2017 Nov - ARA San Juan submarine lost


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Please open a search for San Juan submarine lost with a crew of 44. 2 days without news!!!




Edit by Moderator: Quoted material: ““Detection has been difficult despite the quantity of boats and aircraft [in in the search],” he said, noting that heavy winds and high waves were complicating efforts.” — High seas would make satellite searching nearly impossible.


The emergency operation was formally upgraded to a “search and rescue” on Friday evening (local time) after no visual or radar contact was made with the German-built diesel-electric submarine, Mr Balbi said.


I always hate to dampen people’s expectations, but SAR on oceans via satellite is very, very difficult. Past campaigns on water have been very unproductive. We just have to think about the airline we looked for… the catamaran we searched waves for… etc.

SAR from ships and planes are much more productive and timely endeavors. They are closer to the waves and can distinguish shadows vs oil slick, for example. They can also pick up radio signals.

So I doubt Tn will initiate a search, based on how difficult water searches become via satellite searches. But I don’t speak for Tomnod…


@cageycat Come on, we do look at seals in antarctica.
65.93 m (216.3 ft)



And that is on land, not in huge waves or under the surface. .


Rescue operation

Great Britain, USA and Chile offer boats and satellites to help in the search for the submarine “ARA San Juan”


I agree. We should search assuming TN has the correct satellite imaging techniques to do this kind of search. I don’t know if they can do underwater searches as well as sea surface searches. I also don’t know how classified the technology is- i.e. would TN volunteers have access to the images. But, I do know that if I were on that sub I would want people searching for me!


On land, black dots against a white background as opposed to a black sub against against rough sea conditions. And despite that, I’d still search if TN put up a campaign :slight_smile:

In the mean time I pray for the crew and their families and loved ones, that it’s nothing more than failed communications on the sub and the crew are safe and well and returned to port soon :pray: