2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


Mama turkey and her two little ones were back here this morning. Grandma, the girls and I watched as they walked down the hill on the other side of the ravine, came up by the apple tree in the neighboring property, ran under the pear tree and made a bee-line for the maple tree here in my son’s front yard. (I knew I should have thrown out some cracked corn last night!) After scratching around for a minute, they headed along the front of the addition and walked around back. Funny how one little one always seem to stay a little farther away from mom as they eat, and this one is always the one to start walking away - mom and sibling follow. :thinking: I did take some photos, but they’re still on the camera. I’ll post one later today.
EDIT 4 Sept @ 10:45pm Here’s the turkey photos. Notice in the 1st photo the one youngster on the opposite side of the utility pole. He(?) seems to keep to himself and when he wants to leave, momma and sibling follow. Is he a young tom? :thinking:


9 Sept.: Last night our 2-yr old whitetail deer (buck) showed up just before dusk. I’m still impressed how his antlers are so thick as compared to last year (his first “rack”). Watched a pileated woodpecker head back to its nesting tree near the creek just a little to the south that our small stream feeds into. Some katydids and preying mantises were clicking away until just after dark. A couple of cicadas were singing away until dark as well. Only spotted a couple of fireflies all night. There were a couple of bats flying around all sides of the property. I saw one stink bug - they’ll soon number in the hundreds as the weather gets colder and they search for a place to winter. Haven’t had the swarms of lady beetles (lady bugs) cover the east and south walls of the house yet as they do every fall on sunny days.

10 Sept. (0000-0145 ET): One firefly and several bats out tonight. The bats are very busy all around all sides of the house. Very quiet night tonight.


Lady Birds! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ahem… This is what they are called on THIS side of the pond. :laughing: Is that what they’re called on the OTHER side? So, did Lady Bird Johnson - as a certain U.S. president was called - get her name from “over there”? :thinking::smiley:


The upstairs neighbors always brew very strong coffee at the top of the stairs that used to connect the first & second floors.

Tonight, an odor arose, smelling like black coffee mixed with the chew men used in Deliverance and 6-month old socks last rinsed in the Everglades mud and a touch of some disgusting stench.

My friend goes in & out the back door 5 or 6 times a day. As this stench started, I called her on her cellphone in the kitchen and she informs me a skunk has been circling my house all day. It got scared by the upstairs dog outside and sprayed right under MY windows.

Glad I :cat: stayed on my clouds today… Drift Away… Dobie Gray - Drift Away (Original Official Video)

la la la :cat: da a la la

(Gosh dern, he died. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/dobie-gray-drift-away-death-270338 Loved his Drift Away!)


LOL! That reminds me… Haven’t heard of any cats (pets or feral) getting sprayed by skunks here in the hamlet for weeks. For some odd reason, they always seem to get sprayed whenever we have the air conditioning turned off and the windows open to get some fresh night air. :grimacing:


This is disgusting. P.U.


Do you think Helen will mind if a cat just shows up on her doorstep? haha


How many peanuts is the price of 2 seats’ stuffing?

Have you presented them a “bill”? Just like a landlord must put in writing how much he’s withholding from a security deposit, human “wildlife feeders” must present a written summary of how many peanuts will be withheld to pay off porch damages.

I’d advise your squirrels to protest further (hey, lots of stuff on a porch can be chewed!) or move to an attorney’s house-- somewhere where their rights are known.

Feed the squirrels, dag nabbit!


Hey if they want free nuts just make them work for it…providing you and the grandchildren with a little light entertainment Laugh CrackingUp


LOL, the last one that did stayed for around 8 years having a very comfortable life! :wink:


Went back to work on Tuesday - if anything, I need MORE :pill::pill:! :wink::upside_down_face:


Slo Mo Squirrel

Form 9.8
Function 9.4
Free Flying 9.2
Courage 10
Perseverance 9.5
Creativity 10
Toeholds 3.6
Jawholds 2.2
Choreography 8.9

Form 10
Function 9
Free Flying 10
Courage 10
Perseverance 10
Creativity 10
Toeholds 10
Jawholds 8.4
Choreography 10

Cat Lunch Box - both!


:laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: spinningchair3


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Well, one of the pranksters decided that since I hadn’t “accepted” their repentance gift after 3 days, one or more of them quietly took them. At least they didn’t chew off the outer covering and leave a mess in front of the door! :laughing:


Oh, they get the nuts from the trees alright! The people next door hear them dropping onto their roof, bouncing several times before rolling down and hitting the ground. When they have “enough,” the squirrels run down the trees to retrieve them. Now we have butternut trees growing in the privets! :rofl:


I forgot to mention this in my other reply. The squirrels have been chewing on the wood railings where we always set the peanuts on. Maybe some peanut oil “flavored” the wood there? Next spring I’ll be filling in their chew marks, sanding and refinishing the railings. Sigh…


Buy some cheap aluminum disposable trays and line the porch.

I still don’t understand why the squirrels are off peanuts? Dieting? Punishment for a crime? They left their scat on your porch? Their tails didn’t shine your shoes properly? LOL

Give-em the peanuts! :protest sign:


You don’t know this mama squirrel! She’d fill up the trays with acorns, butternuts, hazel nuts and beechnuts - and teach her young ones to do the same! Sort of a defiance acts I think it would be! And then they’d probably cart off the filled trays like they do when they work the suet cages free from their mounting chains. I actually ran over one one night when I pulled into my driveway to take care of the cat. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EDIT: I forgot to mention the little stinkers do pee on the banisters. I find little puddles on the banisters when I went out to give them refills, but that was a few weeks ago. Thinking about it, if my wife knew that I was spending between US$75 to $100 a month feeding the birds, squirrels and chipmunks at our house and at our son’s house, she’d wring my neck! :grinning: