2017 July to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!


I forgot to tell you, we have adopted a foundling black kitten with a white bib and white epaulets. He is Itty Bitty Black Kitty. Itty Bit for short. He had a gash on his side and was really scrawny when he came to be with us, but is now healed and putting on weight nicely.


Love it, Bev!



For Halloween weekend, we’ve booked the one & only, the golden and proud of it…

:sun_with_face: TACO CAT! :sun_with_face:

Taco Cat has a unique show of comedic music. Requests taken. (Note Requests must be made in writing, with 7 paragraphs explaining why Taco Cat should perform your request.)
join us Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday…

Sar~dineo Soup
Sardine Salad
Sardine Appetizers
Sardine Tacos
Taco el Sardino
Sardinex on the half Taco

Cook will prepare requests (with 12 day request beforehand) - Sorry, request window is now closed.


O look— my Glamour Shots are back! They didn’t have to touch up anything, right?



No sardine burritos? Or sardines on flat bread? Almost makes one want to go back to mice! :scream_cat:


:mouse: :mouse2: :mouse: :mouse2: :mouse: :mouse2: :mouse: :mouse2:

Hey, hmmm… Did anyone notice we have an Emoji we shouldn’t use? lololol I never saw it before! I’ll let you guys guess which one but… don’t type its image or type it in words or I’ll have to edit and blank it out! hahaha


Oh yes! I remember now. One time I actually went through all of the emojis. One is definitely as no-no! It’s in the “people” category. How did that one get in there anyway? :thinking:


LOL, had to go and look that one up as well! :thinking::innocent: If you hadn’t mentioned it, I’d probably never have known about it… :wink:


Of course none of us on the forum would ever use or even need an emoji like that! :innocent::roll_eyes::rofl:


We should petition to get it replaced with a more useful icon… an emoji for catnip, or something similar?? (Or a black cat face for Cagey to replace the one that went missing a while back :mag_right::cat::cat2:)


At the very least, that emoji file should be able to be deleted from the file group or database.


Unfortunately, Tn doesn’t have control over what is in the emoji list. The groups are from Discourse, the software maker of our forum.

I still wish @Mel_Nod could find our Black Cat emoji set we used to use from the beginning… up until this year.

:cat: (yuck color, barf)


Hi guys! Am doing pretty good, but still can’t see well enough to Nod. I have a temp pair of reader specs which helps some close up, but not near good enough for image analysis. Driving me zippo not being able to read well, as I’ve always been a reader and very visual person. I go next Monday for a checkup and then will get referred for my permanent glasses. I can see quite well at distance, which is amazing to me as I have worn glasses since 4th grade.( I know, Jim, alonggg time ago.) Keep thinking I am forgetting something when I walk somewhere, but then remember I don’t need my glasses all the time.


I have to admit… it was a loooong time ago that my mother used to call me “eagle eyes.” I could spot a mosquito flying halfway across our yard (at about 25 yards/22,8 m). Threading a needle? Just wet the thread, hold out the needle and push it through. My mother always kept me near when she sewed. :laughing: My eyes were still good after getting married. Then the unthinkable happened. I was standing near a window when one of my co-workers smashed it with a sledge hammer. We were going to take down a 100+ year old, 4 story Mason lodge piece meal - to salvage as much of the old lumber as we could. It was windy that day and the wind blew right in through the broken window and into my face. I ended up getting glass “dust” in both my eyes. I was taken to the hospital and they spent nearly 8 hours washing and picking glass out of my eyes. I can still see up close, but the farther away from about 10 feet the less clear things are. I also had “floaters” as a result of that incident. Over the years my eyesight deteriorated slowly - and unnoticed - until I had to renew my CDL (driver’s license). When I was given the eye test, I f…f…f…failed! :hushed: I had to get glasses to see at a distance. It was so funny when my wife and I were driving home after getting my first pair of glasses. She was driving and as we traveled down the interstate I was looking around at everything. I happened to look at some trees that were about 1-1/2 to 2 miles away (2,4-3,2 km). I burst out with, “I can see the branches on those trees!” I removed my eyeglasses and looked at them again - just green tree shapes. Putting them on and looking again, I could make out all the tree limbs and smaller branches! I was like a little child with a new toy! :rofl:
All was fine until an incident where I got rust blown into my eyes. Another trip to the hospital and several hours of rust removal. :grimacing: The third and final blow to my eyesight was when I refilled a 2-1/2 gallon/9,5 liter spray bottle with degreaser for cleaning the gradall. I was holding the canister by the lip as I was dropping in the spray unit. (I should have set it on the floor.) The canister slipped from my grip, dropped to the floor and the degreaser shot straight up into my face - in my mouth, up my nose and in my eyes! When this stuff gets wet it forms a gel. Of course the instructions say to use with plenty of ventilation, so having it in my mouth and nose was bad! They also say avoid getting into the eyes, and if it should happen, seek immediate medical attention. The foreman called for an ambulance immediately as I couldn’t see (or open my eyes) and I couldn’t catch my breath. I was foaming at the mouth trying to spit out this stuff that just seemed to want to continue foaming and gelling the more I attempted to expel it from my mouth and nose. Almost 12 hours in the hospital for that round. From that time forward, my eyesight was slowly declining. Once I drove without my eyeglasses and my wife noticed I wasn’t wearing them. When she told me I should be wearing them, my reply was, “I know where I’m going so I don’t need to read any road signs.” :laughing: She wasn’t amused. :roll_eyes:
I’m glad to hear you’ll be getting your permanent glasses soon. I’ll pray that your eyes heal perfectly.
Oh, and don’t set your glasses on the ground when you stop mowing the lawn to check anything out on the mower. You may forget to pick them back up and run over them with the mower - like I did! I ruined a $220 pair of titanium wire frames that were only 1 week old! At least I didn’t scratch the lenses. They were scratch resistant. :rofl:


Oooooo, look what I did! Purrrrfect Halloween costume.

Next year, I shall be…let’s see… oh, a Weddell Seal ! LOLOL


This cat can’t decide who he’s gonna be… cat…dog… dat?


OMG, look at those paws! Gotta be bigger than a woman’s 10W shoe. Sandal?


Maybe a cog? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my Jim! Sorries!!! You can have my protective shades…

(nice music too )


Looks like this cat is into jazz!


That reminded me of when my son got his first pair of glasses, he was about 7 I think at the time. Later that day when he went to sit on the couch he noticed the fabric actually had a pattern to it of little coloured squares…“I didn’t know there was a pattern on the couch” and started pointing out the little squares. That was it, he was off re-exploring his world through his new eyes and discovering all sorts of tiny details he’d never noticed before :smile: