2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


Albino skunk threatens to strike until @Jim7 resumes his regular “news” casts. The skunk claims it wants more than 15 minutes of fame. Claims he made a verbal contract for regular coverage here.

Whitetail deer walk off trails in protest over the missing human.

Turkeys and babies “gobble” their way behind a log pile to plan their response.

Squirrels and birds chattering and chirping. Speaking on condition of anonymity, an informant reported that a wild bunch of squirrels are planning to break into Jim’s attic unless he puts out more nuts and seeds on the porch railing.

Oh my.

Animals are growing increasingly confused without Jim’s regular feedings. This is a new “Deer Dog” species that took up residence nearby.

You can send Get Well cards to:
Deer Dog
One Deer Dog Run
Dog and Deer Patch, New England States


Hmmm… That looks like one of our “doorbucks!” Most people have a doorbell, but up here we sometimes use “doorbucks.” Should a stray animal show up and tries to take the “regulars’” food, the doorbuck gently (well, sometimes not-so-gently) shows it the “door.” They seem to work out until a certain time of the year when they seem to disappear for a couple of weeks, then show up again with a harem of girly-type “friends” - all looking to munch on things around the property, especially the arborvitae (that they turn into lollipops) and whatever goodies they can find left over in the gardens. :roll_eyes::rofl:


After seeing only two doe for the past couple of weeks, I finally saw our buck with the does. They were hitting one of my son’s neighbor’s cherry tree down at the end of the road. At least they were limiting themselves to what had fallen onto the ground and weren’t standing up on their hind legs and pulling the lower limbs down - yet. :smiley: So far this season they seem to be leaving the arborvitae alone, but I’m sure once we get a few feet of snow, they’ll be turning them back into lollipops again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Tonight a large opposum ran scurried across the intersection just as I was about to make the turn onto the road that leads to my son’s road. At least he appeared to look both ways before crossing, and stayed where there would be a crosswalk (there isn’t). :grinning:
A squirrel - most likely “mama” squirrel - left one final butternut on my wife’ chair on our porch. I suppose it was a peace offering for the damage her brood had done when they tore the seats of our chairs and removed the stuffing completely. (They even took it with them the little scoundrels!) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The birds have had a bad week with all of the high winds and gusts we’ve had. Most days the only ones that would venture higher than treetops were a few crows and one turkey buzzard! The little ones kept to the trees and would make quick excursions from lower tree limbs to the ground and back - but only in between the strong gusts. Most bird seed that had been in the hanging feeders was blown away. :confounded:
No coyotes have been around for quite some time now, and we haven’t seen a fisher for even longer. This year, no black bears have come around for a visit - or meal, not that I’m complaining about that. And the moose have seemed to be quite content upon remaining up north for a change. (I think one year one was trying to head to New York City for a party as it was seen - and captured - as it walked along the New York State Thruway (I-87). It was captured just south of here and returned to where it began its adventure. :grinning:)
I suppose it wouldn’t hurt me - unless my wife finds out - if I head to the hardware store and buy a lot of seed, suet cakes and peanuts for the critters and birds this month. The girls have been looking out of the bay window and the extra-large windows in their playroom (more like a 3-lane bowling alley :rofl:) for deer, rabbits, squirrels (red and gray), red fox, turkey and the assorted lot of birds. They loved it yesterday morning when there were about 75 birds under the maple tree in front of the bay window. The 4-year old was heard saying, “No fighting! There’s plenty for all of you!” Then she turned to grandma and asked if she could go out and give them some more seed. :heart_eyes: Grandma told her she had to get ready to leave for school. (She’s in Pre-K.) I was still sleeping as I didn’t get to bed until nearly 4:30 AM.
We’re all looking forward to seeing the turkeys feeding out front again. I’ve already purchased a bag of cracked corn specifically for them. But if the deer show up first, I’m sure they’ll be lapping that up as fast as they can! Oh well!


For a couple of days, I wondered if everyone had gone on holiday to the Med with Em and Helen. Didn’t seem to be anyone here. Either that or consumption of Thanksgiving viands was too much for everybody and they all collapsed on their sofas dealing with food comas


I was here, but wanted to give everyone space.

Besides, I got locked out on the sun porch during my sun-spa day.

:sun_with_face: :cat: .


Still here, just lurking in the background while I busily get on with work and other stuff… :grin:


Ahhh, so you’re the one who’s working! LOL Stretching :cat2:


Didn’t you know that “work” is a four-letter word? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Helen said it first!! I just made it into a gerund. :smiley:


Yeah, sorry Cagey! :pensive: :upside_down_face: Someone has to do it… :thinking:


Sorry Jim, I’ll put a :pound: in the “swear-box” next time I’m passing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:


Okay, I’ll let it slide - this time! I lost my breath and grabbed my chest when I saw that word “w…w…wor…work!” Not a good thing for someone who’s retired! :heart_eyes:

Now to stay on topic so Cagey doesn’t have to go moving these posts around… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Has anyone in the northern latitudes noticed that the earthworms are still near the surface and coming out each night? And after a good rain they’re all over the roads and driveway? It’s looks like July or August seeing them out like this! Weird! Guess we are going to have a warm, wet winter. Earthworms say so, not me! :roll_eyes::wink:


Didn’t mean to scare you Jim! :scream: I’ll try not to mention THAT word in future… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face:
I’ve got another 20 years until I can… now what was that word? Ah yes, “retire”…

(Just to remain on topic :wink:) Haven’t seen any, but it’s usually too cold/wet/windy :snowflake::umbrella::cloud_with_rain::wind_face:here to spend much time outside at night.


An Ohioan… I’m not surprised!

Fake news (satire here):
Hunter said, “Well, it was brown. And it moved! I swear I saw it flick an ear!”

After being shot, the Big Brown Truck coughed but couldn’t run! It feared being shot again, right between its fog lights. Truck reportedly told the NY Troopers who arrived at the scene that “he” never wanted to turn down that country road, that it “just didn’t feel right under the dark tree canopy”. Before the Truck croaked its last toot, it lost all its fluids from its engine, and its heart stopped. Troopers were overheard chuckling at all the puns they could think up… but all agreed, it could have been a person hit. As it is, they said gravely, “This was a motorcide, no doubt about it!”

In other news, a 2nd hunter in NY also shot at a moving brown truck.



We have a friend just across the county line who uses white paint to paint “COW” on the sides of his cows - after having one shot a few years ago!
Then there was the time the NYS Troopers on the NYS Thruway stopped a car headed south (to NYC) with a billy goat tied across the roof! :rofl: The driver was so pleased with himself as he told the trooper the story of how he got his “deer.” :rofl:
My wife was shot at by some yo-yo who was driving down a back road in his jeep. He spotted something walking on the far side of a corn field along the woods (that be my wife). He stopped his car and shot through a line of trees and across the field. My wife said the bullet kicked up the dirt about 6 feet (~2m) in front of her. She immediately “hit the deck” and lay on her stomach. She heard the jeep start up and speed off down the road, She decided that was the end of her hunting for the day. :hushed:
These things always bothered me as I was a New York State Hunter Safety Instructor for about 10 years. These people were definitely NOT in any of my classes! :grimacing:


I’d only walk in the woods if wearing bright orange neon pants with “HUMAN” in bright red lettering down each side of my legs; a bright orange shirt with red hearts and cupids front and back; and a hot pink hat with red ribbons streaming down my back. Maybe some really vivid make-up to complete my outfit… and carrying a double-sided sign “No bullets!” Might carry a small boom box loudly playing “Stayin’ Alive”! LOL


Our albino skunk was around again last night. As I was leaving my house to head back up to my son’s, our fluffy white friend was foraging for worms/grubs by the utility pole across the street. At least I didn’t have to sit and wait for 30 minutes before I could make it to my car! :smirk:


@Jim 12 days, man!!! Where are ya?? Did you get in a trail jam with these deer women and children?

Caught on a trail cam. LOOK how many!!


Jim has a Celebrity Deer… Look at the wig he’s wearing! No, not Jim… the buck!



And lastly, Alaska’s Loch Ness Monster!!! RARE and Unique Footage! Sorry, it’s only on Facebook.

( https://www.facebook.com/thekenai/videos/1548685035179151/ )