2017 - June to Dec - Nodding over Beautiful Baby Brianna


Looks like I’m babysitting today, so not much nodding (but sneaking a quick peak at the forum of course). Mom and Dad took Olivia and Eva to the Chatham Fair across the river. They’ll be gone for until at least 5:00 PM. Grandma took this chance to get her hair cut, go to the Post Office and then check on our car at the service station. (starter problem).
I just changed my shirt as while I was trying to get a burp from Brianna, she spit up across the burp cloth, down my sleeve, onto the waist area of my shirt and onto a throw pillow on the sofa. :astonished: Of course, not a thing on herself! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::heart_eyes:


My son was a holy terror for doing that, so much so, I never bothered with a burp cloth, I just commandered a few of my hubby’'s oldest work shirts and threw one of them on when feeding. Oh and a throw rug over the seat helped :wink:
Well, it helped keep the washing down…and mop up afterwards too :grin:


A few minutes after my above post, Brianna made that all to familiar face (and grunt). :neutral_face: She hadn’t gone #2 in the past two days so last night she was given a half-ounce of prune juice. You guessed it! She went… and went… and went some more! :astonished: After getting her cleaned up and a nice dry diaper on her, she still didn’t want her bottle. I turned on the TV and switched to a baby channel that has large, easy-to-see, colorful characters and placed her in her bouncy recliner. Grandma came back from the hairdresser and asked how things were going. I said, "Not a problem! Brianna was great! We played, she took a little of her bottle - but didn’t want to go to sleep yet - and I got a burp, she pooped and then we played some more. She watched a little of one of those baby shows on TV, took a half-ounce of her bottle and fell asleep. Of course I sort of forgot to tell my wife that as I was changing the “soiled” diaper, a certain little girl decided to give it one more go before I got the clean diaper beneath her and she soiled the blanket in her bassinet and her onesy (which I tossed in the washing machine). She’s find out when she either looks and sees a different blanket in the bassinet or starts to do a load of laundry. :sweat_smile:


That darned prune juice! Brianna napped for just under an hour and was kicking up a storm. When I went over to change her supposed wet diaper, I got a little whiff of something not-so-pleasant! :thinking::open_mouth: But that pretty big smile made it a moot point (or scent). :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Oh you’re sooo bad Jim :laughing:


A little diaper changing song I made up to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it.”

We’re gonna change the tiny hiney, doodly do,
We’re gonna change the tiny hiney, doodly do,
We’re gonna change the tiny hiney,
And we’re gonna make it shiney,
So you’ll need sunglasses by the time we’re through!


Brianna laughs in her baby laugh, has a great big smile all during diaper changes. :heart_eyes:


Well, with all that hiney talk… doodly do, I’m through too! LOL


Last night when my DIL got home from work, she asked me if we had any problems with Brianna. Huh? I told her “no.” Then she asked me if her socks kept on falling off because she thought they were a tad bit too small. I said, “No… they stayed on all day without a problem.” She said, “Really? I thought they’d be falling off constantly.” Then I said, “Well, at first they did, but once I used the Duck Tape they stayed on without a problem!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::rofl:
Yeah, I still got it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Brianna’s two bottom teeth came in last week - the first broke through last Friday and the second on Saturday. Now she has a pair of razor blades in her mouth! :grimacing: And she likes to bite on knuckles, fingers, noses, foreheads, shoulders, toys, baby spoons (makes it tough trying to feed her), burp cloths… well everything. She’s even cried a few times when she happened to put her own fingers in her mouth and bite down. :rofl: After a few times she knows enough not to bite so hard… save that for someone else’s fingers/knuckles. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: When I looked at her teeth, they look like the edge of a razor blade - thin and sharp! Ouch!
She got to try carrots for the first time for dinner yesterday. Grandma gave her about 6 spoonfuls which she ate without any problem. Then she finally tasted them! Every spoonful after that was followed by her head shaking rapidly from side to side - almost shuddering! And the face! We all started laughing at the faces she made. It like as if she were letting us know it was disgusting! This is not at all like barley cereal, or pears, or apples! Not at all! Okay, so now we go back to sweet potatoes. :rofl: Wait until she tries peas! :grimacing: :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I was in my glory today! Daddy and Grandma have been trying to get Brianna to say “Daddy,” and Mommy has been trying for weeks to get her to say “Mama.” I only started about 5 or 6 days ago repeating, “Pa…Pa…Pa…Pa…etc.” as she watched my mouth. I knew “Grandpa” would be too much at 6 months old. She has tried mouthing it without any sounds - sometimes making a “popping” noise - so I figured she’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. Everyone - and I mean everyone - was betting on Brianna saying “daddy” first. This afternoon as I was feeding her some fruit, I starting repeating “Pa… Pa… Pa…”. Suddenly she turned away as the spoon approached her mouth and blurted out in a low voice, “Papa.” I was ecstatic! I yelled, “Yeah!” and laughed and clapped my hands. As I started repeating, “Yes!”, Brianna started laughing. (She probably thought I was nuts.) Grandma returned less than 5 minutes later with Eva (she picked her up from Pre-K.) and do think I could get Brianna to say, “Pa” or “Papa” again? Noooo! Every time I tried to get her to say it again, she’d just laugh. Either way, Grandma knew what happened as she could see the pride (and joy of triumph) in my eyes. :grin::laughing:
When my son got home, of course I had to tell him - but not to rub it in. :wink: And when my DIL got home tonight, her reply to the news was, "Oh, man!"
So guess who Brianna blessed with two loads in her diapers? You guessed it! :open_mouth::smiley:


:smile: congratulations :laughing: and well done :sweat_smile: oh…and poor you, 'tis the price you pay :rofl:


It was well worth it! :wink::heart_eyes::rofl: And still :rofl: when I picture the look on my DIL’s face when I told her! :rofl: