2017 July to Sept 30th - Random Thoughts


Maybe you need to rest your eyes more - i.e.: not spend so much time in front of your screen. These do cause eye strain after a while. :tired_face: Take a lot of breaks, or maybe even a day off. That should help you and give Bob and I some time to think up some more humorous things to keep you on your paws… er, toes. :smirk_cat:


My wife and I stopped buying the peanuts for the squirrels and stayed away from the house for a week. When I went back, I found the squirrels had chewed the seats of both chairs we sit in on the porch, and then removed every bit of stuffing! :confounded::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: To top it off, the little buggers still have the audacity to come up onto the porch, climb up and sit on the railing and stare at us! Even after their mischievous antics, they still expect to receive some treats! The nerve of them! :angry:


I know why I’m restless, I’m full of a chest infection and can’t settle :face_with_thermometer:
Anybody got any magical home remedies to clear it :mask:

We’re all supposed to be going to a joint 50th birthday party on Sunday for my hubby’s brother and cousin.
I think I’ll be staying at home:disappointed: The trouble is it’s a couple hours drive away and my mother-in-law will be coming in our car. After the year she’s had, (and she’s not really out of the woods yet) I don’t want her picking up this infection from me cooped up in such a confined space, she just couldn’t cope with it.

I spent the day wondering, will I / won’t I. At first I thought I’d ask my sister’s advice; then thought I’d ask the advise on the Whipple Warriors site, finally decided I’d ask at the health centre tomorrow whether it would be wise . . . . by which time I decided well, when in doubt and have to ask the question, then I already know the answer.

So when I was speaking to my m-i-l on the phone tonight, I told her I wouldn’t be going and she says she’d been fretting about that one all day too and had decided she should be the one to stay at home :open_mouth:
It’s her son and nephew’s 50th…she’s the very one who should be there :grinning:
And to think, this time last year we didn’t know if she’d be around to celebrate anything sigh2


Yuk! Not good… :hugs::hugs:

I always turn to a mixture of cider vinegar and honey for that sort of thing. Might be worth a try. Tastes foul :nauseated_face:, but seems to work for me. I normally make it fairly liquid (so more cider vinegar than honey, but enough honey to take the edge off the taste) then sip it frequently.

Hope it clears up soon… definitely sounds like one to keep away from MIL though!


I’ve been drinking Manuka honey and lemon in hot water, used to work but not so this time round :confused:
It’s been over 3 years since I last had one and now my ribs feel as though they’ve had a good kicking :confounded:
Guess I’ll be sleeping in the armchair again tonight…chest certainly doesn’t like me lying down :frowning:


Depends if you’re tight and should be coughing…? or if you’re already coughing, so need to suppress it?


I hope you get better real soon. Can’t have you slacking on your comments here, now can we? :mask:
Get plenty of rest and if you’re not sure how to get the best rest, ask Cagey about her cat naps. I’m sure she can give you a few pointers. :wink::smirk_cat:


See now, that’s what I could never understand, you can get cough meds to loosen your chest to help cough it up (I think they’re called expectorants). Then you can get cough meds to suppress your cough thus drying it again and preventing you coughing it up; which to me defeats the purpose I would have thought :thinking:

Last time I had a chest infection was about 3yrs ago and someone suggest trying an expectorant for it, which did loosen it up a bit but made me cough even more and wasn’t clearing. So then I tried one to stop that and it just turned into an extremely dry and irritating cough and to me just seemed to drag it on for longer.
Doctors never recommend any cough meds over here, I think I can understand why :smirk:


Mucinex (tablets) helps break up congestion. Over the counter.

Robitussin (mild) expectorant helps cough it up. Over the counter.

by Script only.
Tesse Perls helps calm coughing at night. So does morphine sulfate. LOL
Or a wee piece of Robinul at night.

Very good–
lots of H20, tea, juices
hold milk products


That’s interesting advice, but why?
Oddly enough I’ve been drinking a lot of mint and ginger teas or honey with lemon so have no drinks with milk, nor eaten any other dairy products, I seem to off them since this started :thinking:


Milk products make phlegm thicker and harder to cough up. :frowning: yuck


Aaah, I never knew that, thanks for that tip cagey :kissing_heart: :smile:


What? No ice cream? :angry:


Nooooo. Sherbert (sp?) is okay. Colored ice and Popsicles, okay.

Hanging head covered with towel over very hot water-- okay.


So a nice steamy hot tub is good too? Okay, but not when it’s way below freezing - the cold walk/run back to the house would be too brrrrrrrr!


No hot tubs— wouldn’t want any “drips” into the water… yuck


Yeh, and besides my computer isn’t waterproof :sweat_smile:


You didn’t spill your drink, did you! :open_mouth:


That’s ok Jim, it was empty anyway Grin roll