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My helper fell and hurt her knee. So, no bed delivery for another 10 days. At this rate, the store will owe ME one month of not having my bed. cry

Thinking… Cats like newspapers. Got a box of old newspapers under desk knee hole.
Put box on top of old mattress. Jump in… curl up… sleep… awe!


I wish my wife would get hearing aides. She used to be a bar tender where they had Rock & Roll and Country & Western bands playing every Friday and Saturday night. Her right ear - facing the bands - was damaged from the loud music. Her left ear as well, but not as bad. She can’t hear most of the birds singing. Actually, after an extensive hearing test, it was found that above a certain frequency, she hears nothing! Now I know for a fact that women have “selective hearing,” especially when it comes to their hubbies and children, but my wife seems to be in her own little world at times, oblivious to everything around her - she hears nothing (unless she really want to :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). I can imagine her with hearing aides… hearing her grandchildren calling her - the first time, the birds singing, and even me talking to her. :rofl:


I always thought that was the men’s . . . and children trick :smirk:
Of course even if your wife got hearing aids there’s still no guarantee she’ll hear you. My dad’s excuse was forgetting to turn them on and my father-in-law’s excuse is always, always, always, that the batteries have run out/he’s out of replacement batteries/or both:angry: And of course nowadays he can also call on his alzheimer’s and forget where he put them, though his usual excuse is that they feel funny/uncomfortable in his ears :roll_eyes:

Joking asides, with his condition, my f-i-l is always forgetting to open the little doors on the hearing aids to disconnect the batteries at night thus draining the batteries quicker than average. And those batteries are not cheap :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so my m-i-l is always telling us :smile:

So there you go, just a few of the excuses you might hear if your wife takes the plunge and gets hearing aids :wink:


I meant to upload this little kitty last night before retiring. I really must have needed a cat nap! :smirk_cat:

What? Me worry? (Alfred E. Newman of Mad magazine (from many years ago))
black kitty


Really great penguin impression Cagey. Too bad your human persona can’t balance that well. Don’t shoot! Just kidding!


Thought I’d post a couple pics from our Howl-ween 24 hour party…
We found Magmus in the parking lot, ready to go… He got confused…

Then, there’s aging Dolly… Luckily, we found her in time. (How would a cat give mouth to mouth??)


More “Howl” photos and videos!

Sammy had a lot of catnip LOL

Tabitha got creepy in the bathroom. Think she smoked the nip?


Sunday night (tomorrow) our line-up includes the group, Light on Yer Paws!

Watch them razzle and dazzle with their footwork. This sibling duo will light up your life!


Yeppers, that ‘human’ breaks her toes all the time-- wibbly-wobbly-- and not even a drop of wine to blame!


Caption: Sit still and smell my paw. Smells just like Savannah grasslands, right? Right?
Ahhhhh, your head smells like the tree bark of my youth… sighhhhh… Did you rub your ears on it?




My new bestest buddy, a man after my own heart…

% I’m dreaming of a Catnip Christmas…%


If you don’t need anything, I’m going back to sleep now.

droopy eyelids



Hey, look what Frank did!

On the road to SHAMBALA

Give us those Night Moves!


Just for nostalgia…

OK I’ll stop. lol


:smiley: I love his voice sigh2


About 15 hours of countdown for bed!

T - 15H


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New bed, new bed, new bed-sooo comfy NewBed all MINE :grin:

Now…just havin it tested for bounce…and flatten out a few of those lumps :smile:

But I’m not going near your place 'til you get the mess cleaned up
FrightByMess :rofl:


Maybe 3 to 5 hours countdown to bed…

T - 3 to 5

(Then putting it all back together again— sigh.)