2017 July to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!


Why do beds always feel like they dip in the middles?

Night. exhausted


They’re exercising and just “sucking their gut in!” No need to get excited… until they exhale and make a bump in the middle! :laughing:


The mattress “punched” and “pounded” me all night. Awoke in more pain than my 3" dipper was causing, especially my back injuries. (Hips loved the bed!) Just hope I get used to “firm” bedding again. Might have to pull out my feather bed topper. Ahhh choo ! Shoot! Chickens!


Maybe because the quality controllers have been bouncing on it :rofl:


:open_mouth: Shoot chickens :cold_sweat:



walkinghiking Right, I’m all supplied and going in … promised my daughter I’d make a start on clearing out her bedroom today MaryPoppins :cold_sweat:

If I’m not back in 48hrs…send out the search party image


When my son was about 14, his troop voted him in as quartermaster. I approached the Scout Master later when I came to pick him up and asked him why on earth they voted him as quartermaster. He straightfaced told me that he was the most organized boy in the troop. " Are we talking about my son?" I asked, after I picked my jaw up off the floor. " I can’t even find the floor in his room. " Seems my talent for organizing things had rubbed off on him, but he just didn’t want to tell his Mom.


:laughing: Sounds just like my daughter :rofl:

I opened one of her cupboards with the intention of making a start on clearing out stuff she’s outgrown…took one look and closed it again :confounded: she can tackle it herself at the weekend :roll_eyes:


Or show his Mom! :rofl:


And my DIL! Seems like every time my son, my wife or I open a cupboard door, something falls out in our face. I asked her if she’d like for me to clean and organize her cupboards and she replied, “Oh, no! That’s okay… Then I’d never be able to find what I’m looking for!” I just turned around and as I walked away said in an Irish whisper, “As long as whatever falls out onto you is what you’re looking for.” :roll_eyes::wink: Heck, I’d even turn all of the spice bottles around so everyone can read the labels. Besides, by the time I get through, she would have had an entire cupboard shelf or two empty. More room for more “stuff!” :roll_eyes:


Droopy cat here. Days splat down on my bed. Hot cold…cold hot. Sniffles, cough, tightness in chest… miserable.

Will someone oversee the catnip stash in the Lounge? It’s in a great big vault with a large dial. I’ll give the combination and whoever guesses it and POSTS it FIRST can be in charge of the Lounge. Remember, that means telling one story about visitors using the catnip (can be a short story…a very short story, LOL).

Ok combo numbers you must guess are these —
What is today’s date (day) – in the UK that is?
How many “Reader” badges do you have? (check under http://forum.tomnod.com/badges)
Jim tells the weather on the Forum. What number is after his name?
How many days ago did Dr Michele LaRue post (see http://forum.tomnod.com/t/weddell-seal-update-from-dr-michelle-larue/4945 and look in the top right corner)
What is the number after Dr LaRue’s posting name? (easy! You just saw it.)
We have our own @Claus … What month does Santa Claus visit kids?

OK, post your numbers!
@AKE235 can verify if the numbers are ‘right’.
First one to post the correct numbers gets a whole lot of catnip… I mean, to watch over. Must save some for me.

I’m going back to bed now.

Aren’t you glad there is no :cat: hairball icon. Cough, cough… hack.


Thats too complicated for me, to understand it all, soo not responding on this :upside_down_face:


I’d better not let my cat see the catnip stash, else there’ll be none left for you when you’re better…

Is that the date when you posted this, or the date that I’m reading it? :thinking::wink:

I’ll have to leave working the rest out until tomorrow… time for :zzz: now

Definitely! :rofl::upside_down_face:


Oh double-hockey… the date I posted, except read in UK dating. LOL OR— pick any date close by and claim the Cat was delirious. hahaha The mice at the Lounge will help pick the lock.

Gotta eat and bed, night all.


Well if this was posted 12 hours ago, that would be 16th but if you are looking for the DAY then that would be Thursday. So is the first number 16 or do I need to work out the number of each letter used in the name ?


Well that depends on which calendar you follow? For example, Christmas could be in December, January or even ‘Christmas in July’ in Australia to emulate the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere winter. December is the middle of summer there so can be too hot and humid in December :wink:

Aw heck…and by the time I worked all that out and got into the safe, it looks like someone already beat me to it :frowning: CatBurglar all thats left are your shiny baubles :roll_eyes: :smirk:


The mice probably picked the lock to snaffle all the catnip for themselves… :wink::rofl::mouse2::mouse2:



I got it—

Armed guards will load the vault tonight. :smiley: Nobody guessed the code yet. Keep trying. LOL


What is today’s date (day) – in the UK that is?
Date of posting was 16-11-17 (or 16-11-2017 if using the 4-digit year) :spiral_calendar:

How many “Reader” badges do you have?
I have 1, Tomnod lists 21 with the Reader badge on the forum :open_book::closed_book:

Jim tells the weather on the Forum. What number is after his name?
No. 7 :sun_behind_small_cloud::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::sunny:

How many days ago did Dr Michele LaRue post
14 days ago from today, so 13 days ago from the date of your original posting :slight_smile:

What is the number after Dr LaRue’s posting name?
No. 4

We have our own @Claus … What month does Santa Claus visit kids?
Month 12 :santa::deer::sled:

Do I get the catnip now? :upside_down_face::crazy_face: Or do I have to bribe the mice in the Lounge? :innocent::mouse2::mouse2::cheese:


Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding! The Overseer of the Catnip Vault is… @Helen Be nice to her— she gets to hand out catnip tea! She is also the overseer of the mice in the Lounge. Be nice, she’s also got the cheese!