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Unequivocal statement: I ate too much.


My daughter-in-law asked me why I wasn’t eating as much as I always have. I just looked at the girls, smiled and said, “Grandpa is saving room for desert!” :yum: But then both the girls stopped eating and told their mother they too were saving room for desert! Bad grandpa! :roll_eyes::rofl: It’ almost like when I was little and we were having ice cream, jello (gelatin) or pudding for desert. If we didn’t finish our dinner, my father would say no desert for us because we must be full. That’s when mom would step in and take our side by saying, “but that slides down.” Dad always gave in - or up! :smiley:


Oh phew whew! Someone let out quite a few in the Lounge, in between stuffing the stuffin’ ! Need to evacuate before any cats start pukin’

@Helen did this happen during a party, or was it on my off-night? o

Oh drat, drat, drat, here comes the Health Department-- scat! I mean, run!


Not unless those pesky mice :mouse2::mouse2: have been having a party in my absence… :thinking::mouse2::balloon::tada:
It might be all the cheese they’ve eaten? :cheese::cheese:
Anyone see anything? :eyes::telescope:




…or maybe not shy



Yaaay…got one yay2


Love that humane mousetrap! I’ll have to remember that one next time my cat brings me a live pressie… :mouse::gift:


(Headline) Mouse Misses Mark, Might Maneuver May 2018 (or… Cagey Catches Critter)

Balance Bottle 8.2
Bottle Roll 10.0
Bottle Battle 5.2
Peanut Butter Bottle Brunch 4.3
Bottle Blurry Blitz! 9.8
Electric Drill Bottle Cap Caper 10.0
Pot-to-never-use-again 10, 10, 10

Spotty applause.


I just want to come in here and say I have been very good at not peeking!!




I hope there wasn’t water in that pot. Mice can’t swim for that long.
When we first got married we had a cat that used to cry and scratch at the back door to come in. When my wife opened the door one morning, there were mice lined up across the doorway. One wasn’t quite dead and ran into the kitchen and under the refrigerator. My wife and I spent nearly an hour chasing the mouse from under one thing to under another before it finally ran out the door. The entire time our cat sat to one side just watching this comic situation unfolding! Once the mouse was out the door, he wanted to eat and go to bed! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We had to get rid of the 10 or so mice he brought home. :angry:


Are we there yet?

Oh man! When I posted this it was showing the animated gif. But it looks like the forum software caught up with it AFTER it posted it and I moved on to another topic. Even as I am typing this edit, the animated gift is showing okay to the right side of the screen. Huh?


No peekin angel_saintly

No peekin Angel_pullsplugOnHalo

No peekin Angel Little_Angel

angry9 That’ll teach me to rush through the posts angry3

But I didn’t look AngelHalo


Grin roll small


Yeah @Jim7 I tried and tried to fix it but couldn’t.


@EmeraldEyes YOU can peek, but not folks out at Tn office.



@Jim7 that gif looks like Maru the cat from YouTube. He has his own YouTube channel. His talent is fitting into tight boxes/containers

You have to watch this one through to the end of the video! :joy::rofl:


Interesting mount!


Thanks for trying, but in parenthesis it stated that "image larger than 3072KB. By Discourse’s limits, file size has to be no larger than 1024KB (1 MB). Bummer! But it is a nice :smiley_cat: peaking out of a box! Must have been look for St. Kittyfur! :smirk_cat:


I just wanted to clarify that the cat in the container moves into boxes on his own, he is not stressed at all. I realized the picture looks bad, but he really just likes/chooses climbing into tight spaces and does not suffer.