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And Angel says, “meow!” as she guards the house again the two house guests tonight. Oh, and I did remind them that she has all her claws! (We don’t believe in declawing.) She only hissed at one of the guys. :smirk_cat:

Update: Our two house guests stopped back at my son’s house this morning after spending the night at my house. One told us that as he started to head up the stairs to go to bed, he met our :smirk_cat: at the landing halfway up. She hissed and growled at him as she puffed herself up. (He said she looked like she was just as wide as she was long! :grimacing:) He turned around, went back downstairs and slept on the couch! :rofl: Little did he know that she usually sleeps on the couch. But she let him be and slept on her condo in the next room. He told us he was glad we only had one cat. :grin:


Poor guest. Did he awake with a stuffy nose? Cats do keep on giving. :triumph:


He was okay… not bothered by cats in that sense. But he did tell me that from seeing what a cat with claws can do to a dog’s face, he figured if the cat wanted the upstairs to herself, she’s got it! :rofl:


Mrrrrrrr-owl ! Swipe.

At least we do try to warn… hisss! puff…


Anyone want to go on a road trip to see @Pastor_Ruth and @AKE235 and visit Pan and her little Pan?

We can rent a van if needed.



Yes, yes, you can go too. @AKE235 you better get in Cat Chow and Dog Chow and Parakeet seed… some suet and salt licks…lots of animal milk… and booze for the boys…

You know, we Nodders really do need a Summer Party. That would be so kewl. Meet in small groups for picnics and send in pictures-- but like our dads took the pics (just shoulders and down to feet-- lol).


Looks like a child trying to get the teacher to pick her because she knows the answer to a question - finally. :wink:


Oh I do remember that feeling :smiley: no matter how long ago it was :smirk: :weary:


In my case, I never seemed to have to raise my hand… I always got “picked” on. :confounded:


I was the quiet one who hid at the back of the class and prayed I wouldn’t be called upon :sweat_smile: Whether I knew the answer or not:wink: But just occasionally I’d be brave :blush:


I raised my hand once at the beginning of Freshman year (9th grade) and I ended up spending the next semester teaching literature to an English class of Seniors (12th grade). Oh, by the way… I got an excellent mark on my report card and was then pushed to become an English teacher. (Kept my hands under the desk from then on. :rofl:


It’s funny, my hubby was the same and now our children are following in our footsteps :smiley:
Every single parents evening we’ve attended since reception class, it’s the same comments no matter which teacher it is; progress, behaviour are always excellent but they all long for our children to put their hand up occasionally (if only to let the teacher know they understand) or come to them if they’re stuck and every time, to every teacher we’ve met over the years, we say the same thing, they have as much chance of winning the lottery :laughing: My daughter is getting a tiny bit better at it…I think…its just the impression I get from her when she talks but I won’t know for sure until the next parents evening around October time :smirk:


Barkeep, Make me a double catnip on the rocks, shaken, not stirred. Had a rough night, no sleep!! My brindle was apparently chasing zombie pandas from outer space and her barking kept up all night. - :unamused: -ake


image You’ve all corrupted me…I never even knew what catnip was

until I joined this forum image



I know how they kept all those cats on the walk and not venture off into the grass… they watered the grass and cats don’t like to get their paws wet! :grin:


They had all been Model Cats where they learned how to work the catwalk amid catcalls and cat-o-nines.

Hey, does anyplace make solar eclipse glasses for cats? Which brings to mind… I’ve never heard of any cats going blind if they look up when the sun gets covered… Why not, when we see better than humans?


They just probably figure it’s time to take another cat nap and head for the nearest pillow and zzzzz… :sleeping:


I’m sleeping now. (er, pretending to sleep… Don’t I do that well? I should be in movies!)