who perpetually say they are 29 years old to avoid the dreaded 30. This apparent self-limitation of 29 years permits Gyro-Cat to develop “extreme” cattastitics, such as the KYB and the “Self head-butting”, and “4 Pawsies UP!”

Go Gyro-Cat, go go go! 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10


Cagey! I found you, you little sneaky feline! Your glowing eyes gave you away trying to hide in the mud/lava flows in the Antarctic!


:dizzy_face: @cageycat what have you been up to, no wonder I’ve been having so much trouble with my maps, you’ve been prowling and pouncing all over them chasing after your ball again, haven’t you :angry:

Just look at the state of you, all covered in muck, we can hardly see you :astonished:
And you’ve even got poor @Beverly1 convincing @Catherine it’s penguin pooh :smirk:

I think you’ve got some explaining to do little kitty



My son’s dogs love to roll on their back in that stuff… as long as it’s either deer, rabbit or skunk poo! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:





Hey! No dogs-drool (or poo-u) in the Lounge! Sit!! Now, – out!!

Speaking of, though… I’m pooped!

Spent the afternoon and evening at our satellite ER. Needed my fluids filled and topped off! Have an ongoing issue with lactic acid building up in my muscles. Normal is 2.2 … Mine from Thursday was 6.75 (OMG!). However, my doc did not see it till today and ordered 3 IVs. But the company he asked to do it wanted to do it in my house but over 1 & 1/2 DAYS! So I went to the ER so they could run the IVs wide open (1,000 ccs per hour).

Soooo, no one got my vitals when I arrived— oh no no no no! Bad bad practice! I asked for an EKG to rule out heart versus chest wall//muscle pain. Well, she ordered the blood draw and IVs, but not the EKG. THEN, the nice dr was sorta ‘pushing’ morphine by IV… my usual answer is no, no, no… but high lactic acid building up makes the muscles go into non-stop contractions and painful tremors. So by my 2nd IV bag, I had 1/2 cc of morphine on board—ahhh… better than a catnip spritz! Noticed my foot was swelling and showed doc (1st warning sign) but she shrugged it off.

But they had to send my LA re-draw downtown cos someone broke the on-site machine!. We were waiting… waiting… Hung bag 3… still waiting… An Aide finally came to do BP and TPR. He says my BP is 179 / 82 – OMG, I’m never high like that! Dr comes in… (2nd warning sign) and I say, “Hey, whaddya do to my BP? Fluid overload??” I knew it was… yep, she says (great, thanks).

Then she informs me bloodwork No.1 before the fluids was only 3.5 (they pulled the 2nd one after the fluids). So I should have had no more than 1,500 to 2,000 ccs, not 3,000 ccs Ugh. She said BP should come down in 2h. Well, I dropped to 145/80 in 20 minutes so they let me leave.

I did ask the dr if she’d come home with me and bring some 2cc morphine along LOL No, drat. LOLOL.

OMG I’m T-I-R-E-D. Whinmew Whinmew

Could someone make a big batch of catnip tea? I’ll be in the recliner, listening to Pentatonix singing Bohemian Rhapsody… and Imagine… my 2 fav songs.

La la la meeee-ow ow ow… meow… me…owwww…

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Ugh… need Tylenol.


Hmmm… Catnip tea with 2cc of WHAT? :astonished: I love the song “Imagine” sung by John Lennon. Okay, sung by anyone as long as they don’t butcher the song!

“my BP is 179 / 82 – OMG, I’m never high like that!”

Before I started donating platelets, I always had very low blood pressure. Some said I shouldn’t be walking! I always suffered from dizziness every time I stood up, and if I stood up quickly I’d almost keel over. My BP hovered around 80/59, with a slight drop every so often. There was one time when my wife had really aggravated the ‘you know what’ out of me and I knew my blood pressure was “sky high.” I had a doctor appointment for a follow up and when they took my BP, said it was perfectly normal. Good Lord, I could feel my pulse pounding in my temples and it felt as though my heart was pounding so hard it was going to burst! I was also shaking - especially each time I thought of what my wife did with some of my “stuff I didn’t need” (according to her). She tossed some things I had since before we even met. Bad wife! Anyway, about 3 months after donating platelets every 2 weeks, whenever I went in the Red Cross Apheresis Unit, they’d say my BP was slowing moving up to the “normal” level. Heck, by that time I could get off the gurney without help. Guess I also benefited from donating! :wink:

Get feeling well as quick as you can say, “Meow!” :face_with_thermometer:


Sounds like you have a not to wide-awake ER. I know what you could use ; a nice steak and salad with a lovely red wine with a DVD of lovely kitty capers followed by a judicious dollop of catnip. 12 hrs of deep sleep and you’ll feel much better. A nice shiny diamond cat collar would probably help as well.


Worse… I had an appointment yesterday that I could not cancel. So today, I feel as sick as when I went to the ER. Headache, belly pain, ugh.

Lapping up bowls and bowls of water! Come on, LA, give me a break!


Belly pain… Hmmmmm… Hairballs maybe? :smiley_cat:


Probably just need a good burp . . . . Jim’s good at get the wind up you :rofl:


Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat…


I think that’s why I always get called to get a burp or two out of Brianna when no one else can! At least she saves going #2 for mommy, daddy and grandma - usually. :laughing:



Sounds lovely!!

I’ve been resting up. No more appts for 2-3 weeks so I got catnip on the horizon as I bat my ball and be a lazy cat.


Credit: http://sixcatsonedude.com/the-lazy-black-cat-daydreams/


Hey! You don’t look orange anymore! Oh, that’s not your emoji… Oh well… :expressionless:


:cat2: : brown
:cat: orange



Tongue; pink
No fever
Heart: kind and steady

Time for a catnip toast— To all my nodder friends, so glad you are here!