2017 missing Sailboat - spotted a boat not fully in a poly


In the top right area i found something looking perfectly like a sailboat.you can even see the mast and imagine a motor and see the deck

of course it is way out of the polygon http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_1994/question/63757
Even the size of about 32 feet, little more than 10 meters would fit exactly.


Sure looks like a sailboat to me also! Having a vivid imagination - as @cageycat, @AKE235, @EmeraldEyes, @Beverly1 and others can attest to - when I first looked at it, I could see a large bird soaring over a white “spot” in the ocean. But that’s just because when we look at snow, mountainous areas and seas for such long periods of time, our brains are looking for anything that resembles - even the remotest way - something familiar. We’ve seen sharks in the snow, UFOs, giants, faces, and so much more where there was actually nothing. Many of these “finds” are posted in the “Fun Finds” and “Campaign Specific” threads. Still… that sure does look like a sailboat and, from the date of the photo, only 2 days after it was reported missing. From the lack of any wake behind it, it appears to be dead in the water.


looks like the front deck could be a bit under water and sails hanging in water at the sides. pic is not clear. enough. but the distinctive black stripe in the middle, the thing that looks like the mast, the size and what seems to be a motor at the back leaves me nearly sure it is a boat. Could be a cloud or waves as well, but i think this comes really close to a boat. And yes, appears to be dead in the water. And the color of the missing boat is white.


That does look like it could be a boat. I’m not sure why they chose to do the poly type search as most of what I am seeing in them look like waves. What you posted is the first thing that I’ve seen that looks like a boat.


You are right. I did notice that the front appeared to be slightly under water. Maybe send @tomnod1, @HappyMapper, @cageycat, @tomnodryan or @tomnodjon a private message asking one of them to look at this map tile? They may have access to a higher resolution photo than what they’re allowed to show us. You never know…



While they may be testing out a algorithm program - which is okay - I am in agreement with many other nodders that in this type of situation a tile-by-tile observation may be the best - and fastest - way to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” With so many of the polygons just jumping around in the clouds, that time could be well spent looking at areas where we can actually see the water. Heck, even after a campaign is over, they could always ask us if we would “redo” the campaign using the polygons to further their development.


Hi Jim: Thanks for the advice there… I just sent a note to HappyMapper re a similar spotting. Mine seems to be a lot closer than that one here… but… there are more than one boat out there for sure.

I’m going to take a look at this one… didn’t take long to find the right ‘question’. But generally I only do that for objects I find puzzling… Like in MH370 there is a lot of non boat stuff floating out there… some swimming.

I wonder if anyone else looked up the boat in question… including design drawings… the object in the provided image may be a boat, but just off the top doesn’t have the right hull shape, but that can be distorted depending on conditions… mine is the same…



@kai yes top right corner.


the blue pic is great! it shows indeed the shadow and the outlines of the boat making it quite sure it is a boat. maybe one could even make iout ntact sails and mast. better original pic would help a lot.


The campaign is now no more available. And not even listed in past campaigns. I wonder if the sailor is found or arrived harbour or the polygon search was not helpfull. Some info would be nice.


Hi @kai

They take campaigns down when they

  • need to check something
  • need to repair something
  • when they got enough x10 consensus from us
  • the campaign ended for whatever other reason(s)

They sometimes put results / info in http://blog.tomnod.com/



thanks @cageycat, i think the campaign was at ca. 30 or so % so ithought they found the guy and pulled the campaign off.

so funny, am just reading an article about a seal and your avatar looks more like a seal than a cat cause of missing ears…http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/natur/hawaii-robben-geburt-am-waikiki-beach-a-1155226.html


Oh me oh my, I turned into a seal??!! Prolly took on seal “mewqualities” when Pan (Panda bear) and I spent time floating on and jumping between ice floes (floes? flows??).

Anyway, I swear holds paw up that I am licks paw duly one American bred :cat: though Discourse made me orange here, a certified short hair and mew certifiably a sleek black cat who likes imaginative stories. mew

As to the campaign, maybe someone finally saw Nodder pleas and “please” to fix the grids?



I thought the same thing, but I figured I’d better not say anything or I might have gotten clawed! :laughing:



Hi again: I’m starting to feel like I’m being a PITA… After gathering experience here again and almost up to date I hope… I decided to post a few images to help relax… I don’t have a URL that would be any use, since I was wandering around looking at the area… it was my first few hours on this search…

So… what I did was some images with arrows pointing to ‘MY’ target… from then. I am even more reluctant to call it THE target as was my OH WOW! reaction at first with no way to tell about it. Anyway everyone can now go look for themselves. I won’t show what I saw… you will have to judge for yourselves.

First the general area… one can get there from almost any poly, zoom all the way out to the 5000 ft scaling. My browser (Firefox) allows more zoom if you reduce the whole screen in settings. Others may as well. It can speed things up and then go back to normal. Either way doesn’t take long anyway…
Destination is the lower left corner of the image strips at the 5000 ft scale.

Next one zooms in on the arrow, remember to do it yourself online. This is a little over 30,000 ft from the corner.

Anyway that is it and interesting (mostly to myself) and exciting to stumble on… but it might be some other boat… those fishing fleets seem to have everything possible in hindsight…
This is all lightened up… the originals are quite dark.


Both images are adorable, Cagey. So even if you’re wet and wild, we think you look kewl!


I found this in a shadowy area… it is related to something else, but I immediately thought about the Addams Family… specifically Uncle Fester with a light bulb in his mouth…

I seem to remember in the movies he was lost at sea once…


eerie! Sure looks like a sea “monster” to me!


Reminds me more of Lurch :rofl: