2017 - June to Dec - Nodding over Beautiful Baby Brianna


1 June: My daughter-in-law did NOT have her baby on Memorial Day, but she went to the hospital this morning. It’s presently 2:11 PM and we should be hearing something very soon. Then grandma and I will be taking the girls to see their new baby sister! The 3-yr old is walking around with a big smile on her face and saying (to herself?), “I’m going to have a new baby sister! She’s going to be soooo cute! And I’m going to be a big sister now!” :heart_eyes: I told her that she is going to be special, that she’s going to be both a little sister AND a big sister! She liked that idea! I can’t believe I just did 1,000 tiles on the Weddell Seal campaign in between playing with the girls outside and in. (They’re taking a break from grandpa and playing together - peaceably! :confused:

Memorial Day - no go this week

Geesh, lots of “no go” on Memorial Day!


Update from Grandpa Jim: Our new granddaughter, Brianna, came into this world at 1:15 PM this 1 June. She weighed in at exactly the same weight as both of her siblings - 9 lbs, 5 oz (4,22 kg) and was 21" (53,34cm) long. And does she have a head of hair! :heart_eyes:
Brianna cried when her dad took her from her mother to let her 5-yr old big sister hold her. Her crying didn’t stop completely when her biggest sister held her. Next she was pawned off to her 3-yr old big sister. She stopped crying and opened her eyes as she tried to focus on the face where her sister’s soothing voice came from. At least the 3-yr old didn’t say, “Oh look at the cute little baby!” with the Irish brogue I was teaching her to say. :smiling_imp: When grandma took the baby for “her turn,” Brianna started to cry again. I kept on saying, "Let the “new’ big sister hold her again so she’ll stop crying.” It worked! That’s when I told her she’d have to quit nursery school to stay at home and take care of her baby sister. :wink: Her answer was, “I don’t think so, grandpa.” Then she told me she was hungry, so grandma and I took the girls down to the cafeteria for dinner - love that hospital food! :heart_eyes::confused:
7 June: Edited to correct birth weight from 9 lb 0 oz/4,08 kg to 9 lb 5 oz/4.22 kg). Ooops! :flushed:


Congrats, Jim & to your family! 9 pounds?? Oh lordy, give your DIL a medal…no, 3 medals! Big baby / babies. :medal: :medal: :medal:

Well, folks, plan to nod more tiles while Jim “nods” over his new grandbaby. :smiley:


Actually she was 9 pounds, 5 ounces! :astonished:


Waaa, Waaa… (Wake up call…just to get you acclimated to what’s coming…)


Too late! Both the girls were up at 5:30 AM wanting to go to the hospital to see mommy and baby sister! Yawn! Go back to sleep! :sleeping:


Hmm folks, I think we need to petition Grandpa Jim to restart the US weather updates. :wink: Seems a little lady has captured his heart. I bet he hasn’t even noticed if it has rained! LOL

Aren’t you all wondering things like…

How’s momma?
How’s grandma?
Son and Grandpa?
The girls?
The deer with fawn?
The deer eating from the pines?

Rain in inches / metric too?

Sigh… this is too much like 1960s television when the screen went blank…

Guess I’ll sit and preen… yawn… just rest my eyes for a second… yawn, yawn…



Uh, yeah… I noticed… We received 1.39"/3,53cm of rain the past day and a half… and another 0.25"/0,6cm arriving by lunch time! Our poor little stream is roaring at the bottom of the hill.
And to stay on topic, my newest granddaughter had grandpa up all night. She didn’t want to burp for mommy, so… “Grandpa? Can you see if you can get a burp?” Of course grandpa can get a burp out of horny toad :wink:, so I get up, take the little one and walk from one end of the house to the other - BURP! :grin: I’m also quite good at getting the “other end” to work! :laughing: So between the feedings, burps, “toots”, and diaper changes, I think I may have managed about 3-1/2 hours of broken sleep last night. Mom got just a little less, but she did nap most of her “free time” she had between playing with the two girls once they got home from school.
So to answer Cagey’s questions:

  1. Momma is doing fine - so far. She hasn’t lost her mind (yet) from trying to keep the girls from wanting to pick up their new baby sister.
  2. Grandma is in her glory as usual.
  3. My son hasn’t lost his mind - yet. And grandpa is in his glory. Last night I even sang her the song I made up for my first granddaughter… just changed the name to her. Odd though… she would fall back to sleep in my arms by the time I finished the second verse. Some night I’ll manage to get through all seven verses.
  4. The girls love their new sister and they can’t wait to dress her. :fearful:
  5. The deer with the fawn has been pretty much keeping in the pines because of the T-storms and torrential rains we’ve had (Thanks for sending these “gully washers” up from your place, Bob @AKE235 !).
  6. The deer are still eating from under the big pine in my front yard. Then they head on over to my neighbor’s yard and make their rounds at the “buffet gardens” on three sides of his house. :laughing:
  7. Rainfall. (see above).

Okay, Brianna is crying and daddy can’t seem to quiet her. Mommy’s doing something in the kitchen, Grandma is playing with “#2”, so I guess I better get in there. Later!


Brianna had an appointment with the pediatrician this morning. The pediatrician asked my 3-yr granddaughter, “What did you name her?” Without hesitation, my granddaughter replied, “Babycakes!” (That’s what grandma calls her.) The pediatrician laughed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Next weather report – when Babycakes enters K or 1st grade. :wink:


hmmm… maybe 2nd grade?

Squirrel report?
Fawn sighting?



My granddaughter, Brianna, is now 3-1/2 weeks old and she gave me a big beautiful smile - and no, it wasn’t from gas! :laughing: When I told my wife, she told me I was nuts. So, I had her go into the next room to observe. Leaning over the bassinet I said, “Brianna, grandpa’s here!” She looked up - trying to focus her eyes at me - and SMILED! My wife couldn’t believe it! I just laughed. When I told my daughter-in-law, she said, “Well! She doesn’t smile for me, and I’m her mother!” That’s when my reply spilled out with a smile, “She knows who gets those tough burbs out that no one else can, and she knows who can stop the gas pains - Grandpa!” Then I turned away - smiling to myself - and headed out to chase the girls on their dune buggy while playing the “grandpa monster” (as they call me when I chase them). :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and the 3-year old, Eva, overheard her mother get angry with herself a few days ago when she dropped something in the kitchen and unthinkingly blurted out, “damn it!” This morning her big sister was aggravating her and before they started swinging at each other, the 5-year old ran into the next room. Eva followed her - stomping her feet as she walked with her hands on her hips - and said, “damn it!” When my daughter-in-law returned home from a walk with the baby, I informed her of what I heard. She was both a little embarrassed and angry at herself. Now she has to have a mother-daughter talk with Eva. :laughing:


For the 2 older girls, a throw back to early 1900s pet art… print it out and let them color it… (shhhh about asking how old I am ! Had 9 or 10 lives!)


Okay, thank you. I copied the image and will cut out the gray background so there’s only the @cageycat cageycat and the doll stroller left. They can make their own background if they want. :smiley:


I thought these sort of nights were done and over for me - with our children all grown up! Last night Brianna kept on waking up and mommy couldn’t seem to calm her down to get her back to sleep. I thought I was going to have several more hours to devote to nodding than I thought. My daughter-in-law was practically begging me to do something to get Brianna to stop crying and being so fidgety. As soon as I picked her up I could hear gas gurgling down below. Walking her around the house slightly bouncing her as I gently squeezed her against my belly, I finally heard her pass some gas. Then she started trying to “eat” my shoulder! :grin: Mommy made her a bottle (she had just finished pumping so breast feeding was out of the question) and I fed her. Suddenly she stopped taking her bottle, pushing the nipple out of her mouth with her tongue. Then her face got really red as she began making the funniest faces. Then there was a VERY WET-SOUNDING gush! “Mommy!” I called. Time for a diaper change! My daughter-in-law started cleaning her up in the bassinet, and just as she finished wiping her, GUSH again! But there wasn’t anything covering her! It went onto the blanket in the bassinet, on mommy’s hand and wrist, and on the package of baby wipes! :rofl: My daughter-in-law cried out in disbelief! :rofl: After everything was cleaned up - baby included - I got to finish giving her the bottle. After burping, I handed over responibility back to mommy - with the intention of getting back to nodding. Suddenly - from the other room - I hear “gush!” I laughed out load as I her mommy say, “Oh no! Not again!” “Yup! That’s what babies sometimes do. Or did you forget?” I asked her. As I started to go in to help, I heard the 3-year old calling “Mommy! Olivia woke me up! She’s on my side!” (The girls’ cousin was spending the night and had the top bunk - the girls shared the bottom bed.) So upstairs I headed, got the “emergency” handled and headed back downstairs. That was around 2:30 AM. At 3 AM Olivia woke up complaining her ankle was hurting. She had turned it just before bedtime. I got her back in bed and retrieved some children’s pain reliever. She went back to sleep. At 4 AM on the dot, both the girls are talking away! So I went back up again to find out why they were being “night owls.” Olivia wanted her blanket that she left on the rocking chair when they had bedtime stories read to them. I retrieved that and covered her feet as per her “orders.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Eva told me she had an itch. I told her to scratch it and go back to sleep. Then she asked, “Grandpa? Will you rub my back?” I told her I would, but just for a few minutes. Within 3 minutes both girls were back to sleep. Their cousin, sleeping on the top bunk, slept through everything. “Good,” I thought, "the girls will sleep late. (wishful thinking) When I got downstairs, one of the dogs was asking to go outside. I went out with him and as he walked over to the top of the stairs of the deck, a deer came walking across the yard from behind the pool deck. The dog growled and started down the stairs and across the yard after it. He chased it across the backyard as far as the woods and stopped. He thought he was still wearing his shock collar, apparently forgetting it gets taken off at night. :grinning: By the time he settled down, sniffed every square inch of the hill, did his business and returned, it was nearly 4:30 AM by the time we went back inside. Everyone was sleeping, but it was too late for nodding. So I headed off to bed. I guess the girls weren’t going to sleep late as I had hoped. The three of them woke me up at 6:15 AM asking if they could watch TV! :weary: So the four of us headed downstairs so no one else had to get up so early. (Mommy goes back to work at 12:30 PM today. She ended her maternity leave early.) At least Brianna (the baby) slept in. She didn’t wake up until nearly 8:30 AM! But as usual, she had lots of “orders” as we went around waiting on her. :wink:
Maybe I can get a nap in today? Never happen! :weary: Maybe I’ll sneak away, head down to my house and clean Angel’s litter box, comb her hair, clean and refill her water and food bowls, sit on the porch and enjoy a nice quiet cup of coffee. :wink:


Mothers can be so over-protective! The other day as I was trying to get a burp from Brianna, I said, “Come on, give Grandpa a burp or I’m not going to let you go down the sliding board by yourself anymore!” My daughter-in-law freaked out. So I told her I let her go on the sliding board because I was getting tired of having to run across the lawn to pick her up because she wouldn’t hold on tight to the roller coaster car. Again she freaked out! :grin:

Last week when the girls got back from a shopping excursion with Grandma, I told them that Brianna and I had played in their sandbox. But Brianna had gotten some sand in her diaper so I had to take it off and hose her down with the garden hose! They looked at me with a look of amazement in their eyes, but after a few seconds that look changed into, “No way, Grandpa! The water from the hose is too cold!” :laughing:
Guess I still got it! :wink:


My 3-year old granddaughter, Eva, was watching me feed Brianna (6 weeks old already). Because whenever she asks if she can hold her, it’s usually feeding time, diaper changes, time for burbs, etc. By the time Brianna is ready for Eva to hold her, Eva has already moved on into the play room with her sister Olivia.
So Eva, after watching me feed her little sister, said to me, “Grandpa? I got a good idea!” “What’s that?” I asked. “Well,” she said with a smile, “Mommy and Daddy can make me a new baby so I can play with her. And you guys can play with Brianna!” I told her she’d have to ask them when they got home from work… and she did! My son rolled his eyes and told her, “Nope! No more babies!” Mommy was a little nicer about it, saying, “but if you have your own little baby to play with, won’t Brianna get sad if you don’t play with her?” Without hesitation, Eva replied, “but Brianna’s too little and I don’t get to play with her a lot. If I had my own baby, I can play with her all the time! But I’ll still play with Brianna.” Mommy told her that if she really wants to have her own baby, she would have to wait until she grows up and gets married. So Eva turns around and asks Grandma, “Grandma? Will you and Grandpa make a baby for me?” :astonished:


Wondering how that baby making project for Eva is going? (trying not to choke with laughter) Do you think this would be a good time to call in a surrogate? :key: ?


LOL! This afternoon she told her mother she want a baby anymore. We thought she was talking about “her own.” Then she asked her mother if she could give her sister (Brianna) away so she can have her own baby! What? :astonished: Just then Grandma walked in carrying Brianna - who had just awoken from her nap - and Eva turned and said, “Hi! Wha’cha doin’, Bub?” Then Eva started to maul her, wrapping her arms around her baby sister’s head and neck, then grabbing her cheeks, playing with her hands and trying to get her sister to hold onto her finger, etc… Discussion ended… :wink: