2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


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Now doesn’t this look like a frog sitting there looking up at you??frog vision It is a barn, if you can believe it.


Yeah! I finally saw some deer! First ones since the 8th of September! They must have tried out someplace new and finally decided, “Jim’s two buffet locations can’t be beat!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And finally, the lady bugs/beetles showed up in numbers. My two granddaughters caught a few for “pets.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (When they went inside to eat, I loosened the tops of their containers so they could escape. :innocent:

I also spotted what I thought to be a small, immature praying mantis on a screen in the breezeway. After it posed for a photo shoot, it began laying eggs on the screen, making a series of short rows which equaled about 1 square inch/6,4sq cm. When it finished, I carefully let it climb onto the butterfly net and carried it out to the deck, placing it on the railing. After several minutes it flew off into the nearby tree. I was really surprised that it was laying eggs since it was so small as compared to a fully grown mantis. It was only about 1/6th the size of a “normal” mantis. Now I have to keep the girls from hitting or rubbing the screen with anything and everything so they don’t destroy the eggs. (A grandpa’s work is never done! :roll_eyes::rofl:)

Owls, owls and owls! I spent the last 2 nights at my own home - by myself (and Angel the :smile_cat:) Whenever I went out onto my porch I could hear owls hooting away in the woods behind the carriage house and being answered by an owl on the other side of the hill to the north. Two nights in a row like this. And only saw one meteor two nights ago. To be honest, last night I didn’t stay out watching for long. :tired_face::sleeping:



Are the critters okay, @Jim7 ?


Oh yes! The gray squirrels are still ticked off at me I guess. Every day or two I find a mess or two on my porch. They’re bringing butternuts up onto the porch, pick a spot - usually at the top of the stairs, on a railing or banister, in front of the door, or on my chair - and proceed to chew off the outer covering of the nut. Leaves a nice mess for me to sweep off. I’ve noticed a couple of “new” squirrels here. Now I’m wondering if they’re bringing in reinforcements to assist in their retaliation for not receiving peanuts any more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The rest of the wildlife seems to still be on their best behavior, although at times the bluejays, titmice, hairy woodpeckers and chickadees will scold me while I’m sitting out. I suppose I’ll have to take care of them before I can have my cup of coffee. (sigh):roll_eyes:
I haven’t heard the coyotes lately, but a red fox stood its ground and barked ferociously at Bella (the old golden retriever) as Bella stood at the corner of the property by the stream and stared at the fox who wanted to come across. After five minutes of listening to the fox telling Bella this was “his” territory, I finally called the dog and she came back up the hill. The fox barked for another two minutes - making sure Bella knows enough not to stare at it again - then became quiet and silently crossed the stream and ran across the backyard, following the stream as it headed north. :laughing:
We haven’t seen the turkeys since I posted those pictures, but now we can listen to an owl or two hooting for over an hour or two nearly every night - especially cold nights.
The crows, ravens, turkey buzzards and hawks are still a daily sight, but I haven’t noticed any eagles or ospreys in over a month. I think the great blue herons have left for the year.
We’ve noticed a few stragglers of Monarch butterflies - and about 3 or 4 other species - that are still around but seem to be headed south. It’s been so warm the past two months that the dragonflies are still making daily hunts around the back and side yards - even the very large ones!
We haven’t been out today to feed any birds as it began raining around 5:00 AM and it’s still raining at 11:45 PM! The wind is supposed to pick up tonight to 20-35 mph with gusts up to 65 mph. Tomorrow the wind will be the same, but the gust are expected not to exceed 60 mph. Looks like a branch pickup here and at home Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Oh my… a new breed of squirrel has moved into the penthouse above Jim’s yard!



Oops, this pic just got me into trouble would you believe…because I laughed. My daughter heard me and thought I was laughing at a very “depressing” (her words) advert for a charity appeal embarrassed2


Wonder if Jim’s wife knows about that wine cork the squirrel (alias Cat) found??


I don’t drink wine. But a little rye whiskey or bourbon once in a blue moon used to be in order. Haven’t had any of that in over a decade though. But now that I’m off all of those pain killers and all other meds, maybe a little nip? Okay… just when it gets really cold out. :rofl:


11 Nov., 1:04 AM: I just came in from taking a quick look at the night sky. Nice and clear with a multitude of stars shining brightly. Not windy any longer, but a mild breeze with light gusts. It’s 21.6F/-5,7C. Guess it’s only going down into the teens (F) tonight. I thought I could hear the deck boards and tree limbs making popping and cracking noises, moans and groans too. Then I realized that the popping and cracking was my back and it was I that was making the moans and groans. (I could blame the dog that came out with me because he was lying down next to me.) :laughing: No owls hooting tonight unless I missed them already.


Good thing you don’t drink wine; my 2 sisters and I made up for it Sat. night celebrating multi birthdays. We took up the slack for you not imbibing.


So what you saying is that there’s gonna be a lot of whinning because there’ll be a shortage of wine this Christmas :upside_down_face: :rofl:


I can remember many years ago my wife indulging in some wine while we were out partying. :innocent: What I saw her doing the next day was not pretty! :rofl: I swore I’d never touch the stuff… even though I used to sneak a little port wine and white wine from the pantry when I was young. :laughing:

And to stay on topic, I watched a pileated woodpecker fly across my son’s backyard down on this side of the stream. A few minutes later it was knocking so hard on a tree it sounded just like a jack hammer (pneumatic) - not like those gentle “taps” we heard from the other woodpeckers. A buck and two doe have been showing up pretty regularly - mornings, evenings and during the night. Tossed out a few apples (washed) for them the other night. I was hoping they’d get them before Solo (male golden retriever) got to them. Solo eats everything!


22 Nov.: After taking care of my cat and ready to leave my house to go back up to my son’s house, I was met at the bottom of the porch steps by our neighborhood albino skunk! I hadn’t seen it for several months, so I was a bit surprised. It is actually a beautiful specimen having very long bushy white hair that actually drags on the ground. Its tail is so fluffy you’d swear someone combed and teased it - or rubbed a balloon on it for 5 minutes. :grinning: I simply said hello, turned around and walked back up the stairs to the porch. I sat in my chair waiting for it to move on but, as with all skunks, it was taking its sweet time as it foraged for grubs and worms. After nearly 30 minutes it moved from the side yard over to the front yard, giving me the opportunity to walk back down the stairs and out to my car.

As I made the turn onto my son’s road, two deer were under a cheery tree. One rushed off into the shadows while the other stood and watched me drive by. They were also there two nights ago when I was returning to my son’s house. Pretty good size whitetails! :smiley:


Regarding @cageycat’s post (#49)… I looked at that photo again and a vision came to mind of a squirrel running past the cat, tossing the nuts to it and saying, “You never saw me eating nuts in Jim’s chair on his porch! Okay?” … And then running off while the cat looks at the nuts and wonders, “What am I supposed to do with these? There’s no bells or catnip inside!” :smile_cat:


Almost got conned by the cat just now (my cat, not Cagey!)…
He just came through the house to ask me for food, and gave me that really appealing “I’m STARVING, I haven’t eaten for AGES” look. :heart_eyes_cat:
I nearly fell for it, until I realised that he had fresh food on his nose… :smiley_cat: (he’s a bit of a messy eater!)