2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


For a few days, mamma deer was running the little buck off. Funny watching her “charge” at him. Looks like she was telling him to “go hang out with boys now!” For the past 3 days and nights, it’s just been mamma and the little doe. (Brother has a fine set of velvet-covered antlers with at least 6 - possibly 8 - points.) When mamma and his sister are out back by the stream, he’s out front under the apple and pear trees. At least he could wait until they ripen! :roll_eyes:
I’ll have to take a walk down to the northwest corner of the property by the stream to see how the crab apple tree is doing. For the past 6 years (except for last year) it got infested with tent caterpillars and was really hurting. We thought it was a goner. Last year there were hardly any tent caterpillars anywhere. Hmmm… :thinking: At my insistence, my son decided to let it be. At least even if it did die off, the woodpeckers and other birds would have a good food source - of bugs. :heart_eyes:

2016 Dec to June 30 2017 - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)
2018 Jan to June - Bird & Animal Sightings

Where have all the fireflies gone? I think I may have mentioned several months ago that I began seeing 1 to 2 fireflies every night at least 3 months before they’re normally out flashing their behinds. :grinning: Two days ago my wife told me, “Your nephew posted on Facebook that fireflies are swarming his yard and said this must be a ‘bumper crop year’ for them.” I looked at her and asked, “Which nephew?” I have 30+ nephews! Then she tossed out his first name - of which there are 3 nephews with that name. :confounded: I just said “okay” and walked away. Why can’t women just give out ALL of the details at once, instead of having someone ask their way through them? :slightly_frowning_face:
Two nights ago I actually spent overnight at my own house - with Angel, my cat. When I went outside, there are actually about 20 fireflies in my backyard and driveway! Wow!


Where do fireflies go in the daytime?


— The Firetrap Inn??


Let’s see… :thinking: Bar flies go to bars, so fireflies must go to fireplaces. Sounds right to me!


You sillybob!

I like Firelight Inn, on the old Forest Lane. :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:


I guess I’ve been slacking. :roll_eyes: Here’s a photo of the buck we watched grow up from a fawn from last year. His first year he became a 7-pointer, but with thin antlers. This year his antlers are much larger in diameter and he looks to have from 6 to 8 points. (I’ll have to blow up the photo to check out the protrusions closer to his head.) He is standing beneath an apple tree. In the second photo is his sister who has decided to take a short break right across from my car (visible on the lower left side of the frame). Mama had already crossed over and was walking along the arborvitae heading back to the stream and the woods.

I think I have to wash the outside of the bay windows. :neutral_face:


Yesterday (28 July) shortly before dinner my two granddaughters were playing at the bay window. When I walked in, I looked out the window and just below the hanging bird feeder was a hen turkey and two little ones! When I told the girls, they practically screamed in delight! Wanting to get a picture, I had to run out back to the breezeway to retrieve my camera. I ran back inside, turning the camera on as I re-entered the kitchen, and just as I was focusing in on the birds, they turned and ran away. My son’s neighbor was just getting home from work and his pickup truck scared them off! No photo! :grimacing: The little ones were about the size of Guinea Hens. As the turkey ran, I realized they were heading around my son’s house toward the backyard. Running out back onto the deck to see if I could get a picture of them, I heard the sound of the sliding door. Turning, I saw my 5-year old granddaughter coming outside - with one of the dogs in front of her. As I hurried over to put the dog back inside, I told my granddaughter not to let him out or he would chase the turkeys. Hurrying back over to the end of the deck, I hear the sliding door again. Turning around I see my granddaughter heading back inside - and the dog back outside! :confounded: I quickly got the dog inside and headed over to the end of the deck - nothing! The turkey had already gone back into the woods above the small stream.
After my son got home from work, the girls told their father about the turkeys. He replied, “They were out there when I left for work this morning.” Maybe I’ll get a second chance to get a picture of them.
It was nice a couple of years ago when a flock of turkey decided they would roost for the night (for a week) in the trees across the stream. Then they simply moved on.


Turkey, Coyote and bats: Several days ago the hen turkey with her two young ones were back - in the backyard this time. Wrong place to be as both of the dogs were out back. One spotted the birds and ran toward them barking loudly. (He doesn’t take too kindly to any large birds landing in his yard! :grinning:) The hen gobbled four times in rapid succession and took off flying up to the trees at the edge of the woods. The little ones followed. A few hours later as the girls were driving around in their dune buggy, the 3-year old found a down feather from one of the young turkeys. It her “trophy” as she calls it - it’s also now an ingredient for one of her “potions” she makes with sand, sidewalk chalk scraping, sparkles and water. :grin:
On Friday afternoon (3:05 PM) a few coyotes were howling out in the field across the stream. After a few calls they received a response from another coyote farther downstream and to the southeast - probably on the hill at the cemetery that’s at the county line.
After not seeing nor hearing any bats so far this summer (except for the couple that came out during the warm spell on 2 April before there were many bugs out flying around), I finally heard and saw a few flying around my son’s backyard. One was setting off the motion lights over the deck as it flew between the maple tree and the breezeway. I was beginning to think there were no bats around here anymore since I’ve been going outside every night between sunset and 4 AM.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be as many barn swallows this year as in the past. We’ve always seen groups of 20 or more during the day and each evening. This year the most we’ve seen in a group catching flying bugs is 8. It’s the same thing down at my own home.
Fewer bats, fewer barn swallows, fewer lady beetles, fewer praying mantises, fewer katydids, fewer butterflies. Not good!


These musta been near Jim’s house. LOL


Kids always want to eat at the most inopportune time! :grin:


I thought maybe your community had a “Vote Yes for Breastfeeding In Public” campaign? LOLOL


Cagey, Remember a while back when I said that for 7 years straight we had cloudy and/or overcast skies during the peak of the best meteor shower of the year? Well, it’s cloudy/overcast and raining! One layer of clouds is so low that the light from the newly installed LED street lights (I hate these!) is reflecting off them, making the sky look like it’s dusk… not dark at all! Hopefully by 3 or 4 AM there will be a break in them - or maybe tomorrow night. :scream:


The hen turkey and her two little ones have been showing up at least once a day now. This was taken about an hour after I tossed some bird seed on the ground. (I think they’re watching me!) :wink: Oh, and that’s a green apple to the left of the tree that the girls had put out two days ago for the deer to eat. There’s only about 3 left out of 14.


And here one of the deer (doe) getting an apple from the tree. I really have to get out and wash the outside of the bay windows. :thinking:



Oh heck, have you got those too :frowning:
I hate them so much, specially when driving at night, ok, not as bad through the streets, but A roads and motorways they are sooo dazzling, the same with them on cars too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Whatever happened to the phrase ‘Don’t dazzle, dip your headlights’, there was a very good reason for that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Heck, I thought that across the Pond in Britain, people just aimed their cars in a general direction and stepped on the fuel feed. Or is that just in London proper?Seems like they didn’t need lights, they just went where ever they wanted.


Kind of like Hartford, Connecticut and a lot of other U.S. cities - large and small. I think a lot of people all over the world “lose it” once they get behind the wheel. Just yesterday afternoon a 28-year old male rolled his car over on a back road - 1-1/2 miles up the road - with no one ahead of him, behind him or coming the other way. Texting, speeding, drunk, blown tire, no slowing down for the hairpin turn? Haven’t heard yet.


Yes, they just installed them this past spring. I hate them! When they first came out with the bluish LED headlights, I hated them as well. They hurt your eyes as they approach. Same for the “driving lights” that sit low to the ground below the headlights. When the pavement is wet from rain, they reflect off the wet pavement and up into your eyes - just like high beams!

And to keep on topic, the hen turkey and her two little ones were back out under the maple tree out front at 5 PM today. And that lone doe was back under the apple tree at 7 PM. My 3-year old granddaughter wants me to catch her one of the young turkeys for her, although she hasn’t said what she wants it for. :roll_eyes:


Ah…you just did. :roll_eyes:


This afternoon while sitting on the driveway to keep warm while watching the girls driving around in their dune buggy, I observed a house wren or chipping sparrow alight on the messenger wire spanning two utility poles out front. The bird wasn’t there 20 seconds when a hawk came swooping in, plucked it off the wire and flew off with it toward the woods by the stream. Only one feather came down onto the driveway.
The turkey buzzards have been staying just above treetop level due to the high winds/gusts today.
And speaking of turkey, the hen turkey and her two not-so-little-anymore youngsters were feeding under the bird feeder beneath the maple tree out front of my son’s house. My wife got up early this morning, saw them and simply did not wake me. (She SHOULD know by now that I’ve been trying to get picture of the little ones growing up! :angry:)