2017 July to Dec - Fog, Lights, Birds, and Animals ;-)


Sorry Cagey! I actually had the nerve to come down ill! After getting my feet soaked while shoveling the wet snow that would turn to slush as you pushed it, and my head damp from the drizzle coming down, I came down sick the next day. I actually went in to lie down at 10:15 AM and woke up at 5:40 AM the next morning - just in time to let Solo (male dog) outside. Of course Solo woke me up 5 minutes before my son got up for work! :dizzy_face: I’ve been taking it slow and easy.
Now to stay on topic so I don’t get scolded (by Cagey :smirk_cat:), A buck and 3 doe have been making regular daily (and nightly) visits to both my son’s house and mine - verified by all the tracks they leave in the snow from the carriage house in the back to my front yard. The poor hawks have been getting a lot of harassment from the crows every day. The pileated woodpeckers sound more like a construction project going on in the woods - even their calls are quite loud. The red-headed woodpeckers aren’t as loud as the pileated when they hammer away at the dead trees, but they have been busy. The downy and hairy woodpeckers make many visits both out front and behind the house. This almost sounds like a movie production - color provided by cardinals, blue jays, juncos and gold finches. Directed by a common raven, assistant directors: crows; editing by mourning doves; music provided by the entire cast. :laughing:


: catnip :tea:
:bowl_with_spoon: of chicken noodle soup

Advil Cold & Sinus

Heating Pad

You know this means Grma and Ma plus the girls are going to be sick by Christmas. Just in time for you getting well. groan

Best thing about being stuffed up… changing diapers won’t bother you. roflmao

Feel better.


All of the above except the Advil. I don’t like taking medicines. I guess I shouldn’t have stopped taking my daily tumeric. I’m back on it and it’s the only thing I’ve taken since I got off all my pain meds.
As for the diapers, they’re still MESSY! And sometimes will actually “clear up” a stuffy nose! :rofl:


This is so cool! I’ve never heard of a moose swimming underwater for so long. I’m back, sort of. Did a week of living in the bathroom, followed by 4 days of " I feel like crap.". Then a round of eye doctor appts. to learn that the capsule that holds my lens in place is a bit foggy so that was why I wasn’t seeing nice and clear. Got my new glasses Fri. and have been getting used to them again. Here I was hoping to be done with glasses altogether. Followed by a bout of “I feel short of breath.”. Sure missed you guys. I am back to doing a few tiles at a time so I can be very thorough in my coverage.


Here’s another Moooo-se!

Sorry about your ‘crappy’ two weeks. :frowning: Feel better!!


Is that better Cagey :smiley:


If it wasn’t enough to fear swimming with a giant croc in Lake Placid (1999), a massive moose with a rack that’s barreling toward you underwater is enough to keep me up near the shore.

But, then there’s The Edge (1997 film) and also Backcountry (2014) of a grizzly bear and a black bear hunting down people… We know what bears do to salmon…

:cat2: playing dead


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_29k6dJ6DA :rofl:


Me when I vacation with my Auntie down south.


Say Cagey, Does animal sightings include any :panda_face: encounters? Like maybe whenever I bath them or tuck them in bed every evening or late afternoon strolls?


Of course. Just wait to Jan 1st to use the other thread. :wink:


About 25 years ago while I was fishing at a reservoir (shh! public water supply :zipper_mouth_face:), I watched a buck (whitetail deer) jump into the water from the opposite side and swim across to the area where I was fishing. It was nearly to the shore when it spotted me, turned and swam the entire distance back to where it started from! The entire scenario took nearly 10 minutes. Bet he was a little tired out by the time he crawled back onto land! :smile:

Ive also seen a whitetail deer swim across the Hudson River while the tide was moving out. That takes strength not to get dragged down river. I don’t think the deer was pulled too much down river from where it was headed to on the island. Pretty strong swimmers they are. Now me on the other hand would simply do a back float and say, “pick me up in New York City in a few hours.” :rofl:


Dear Santa,

You know I’ve been good all year. No nibbling on roots. No stripping the bark off limbs. I’ve kept my tail bushy and fluffy. I didn’t complain when my roof leaked onto my new bedding. And we so 'preciate all the nuts and seeds throughout the year. Your Elf Jim’s been a nut with giving us grub. Now, maybe Rudolph missed us-- it was snowing. Or maybe @Jim7 was down at his son’s and wasn’t here to take your delivery… But would you please give him a call? I’m freezing out here, waiting for my presents!

P.S. Ma wants to know if she can have one of your old coats, Santa.


Believe it or not, when I finished shoveling the snow last night, I also shoveled beneath the pine tree at my house, then tossed some bird seed out… and lots of black oil sunflower seeds for the squirrels - and deer. :laughing:


Be such a deer and scratch my back…


:rofl: That reminded me of the time Bella (Golden Retriever) licked Angel’s face (Maine Coon). Bella had just gotten a long drink of water and it was still running out both sides of her mouth. Angel wasn’t too keen on the idea of having her face dripping wet. She shook it off and ran into the next room!
Paycheck - our son’s male golden that passed away from cancer - was taught to “wipe your mouth” after getting a drink. He would actually lick his lips so no water dripped out. Bella? She walks away with the water pouring out from both sides, leaving a double trail of water drops. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, that is one of many talents of the Golden Retriever!
Another is when they drink from the bowl and then rest their mouth on your leg.

I can’t count the number of times I have been at my Mom’s house in sock feet and had to change them because I stepped in the water bowl drippings. Mom has three soon to be four Goldens. Her youngest gave birth to puppies, (she works with a breeder) and I am going out to see them in January :smile:. Two-month-old golden retrievers are the cutest :heart_eyes_cat:


:laughing: My wife always seems to get the soaking wet leg(s) and lap! Bella has always been my “little pumpkin” since she was a pup, but she only seems to want to let the water run onto Grandma! Good girl, Bella! :rofl:
As for running around in socks, that’s my son and DIL. And they’re always complaining of wet feet. Without even looking up I say, “If you dress your feet you wouldn’t have that problem.” :smirk: Aside from the drinking water drips, there’s always those times when it rains or snows and the dogs’ feet are wet or loaded with mini snowballs. Miniature puddles are all over. But I do have to give the dogs credit, usually they’ll head right over to their beds and lie there until they’ve dried off - somewhat. :wink:

With the bitter cold today and tomorrow’s high only going to be 18F/-7,7C, I wondered if they make solar-heated shelters for birds. I even thought by using pvc tubing with heating tape run through them, that would make for some nice heated perches. :thinking::laughing: And a lean-to to house the birds would keep a little heat near their bodies as well. But then as I thought about all the birds around here, I would require about 500+ of these and would have to spend a lot of time climbing countless trees to install them. Guess the birds are on their own until I come up with another warm idea. :wink:


The day before yesterday I had purchased a lot of bird seed, black oil sunflower seed, suet cakes and peanuts (2 5-lb/2,26 kg bags). I put a lot of everything all around beneath the large pine tree in my front yard before heading back to my son’s house and did the same beneath the large maple in front of his house. Yesterday the man who lives across and down a little from my house walked over as I was leaving my house. He told me there were 6 deer under my tree for over an hour (@ 5:30 AM). He asked me why they’re always in my front yard. When I told him I feed them, he asked me what I fed them. Without any hesitation and without any change of expression I replied, “Why, trail mix of course!” He looked at me as though I was nuts. I think he was thinking along the lines of trail mix (snacks) for humans while hiking. :rofl: I finally explained that it was cracked corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Tonight (Friday 1140 PM) there were 4 deer munching on the arborvitae that line the north boundary of my son’s property. I think we’re going to have lollipops there again this year! We didn’t get them wrapped in burlap this fall. :unamused:
Once the birds found out that Jim put a buffet out front, all kinds of birds showed up to feast. There were slate-colored juncos, bluejays, a couple of red-headed woodpeckers, many downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, cardinals, chipping sparrows and mourning doves, as well as some finches and wrens. I have a feeling those 4 deer also made a pit stop out front before heading over to the arborvitae. If we do get the little snow in the morning they’re calling for (1"-3"/2,5-7,6 cm), I’ll toss some more out when it stops. My 6-month granddaughter watched the birds from the bay window as she sat in her high chair. I think she was more impressed when they would fly from the tree limbs to the ground and back. I guess she did enjoy watching them as they hopped around also. :smiley: