2017 Locate Missing Sailboat Campaign - problem polys


I am trying to search but am not receiving the polygon search boundaries. Is there an IT issue?

2017 Locate Missing Sailboat Campaign - info

Hiya @carolyngarza

Do you mean you see no poly, only black, especially a solid black? If so, are you on an edge where you are off the map?

Or are you seeing only a line for a poly? I saw those too. I marked them No because there was no boat in sight near the pink poly-line.

The polys on this are so annoyingly teeny-tiny. I would just do the best you can. Even marking lots as NO if you can’t see anything is a “result”.

If still concerned, post some URLs here, so Tech can take a look maybe.



Bottom right of this image is a sample of what the polys can look like, some can look like one little pink line, as I’ve noticed :wink:

Don’t forget to check/uncheck the “Hide area” switch on the left there. It may just be that you’ve accidently or forgotten you switched to hide the poly for a better view beneath (as I’ve already done myself)…easily done :wink:


You could also find a polygon land outside the map as this image below:-

Just click “No boat” and move on :wink:


Yeppers! No space between is “No boat” or otherwise “Make the polys bigger please!”