2017 Nov - ARA San Juan submarine lost


Estuve en esa búsqueda.por que no se ha intentado, mejor intentar a no ontentar

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I was in that search. Because it has not been tried, it’s better to try not to


No hay,Una pena😢, pobres mis compatriotas.

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There is not, A pena😢, poor my compatriots.


Es una pena, deberían ver la carita de los familiares,lo harían si lo vieran.
Todo lo que sabemos es nada, ahora dicen de un ruido hidroacustico anormal, sería una explosión, qué haría el submarino estaría buscando barcos que roban la pesca y le habrán hecho daño?,la tarea de ese submarino era buscar esos buques, nada sabemos,estamos muy tristes y no podemos hacer nada​:cry::cry:

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It’s a shame, they should see the face of the relatives, they would do it if they saw it.
All we know is nothing, now they say an abnormal hydroacoustic noise, it would be an explosion, what would the submarine be looking for boats that steal the fishing and they will have hurt?, The task of that submarine was to look for those ships, we know nothing, We are very sad and we can not do anything: cry :: cry:


We are all Nodders here. We are not in charge of the satellites. However, a Tomnod Representative pointed out that it can take a minimum of 4 days to get one strip of images from the satellite, and up to a month to get those images processed.

The campaigns are never instantaneous with a real world event. It just isn’t possible to do (for any campaign we get). The Tomnod Representative stated that this is why on-site searches from ground or water crews are imperative.

I’m following the news daily. They say 4,000 seafaring experts from Navies and fishermen are on the water and others are in the air for this search. Families will get their best information from those experts who are there searching. However, they are dealing with 7 meter high waves and high winds. It has not been an easy search. If Tomnod gets images, you will see how poor the visibility will be.

Please know we’re with you in heart and spirit. I am sorry that families keep hearing different theories and so many tidbits that turn out to be nothing.

I hope Google Translate program online converts this message accurately. Someone please correct any inaccuracies in the translation.


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Todos estamos Asintiendo aquí. No estamos a cargo de los satélites. Sin embargo, un representante de Tomnod señaló que puede tomar un mínimo de 4 días obtener una tira de imágenes del satélite y hasta un mes para procesarlas.

Las campañas nunca son instantáneas con un evento del mundo real. Simplemente no es posible hacerlo (para cualquier campaña que recibamos). El Representante de Tomnod declaró que esta es la razón por la cual las búsquedas en el sitio de los equipos de tierra o agua son imperativas.

Estoy siguiendo las noticias diariamente. Dicen que 4.000 expertos en navegación de las marinas y los pescadores están en el agua y en el aire para esta búsqueda. Las familias obtendrán su mejor información de aquellos expertos que están buscando. Sin embargo, están lidiando con olas de 7 metros de altura y fuertes vientos. No ha sido una búsqueda fácil. Si Tomnod obtiene imágenes, verá cuán pobre será la visibilidad.

Por favor, sé que estamos contigo en corazón y espíritu. Lamento que las familias sigan escuchando diferentes teorías y tantas cositas que resultan ser nada.

Espero que el programa Google Translate en línea convierta este mensaje con precisión. Alguien corrija cualquier inexactitud en la traducción.

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:worried::confused::confused::confused: Parece estar condenado al fracaso, o ya saben que no tienen oportunidad


Confirman la explosión, terrible,no sabemos más

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They confirm the explosion, terrible, we do not know any more

*Note from Tomnod Moderator: This refers to a noise, an explosion, recorded in the area the day the sub went missing. “Even as a multinational search effort combed the seas last weekend, braving stormy weather and 22-foot waves, analysts at the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna began considering whether the steady stream of information from monitors that track sound and earth movements across the world may have picked up clues about the missing vessel.” This does NOT mean it was the sub— they just do not know, yet., though they strongly suspect it was:


I looked up your sentence at Google Translator to see what it says in English: :They confirm the explosion, terrible, we do not know any more".

I then found the following article: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/23/americas/argentina-submarine/index.html

The explosion that is referenced is as follows: "…the Navy had just begun analyzing a new noise that was detected on the day the sub vanished. The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, based in Vienna, Austria, said Thursday that its monitoring systems had detected the noise referred to by the Argentine Navy. On November 15, it said, 'two CTBTO hydroacoustic station detected an unusual signal in the vicinity of the last known position of missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan.’ The sound of “an underwater impulsive event" was detected at 1:51p.m. GMT (10:51 a.m. local time) by its underwater microphones, it said. The organization has 11 hydroacoustic stations positioned around the world listening for signs of nuclear explosions. “Details and data are being made available to the Argentinian Authorities to support the search operations that are underway,” the organization said.”

Personally, I believe that does not mean that all hope is gone. Let’s Keep The Faith!



I don’t think there is anything new here that hasn’t been discussed before. We all want a positive outcome from this but I can’t help remembering the Kursk.


Dios te oiga😇,pero dicen que estaría a una profundidad que no sería compatible con sobrevivientes.se dicen tantas cosas

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God hear you, but they say that it would be at a depth that would not be compatible with survivors.


"The reports come just one day after Argentinian Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi acknowledged there had been an “abnormal, singular, short, violent” and “non-nuclear” explosion on the day the submarine lost contact with the base. The underwater blast, according to the Navy, occurred three hours after ARA ‘San Juan’ failed to report its status and whereabouts.

The Navy is [sic= has] yet to officially confirm the fate of the 44 missing crew. “We do not rule out anything, and we still need to know where the submarine and our people are,” Balbi said on Thursday, as cited by La Nacion. "

Though all the navies involved continue to search, major et al news outlets are now reporting “Families of missing Argentine submarine crew reportedly told that all 44 have died” as a result of an explosion (or implosion, depending on what news is reporting).

One outlet yesterday wrote that during retrofitting, the sub had been (purposely) cut in half to do repairs, change engines and batteries, etc… The reporter went on to say that experts consider that action (cutting a sub) highly risky for future submerges.

Whatever transpired, we continue to hope the searchers find the sub or its resting spot so families will know definitively what happened to their loved ones.


After reading your reference about the Kursk, I found a very interesting article about that tragedy. I am going to put the link down below (Also note that the difference here is that Argentina immediately accepted help from many Countries) & Also note the Espanol Version via Google Translate at the bottom of this posting. *** También tenga en cuenta la versión en español a través de Google Translate en la parte inferior de esta publicación. *
"Norwegian divers who opened that escape hatch nine days after the disaster found that the air lock was filled with water. That led the navy to abandon all efforts to find anyone alive, and to turn its attention to recovering the dead. But the ninth compartment might have remained dry for weeks, even up until rescuers entered it."

Also note about the Kursk in the article: “The Kursk was participating in a naval exercise in the Barents Sea, off Russia’s northwest coast, when an explosion thudded in its bow about 11:27 a.m. on Aug. 12. Two minutes and 15 seconds later – as measured by nearby American intelligence vessels and a seismic station in Norway – a huge blast, registering a magnitude of 3.5, blew away the submarine’s torpedo room and its command post, in the first and second compartments at the vessel’s fore end.”

I personally believe that one can never put too much emphasis on perseverance; Keep The Faith!

The Kursk: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/10/27/world/none-of-us-can-get-out-kursk-sailor-wrote.html

Después de leer su referencia sobre el Kursk, encontré un artículo muy interesante sobre esa tragedia. Voy a poner el enlace a continuación (También tenga en cuenta que la diferencia aquí es que Argentina aceptó inmediatamente la ayuda de muchos países):
"Los buceadores noruegos que abrieron esa vía de escape eclosionan nueve días después de que el desastre descubrió que la cámara de aire estaba llena de agua. Eso llevó a la Armada a abandonar todos los esfuerzos para encontrar a alguien con vida, y para volver su atención a la recuperación de los muertos. Pero el noveno compartimento pudo haber permanecido seco durante semanas, incluso hasta que los rescatistas ingresaron ".
También tenga en cuenta sobre el Kursk en el artículo: "El Kursk estaba participando en un ejercicio naval en el mar de Barents, frente a la costa noroeste de Rusia, cuando una explosión estalló en su arco alrededor de las 11:27 am del 12 de agosto. Dos minutos y 15 segundos más tarde, según lo medido por los barcos de inteligencia estadounidenses cercanos y una estación sísmica en Noruega, una gran explosión, registrando una magnitud de 3.5, destruyó la sala de torpedos del submarino y su puesto de mando en el primer y segundo compartimientos en la parte delantera del buque.
Personalmente, creo que uno nunca puede poner demasiado énfasis en la perseverancia; ¡Mantener la fe!
The Kursk: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/10/27/world/none-of-us-can-get-out-kursk-sailor-wrote.html1


Minhas desculpas Claudia4 - você fala Português - correto? = English: My apologies Claudia4 - you speak Portuguese - correct?
I realized it with the statement not translating correctly in Google Translate - here is the Portuguese translation - correct? (Eu percebi com a declaração não traduzindo corretamente no Google Translate - aqui está a tradução em português - correto?) No hay,Una pena😢, pobres mis compatriotas.” = “There is not, A pity, poor my compatriots.”


FINALLY, all of the crew’s photos and names.

With bowed head…

“If a submarine goes below its crush-depth, it would implode, it would just collapse,” said James H. Patton Jr. a retired Navy captain. “It would sound like a very, very big explosion to any listening device.”

I read on another news site a couple days ago that an implosion would not cause wreckage to appear on the surface. It would all remain submerged.


No,hablo español o inglés

Google Translate from Spanish

No, I speak Spanish or English


Gracias por preguntar, en mí país seguimos esperando las noticias,lástima no poder ayudar mirando las fotos, es muy difícil,ayer volvía de trabajar y mí barrio que siempre se escuchan los televisores o radio al pasar por las veredas, nada, ayer era un silencio profundo…

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Thank you for asking, in my country we are still waiting for the news, it’s a pity not being able to help looking at the photos, it’s very difficult, yesterday I came back from work and my neighborhood you always listen to TVs or radio when going through the sidewalks, nothing, yesterday was a deep silence …


Here are photos of the biggest plane in the world that Russia sent:


What appears to have mainly been learned re: the Kursk Submarine is that matters were made worse by ‘that’ country not having asked for help from other nations on day 1 - they waited 5 days! As a result, the ISMERLO (International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office) was formed - based in the U.K.; therefore, when Argentina announced the disappearance of the ARA San Juan Submarine to be missing, ships, planes and ocean vessels were immediately able to be deployed from the U.S. and various Countries (rather like ‘all-hands-on-deck’ response!). I do like the Graphic from that article you noted, it nicely shows the layout of the ARA San Juan -see that graphic in addition to the one (1) of the last known contact noted below: imagehttps://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/BA8E/production/_98885774_aubmrine_inf640-nc.png


I will say that it is heartening to see that no one appears to have given up searching for the ARA San Juan, including not only the U.S., but also noted in the article: The U.K., Brazil, Chile, Norway, Germany, Canada, France, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and now Russia as of Friday night. They (Russia) are also deploying an underwater vehicle that will detect down to a depth of 1000 meters (3330 feet) - I would like to know a bit more about their Scientific Ship that they’re deploying off the West Coast of Africa that is able to check further depths. I also like the fact that they are sending the submersible vessel off initially at the same location that the ARA San Juan started from (perhaps other Countries such as the U.S. & U.K. etc. have been doing the same.)

The BBC article you noted ‘The Argentina Submarine Missing: Russia Joins Search’ states: "We are still looking and no country is saying at the moment when they will stop. Logically it’s time-limited but no-one is speaking about that at the moment."

Keep The Faith!


Please note that I just added a new Post that I believe you will find quite informative; however, due to its length, I did not add the Translated version. Tenga en cuenta que acabo de agregar una publicación nueva que creo que encontrará bastante informativa; sin embargo, debido a su longitud, no agregué la versión traducida.


Good Afternoon Mel_Nod:

Do you have any updates as to when access will be granted to searching for the ARA San Juan via Tomnod?



It’s a holiday weekend in the US.

Again, if a sub imploded or exploded while submerged, nothing floats to the surface.